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The Friday Morning Listen: Rollins Band – The End Of Silence

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Sometimes, it's all about the passion. What with all of the carping about this rotten TV show, or that lame pop singer, or the other stupid major record label… we can forget that there are people out there who can barely contain their passion for music. I'm talkin' about unbridled, sweaty-necked , bug-eyed enthusiasm. Yes, it's out there.

An obvious example of this is the Blogcritics network site Confessions of a Fanboy. Josh Hathaway eats, sleeps, breaths, and shits music. His site is full of great writing that's driven by that passion. He can't help himself. Honestly, none of us can (By "us" I mean the people for whom the music vs. new clothing calculus results in a lot of what I call the "neo-hobo" look).

In an interesting confluence of events, during the same week that Josh launched his site, I happened to purchase a copy of Henry Rollins' book Fanatic!: Songs Lists and Notes from the Harmony In My Head Radio Show. Rollins does a weekly radio show on station Indie 103.1 FM, and the book contains setlists and all sorts of commentary about music and the show. For music nerds such as myself, this is a goldmine. What's great about Rollins is that his tastes are all over the place, from '50s R&B to jazz to stuff from the DC punk scene.

My introduction to Rollins came from a performance of the Rollins Band on the old Dennis Miller show. The man was scary in his intensity: half-squatting in his shorts, bare feet, veins bulging on his neck. Henry seemed to have lost himself as he leaned into the black squall his band was radiating. The song was called "Tearing." After seeing that performance, I headed directly to the record store the next afternoon in search of a copy of The End Of Silence.

What I'm getting at here is that, if you're patient and look beneath the surface, you're sure to find all sorts of thought and ear-provoking stuff out there.

Now… fasten your seatbelts and watch this video. Turn it up, LOUD!

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  • Damn . . . this makes me really regret not having any Rollins on my Ipod at the moment. I can hear “Tearing” in my head, but that’s just not good enough.

  • Wow, thanks Mark, for the complement and the free advertising. 😉

    I think my first introduction (or one of them, anyway) was seeing a clip of the “Liar” video on Beavis & Butt-head. Naturally, the boys approved. I love the intensity and conviction in Rollins’ music, even if I’m not necessarily down with every song.

    Tom, I know what you mean. The radio station inside my head is never completely satisfying to me, either.

  • Marty Thau

    Henry is not to be believed — he’s on TV and the radio, he’s on the talk circuit, he publishes books, he makes music. Is there anything he doesn’t do? The man is amazing.

  • Have not had the chance to hear his music live, but End ofthe Silence was my intro to his music.

    I did see a spoken word performance a few years back and it was amazing!

    Rollins my seem like this wild guy, but I think he would eb a blast to hang out with!