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The Friday Morning Listen: Tom Waits – Real Gone

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So we're chatting last night toward the end of the B-Sides Concept Album show, and as host Josh Hathaway's mysterious and erudite cohort 11 is about sign off, I receive an Internet update: Bruce Springsteen has just played "Rosalita" out in Rochester, NY. To the casual or non-fan this is really no big deal. I haven't heard that song live in a long time and am super-jealous of those lucky people in New York. As Josh is fond of saying, "Piece of dammit!" (Don't worry Josh, the royalty check is in the mail).

By around 11:30 or so, I was of two minds on this Friday morning thing: some screed or other about "Rosie," missed opportunities, jealousy, and the like or an inverted guilty pleasures essay — some chat room yakking got me to talking about how I've never liked Bruce's Tunnel of Love record all that much (OK… at all). My heart really wasn't into that. Maybe some other week when I'm in a snotty mood. Besides, somebody dropped another musical bomb in the chatroom: Tom Waits is going to tour this summer. Yow!

A little research confirms that Waits is going out on another of his "torture most of the fans" mini-tours of a handful of dates in the south and midwest. I suppose I should admire this. I mean, I consider myself something of a cranky, reclusive bastard and Waits…well, if we actually held them, he would chair the CrankyReclusiveBastard meetings. But man, that one show I saw in Boston many years back? It was the only concert I've been to that could rival a Springsteen show for it purely magical qualities.

So what now Tom? Do you want me to fly to Nashville? You know I don't fly, and that's a loooong drive in either the Jeep or the Mini-Cooper.

Piece of dammit!

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  • “Piece of dammit”???


    Josh should be paying you, not vice versa.

  • It’s an even longer drive to see Waits on the European leg of the tour he’s planning. 🙂

    I’ve heard from sources that Boston will be on the itinerary, which is a lot closer (to you, I’m guessing) than Nashville.

    – Donald

  • well yeah! boston is certainly closer than nashville. it’ll be like last time: tickets selling out in 2 minutes.

  • I saw Waits at the Tabernacle in Atlanta in ’06 and the floor was GA, so while getting a ticket was difficult, I didn’t have to worry about scoring a good seat.

    Once the day of the show came, though, I had to camp outside the venue with a few hundred other fans for 5 hours to ensure that once the doors opened, I’d get a spot up at the stage (he played “Tango Til They’re Sore” and “House Where Nobody Lives” on a piano two feet in front of me).

    It certainly was worth the effort, though. The show was one of the best, if not the best concert I’ve ever attended.

    – Donald

  • stop it! i’m gettin’ all misty-eyed.

    we saw him at a theatre in boston and were seated about 2/3 of the way back. it was still phenomenal. he opened with “Jockey Full of Bourbon”.

    like an idiot, i turned down a pair of tickets for the next day’s show (what was i thinking?!!)…then i read the review in the paper the next day: Waits came in from the back of the theatre with a bullhorn, opening with “Ladies & Gentlemen!!!!” from The Black Rider.


  • He opened with “Make It Rain” at the show I saw; ended with “Heart Attack and Vine”.

  • Angie

    oh, guys, I hate to tell you this, but the link is to an article from 2006…this is the mini-tour…. before…. Orphans……so, Mr. Gibson, you have already seen this tour….or am I in some sort of time/space thing?

  • hmmm…well, the good news is that the tour plans are in fact true.

    the bad news is that i was hoodwinked by some internet trickery and my own lack of sleep. that link i used was dated 2008, but in fact contained 2006 content.

    maybe this means i won’t have to drive to nashville after all.

    thanks angie.

  • Eric Gagne

    hey mark. i will go on that drive with you. imagine bouncing off of the appalachians blasting albert ayler!

  • yes, and i have every Pat Metheny recording stuffed into my ipod.