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The Fuels We Burn Could Kill Polar Bears

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As if it is not enough that we are burning tons of fossil fuels and inviting record seasons of hurricanes already, I came across a vodcast (video podcast) of Greenpeace on iTunes that details how global warming could endanger the lives of polar bears!

The deal is that roughly 10% of surface area in the Arctic is being lost every decade to global warming. The news hit headlines as well as the top stories on Google news and reiterates that if nothing is done to reverse global warming, the polar bears may be extinct within 45 years! It may not have slipped your attention but I thought I might post this just to refresh your memory.

Apparently, this is the first case of a mammalian species facing a potential wipe-out due to the direct effects of global warming. Already, there is a high incidence of polar bear deaths due to drowning in the Arctic regions and ecologist rescue teams are busy trying to find ways to prevent it.

The average polar bear can swim up to 15 miles but the ice caps are found to be retreating as far as 200 miles in some regions, thereby endangering the lives of these white-furred creatures that were once also hunted for their expensive fur, at least until a landmark treaty between the five polar bear ‘bearing’ nations prohibited this.

And there is something we could do about it. The podcast urges to drive less and spread the word about global warming. For the birthdays I plan to attend this year, I am thinking about gifting mouse mats or stuff toys with a polar bear theme just to bring up the topic.

Ever since, I heard about it, I have been trying to get up early so that I could push my husband as well to take the public transport i.e. the BART to San Francisco!

So, all those bloggers living around big cities like New York and San Francisco, drive less people! Who knows, you may save a polar bear!

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  • The first line of this story tells me it should be listed under opinion. Do you have ANY proof that burning fossil fuels caused the record hurricane season?

  • Finally, a solution to the encroaching polar bear menace! Isn’t science marvelous?

  • Maurice


    you might want to consider the “Flat Earth Society”.

  • @#1 – good point. I would have called it my opinion but some scientists opine the same way too!

    @#2 – finally someone who got my point! This was supposed to be a funny reminder ..thats all. no one-stop solution!

    @#3…I would considered the “Flat earth” society if I was not considering “Save Ourselves on earth” first.

  • lumpy

    You actually believe stuff that Greenpeace tells you?

    When the ice age hits I hope a polar bear doesn’t stop by your house and eat you.

  • what is it with bloggers and reading the complete post ?

    No! I did not opine anything based on what green peace told me! I went and checked around on google news and there was a ton of stuff from research teams to rescue squads talking about polar bear deaths.

    If there is one thing I did not do, it was going to the poles to check it out myself..and yes, you could blame me for that! 🙂

  • Hey, without any Polar Bears to worry about, maybe we can finally get drilling in ANWR passed through the Congress! 😉

  • Amy

    I think that that was a good theary to get out.I I think you should get it out more though!!!And there is only one world so i think we should stop the green house gases!! <3

  • dave