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The Friday Morning Listen: Greg Brown

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First posted on Mark Is Cranky:

There’s been a lot of not-so-great events going on recently and they’ve been weighing on me a bit. Continuing fallout from hurricane Katrina. Brazilian rain forest sadness. In terms of sheer numbers there’s the aftermath of the earthquake in Pakistan.

All of that is surely bad enough, but the story of the schizophrenic mother (as related here by Blogcritics own Mary K. Williams) was the last straw. The death of innocents by either disturbed or purposeful hands is, well….I’m not even sure it’s fair to apply words. It leaves me shaken, to say the least.

So this week it’s pure, 100%, unadulterated, organic, biodegradable, down-home comfort listening by way of the words & music of Greg Brown. An interesting thing here is that this is not escapism. Yes, Brown can spin up some absolutely joyous tunes. “If I Had Known” speaks of the discovery of a number of life’s wonders. Then there’s the going-home-for-fun two-step of “Hacklebarney Tune”. But Brown can break your heart by wrapping the sad story of a life gone wrong (“Fooled Me Once”) in an absolutely gorgeous melody.

Just before arriving at work, the CD finishes and I begin to think that maybe the next few days will bring better news.

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  • godoggo

    Greg Brown is awesome. Therefore it seems someone needs to leave a comment of some sort. So here goes: I think anybody who likes Johnny Cash and/or Tom Waits will like him. There.

  • Rob

    Truely one of the best singer/songwriters in the US and virtually unknown. I’m lucky that I was lent one of his CDs 5 years back. I was hooked after the first listen. He’s also one hell of a guitar player too. Check all of his albums out at Red House Records.