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The Friday Morning Listen: Bruce Springsteen – Darkness on the Edge of Town

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I wanted to talk about the accident, and how looking back on it (even from such a short distance), it feels like it has formed some closure to the events of the past year or so. But my head needs more time to allow those thoughts to organize themselves. That's kind of how I think about writing. When I write something that I'm particularly happy with, it feels like the set of ideas had as much to do with the outcome as my own orchestrations. It feels somewhat magical and almost effortless.

So in the interest of expending less effort (the right arm is in a new cast and is not yet pain-free…partly because I stopped taking that zombifying oxycodone), let's push that set of thoughts aside and let 'em be for now. They seem pretty eager so it's a safe bet that they'll be back soon.

This weekend there is another event that will provide some closure of sorts, and that is the Boston-area Bruce Springsteen appearance. Yeah, yeah, I've ranted about these shows plenty of times before, but this one is different: I'll be taking Pete (Stepson #2) with me. Pete has heard my rants for years but has never been to a show. There were a couple of opportunities in the past, but Pete's E Street karma has never been in his favor. That all changes on Sunday night. The Working On A Dream tour came roaring back to life a couple of nights ago and I have high hopes for the weekend.

I bring up the idea of closure in this context because Bruce lives in that small group of artists that have resonated so greatly with me as to make them feel like family. It will be great to have Pete finally experience a show because he needs to meet the rest of the family — Bruce as well as the 20,000-something cousins he never knew he had.

Bruce has been featuring "Badlands" early in set on this tour. When he sings "That it ain't no sin to be glad you're alive," I will nod at that pure bit of truth. I will also revel in the pure joy of the closing of the family circle via some undiluted E Street karma. C'mon Bruce, bring it!

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  • 20,000 something cousins indeed. Talk about nailing it. Nice to have you back Mark.


  • dang glen, you’re up early!

  • Have a blast Mark! (and Pete)

  • oh, and many thanks to the lovely and talented Mark Sahm for the snakky new friday morning listen banner art.

  • Mark Sahm has provided great graphics for a few series around here. Cheers to the Sahm!

    Have a great time at the show, guys! I have to wait until October for mine, so I’m excited and envious.

  • YOU’RE envious, mr. gets to hear BTR in its entirety?


  • Glad to hear you’re on the mend, Mark. Have fun at the show. Just watch that wrist!

    Am I the only one that doesn’t see the “snakky” new banner? (And what does snakky mean? I want to use it in a sentence today, but don’t know how.)

  • nuts. i meant ‘swanky’. freakin’ cast!

    no banner? i can see it.

  • Mark, wish I was there with you! Enjoy!

  • There’s nothing quite like grabbing along and guaranteeing the unconvinced will convert. And they always convert.

  • Okay, I’m going to give you that, Mark. I hope you guys get “Rosie” tonight!