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The Friday Morning Listen

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Twenty Years of Dischord (Disc 1) – Various Artists

Man, oh man…what with all of the huffin’ & puffin’ about Michael Moore, the upswing in pre-convention snottiness and the general, uh, spiritlessness of the current discourse (if you can call it that)…this morning I got the feeling that that nasty, sticky, yellowing political wax layer needed to be stripped off.

And off it comes with this collection of raw hardcore anthems.

Plus, it was kinda fun to drive through the well-kept suburbs with my windows rolled down and Minor Threat, Government Issue and State of Alert blaring out…

On the way home it’ll be Disc 2, with Fugazi, Jawbox and a whole pile of other family favorites.

(First posted on Mark Is Cranky)

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  • Thrasher


    Yeah, the Dischord label was a great Washington DC label — ironically enough. Maybe that was your intent to tie the DC music scene to today’s politics?

    Dischord captured what was called harDCore in the Washington area.

    Probably nothing compared to what we’ll be seeing in the Fall in terms of “spiritlessness “. ;)

  • Mark Saleski

    Maybe that was your intent to tie the DC music scene to today’s politics?

    yea, sort of. it sure didn’t hurt.

    although to be honest, my first choice was going to be Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables, but i couldn’t find the dang thing. one ‘o the stepkids musta swiped it.

    i loved the Dischord label, and spent a lot of years abusing my ears with stuff from there and SST as well.

  • Mark Saleski

    i hope all spam marketers are hit with a case of fatal priapism.