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The Friday Morning Listen: Dar Williams – My Better Self

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Major incidents in our society seem to flip the polarization switch on our social discourse machine. This past week's shooting incident at Virginia Tech was no different. Long before the blood was wiped from the floor, the finger-pointing began in earnest. It's the conservatives' fault. It's the liberals. It's guns (too many…not enough). No, it was an inept university administration. Maybe the police force.

As a monumental amount of grief was shared among the victims' families and surviving student body and staff, this too loud combined voice let out a sickening, near-sighted, attention-whoring belch.

For me, compassion was the missing element, and this morning I feel the need for a little more of it.

Dar Williams' My Better Self came out around a year and a half ago, and it still holds a place in my top whatever list. The song "Echoes" (Rm, Wm) underscores one way of considering the world's betterment: "Every time you open to kindness/Make one connection, used to divide us/It echoes…all over the world".

Some will choose to mock such a sentiment, thinking it naive. But I ask you this: what have your words, so dripping in condescension, done to make this world a better place?

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  • Well said, Mark. Very well said, indeed.

  • I’ll second that indeed. I’ve had to stop watching the news and reading blogs on the subject. Too much finger pointing not enough compassion.

    Haven’t heard much Dar Williams but I love the ways she sings “Iowa.” Great vocals on that.

  • Damn these filters at work! The song’s blocked from listening, but the words are still the important and meaningful thing here. (I’ll listen at home later.)

  • Wow, I remember the first time I heard of her was from your site.

    And Echoes, is a great choice, yes?

    good piece Sir Mark