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The Friday Morning Listen: Ellis Paul – The Day After Everything Changed

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Haiti, oh Haiti.

On most days, I'm just trying to get along. But then there are times when I have a hard time understanding people. You might think that the anger would rise but that's not the emotion that forms. Instead, it's a not-so-smooth blend of sadness and confusion.

You might also think, given my political bent, that the objects of these emotions would be obvious. Oh sure, some of them are obvious, but Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh whip out their pathetic lack of humanity on a regular basis so there's nothing much to revisit with them. What seems worse to me is the phenomenon of the endless parade of Internet commentary: meta-pundits at the ready, chuckling and sneering at the national media ineptitude on display.

Yessir, that Robertson's a dummy, prognosticating using his twisted view of the maker. Ah, but you fools had best consult the 'scripture,' as you're putting yourselves in danger, just as the Haitians have done. You atheists, with your lack of spirituality, you just don't understand. It seems that their world view is driven by a god-as-puppetmaster. But wait, you're ignoring history and its political ramifications. And don't forget that that Obama fella is surely using this for his own political gain. Oh, he's just a stupid junkie. It's just the MSM doing its usual whining. What planet are they living on anyway? The moonbats are on the loose. No, it's the rich white guys.

Really? Any of you people want to print out the statements of the previous paragraph and take them down to Haiti? Seriously, do you want to convey any of these ideas to the man at the hospital whose daughter's skull was crushed in a house collapse? How about the woman devastated by the knowledge that her entire family has already been buried in a mass grave? The boy who can't find his parents? He's tired, confused, and has an exposed bone sticking out of his right forearm. Yes, I'm sure they'd all appreciate our 'views' on the earthquake.

Things like this happen and just a little bit more of my faith in humanity is drained away. And yet, in the middle of chaos, help is arriving. Out of the devastation of Haiti, there will be reports of life affirmation and dignity. That can't counterbalance the full extent of the loss. We don't expect it to.

A new Ellis Paul recording came out this week. Despite the title, it (mostly) isn't a topical record. There is a little story behind it though, one that managed to put a little something back in the humanity tank. Ellis wanted to stay away from record labels for this one, and asked his fans for a little help. It was a fine line to tread, there being a recession and all. Well, the results went far beyond the expected as he raised over $100,000. Pretty amazing, as is the final product.

From "Heaven's Wherever You Are": "I know this 'bout the Blues/it only prints the bad news/while ignoring the miracles/So I stand and applaud/with Buddha, Krishna, and God/cause all this beauty's hysterical."

Let the miracles come.

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  • Jordan Richardson

    Amen to that.

  • Nice one Mark

  • I have a friend who recently unleashed a long rant about how we should only give to American charities to help Haiti. As if they care where it comes from.

    I have other friends who have been involved in Haiti for years. They’ve already got things in place to help and are ready for donations of all kinds.

    Things like this bring out the best and worst in people. Try to listen to the best.