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The Girls are Back: Sex and the City 2

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I've always loved Sex and the City. I started watching it when I was single and continued watching it, sometimes with my husband, after I got married. The characters have proven to remain interesting even as they age. And they helped many of us, struggling through middle age, to feel as if it's okay to be glamorous at 40. In the first movie, we saw Carrie finally marry Big (aka John), and many wondered if this was the end of the glamorous life for her.

We shouldn't have worried. Sex and the City 2 promises more glamor than ever. In the second movie, we find Carrie struggling with monotony in her marriage, trying to bring back the "sparkle." Miranda and Charlotte, both experienced mothers now, see the grass as greener. Miranda longs to be at home while Charlotte wants to escape. Samantha, the always sexy single woman, worries about aging and begins taking a cocktail of pills to keep herself young.

They all need a break and that break comes in the form of a trip to Abu Dhabi, one of the most glamorous cities in the world. There are fabulous clothes, cocktails, and camel rides. When Carrie runs into Aiden, will she choose to use him as an escape from her marriage? As Charlotte says, she's playing with fire. Samantha, too, faces temptation, though unlike Carrie, she is free to give in.

It looks like it's going to be a good film, complete with the quirky relationship between the girls, interesting trysts, a city backdrop, and, of course, sex.

The film is scheduled to be released on May 27. Visit the official website to see a trailer.

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