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Sure, they’re crap, but they’re our crap. Mary Walsh just summed up the Genies (the awards for best Canadian movies) by asking the head of Telefilm (the government agency which supports the production of movies and teevee in Canada) by saying “why don’t we just say fuck it and move to el-ay”.

If you want to know the difference between Canada and the US, and that we have a different culture, this is an example.

His response? Given the overwhelming wins by movies from Quebec, he asked “why don’t we say fuck it and move to Quebec”.

(Maybe they said “take off”, I wasn’t listening too closely – nope, according to CP:
But in the live telecast, it wasn’t Thompson, but Telefilm Canada director Peter Stursberg and comic Mary Walsh who challenged TV taboos by using the f-word in their onstage dialogue.)

And this was on broadcast teevee. Nationally. None of these vapours. Of course, the event is hosted by Scott Thompson who opened the show in his underpants (white Y-fronts).

— added–
whohoo for Sarah Polley looking hot, and despite a crappy set asking for better Canadian movies, not more crap to compete in the crap race.

— hey, they’re finished at 21:40 and I have time to watch a real movie!

Here’s a recap of who won what and an article explaining what a bind the Canadian film biz in (short version, no budgets, and no access to theatres).

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