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The Friday Morning Listen: Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey – Til’ Tae Rides Again

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Some things are tough to explain. If you read great writers like Michael Perry, you'll find some incredible insight into life's simple truths as well as its tricky nuances. Go ahead and check out his book Population: 485. I'm telling you, the man makes it look way too easy. Frankly, I'm a little jealous. If he ever starts writing reviews of discombobulated jazz records, I'm packing up my stuff and moving on.

So yeah, the tough to explain thing. It has been a weird week, and not a particularly good one either. I have had visits with people who confused me by seeming to really take a shine to me, but only later revealed their true feelings. I've seen the effects of a wavy economy up close. It's not pretty. Oh, and then there's the drug addiction and/or mental illness (No, not me). When a family member becomes a statistic, it takes its toll. Several, in fact. Just ask my mom, who last night had a visit by the local EMT's followed by a fun ride to the hospital. Panic attacks are not so much fun apparently.

Hmmm… I find myself trying to work this into a riff on tractors or chickens but it's just not working. Dang, that Mr. Perry casts a long shadow.

Anyhow, what this short ramble is coming to is this: I'm really freaking tired this morning and just want to pop a CD into the car's player and be washed away by some crazy-ass noise. Ah, but there's one problem. TheWife™ has some work/dinner thing tonight and had to take my car because her Jeep has a headlight out (and the blue box containing the replacement is still on the floor of the garage behind the snowblower — just call me "The Procrastinating Mechanic"). Being the sensible person that she is (besides marrying me, that is), she wasn't all that hot on driving home in the dark in a one-eyed Jeep.

What this means for me is that the iPod comes into play. There's no CD player in the Jeep. Nuts. I haven't really put a whole lot of new stuff on that thing recently. Time for a change, I guess. This morning, I'm listening to a freshly downloaded from a cool jazz Internet buddy purchased copy of the Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey's Til' Tai Rides Again. I have a feeling it will be more than weird enough (I also have a feeling that I'll be buying every Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey CD I can find).

So go ahead Mr. Perry, let's see that review of the new Anthony Braxton CD. I'm waiting.

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  • A smart purchase!

  • Bennett

    Next week might be better…

    Chin up, Mark!

  • Your week has been worse. I’m not sure that’s a contest one really wants to win, but you get the prize for whatever it might be worth.

    I hope your Friday morning music choice helps ease the suckitude.

  • Damn, that’s a rough week. I hope things pick up for you here soon.

  • yeah, what they said..sounds dreadful. Music always helps to some degree.

    Keep the faith Sir Mark. : )