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The Friday Morning Listen

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First posted on Mark Is Cranky:

Guitar blasphemy or Zenlike calm?

Audio violence or sweet aural pacifism?

Hmmm, I just can’t decide. You would think that the calming influence of something like a slow-moving John Cage record or maybe some ambient Eno would do the trick. The truth is that I probably wouldn’t hear it. No, I’ve got so much synaptic vibrations going on in the brain cage that when I looked in the mirror this moring I half expected to see something like those disturbing ‘shakey head’ people in the movie Jacob’s Ladder.

My big mistake last night was to actually unpack the new iPod that showed up on the front porch (gee Mr. UPS guy, thanks for leaving it out in the rain). I was already on edge and just knew…that an encounter with new technology, even something supposedly as ‘friendly’ as the iPod, was a bad idea. Well, it certainly was a bad idea. By the time I’d installed iTunes on two different computers, both resulting in no imported tunes actually showing up on the external device, I was having visions of crushing the iPod in a vice.

Silly me.

So after rising way, way too early (5AM) this morning to get some work done, I went straight for the big noisey crunch of the Gang of Four. This reissue is so chock full of rusty razor blade guitar, naughty bass and violent drumming that I’m not sure the bad mood can survive the onslaught of endorphins. There are a pile of extras added to the end of the original release including four tunes from the EP Yellow (which I think I’ve got on vinyl around here somewhere) and four live tracks (including an absolutely terrible version of “Sweet Jane”).

Hey, here’s an appropriate bit of lyric from “At Home He’s A Tourist”:

    He fills his head with culture
    He gives himself an ulcer

Yea, no kidding.

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  • Mark, IpodLounge is your friend in times of need. Pretty much guaranteed, if there was a weird issue to be had, someone else had it and the answer can be found in the forums. This will sound like an incredibly stupid question and is not intended to sound insulting, but did you drag the songs you wanted on the Ipod over to the Ipod in Itunes? If you don’t have it set up to automatically sync what’s in Itunes to your Ipod (which I don’t suggest if you have a huge collection – and I know you do!) then you have to manually move files over.

    And, of course, the big question: which Ipod did you get?!