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The Friday Morning Listen

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A problem (maybe the only problem) with watching, via C-Span, an event such as the Democratic Convention is that you get the full dose of everything. This includes the music.

Last night they played Stevie Wonder’s “Sir Duke” for just long enough to get that danged thing stubbornly wedged in my head. I woke up this morning hearin’ it.

I suppose I could have picked some ugly metal or jazz full of skronkitude to chase it away. But…what the hey, I haven’t listened to Songs In The Key Of Life in a while.

I tell ya, this record is a pop masterpiece. It’s got it all: pop, soul, funk, blues and jazz. And though “Sir Duke” got me here today, my favorite track is “I Wish”. All those twisty keyboard passages. All that layered funk.

Stevie’s “best” album? Eh, who knows?! I kind of like Innervisions more, but they are different animals.

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