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The Friday Morning Listen: Boston

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You would think that supposed ‘corporate rock’ would have no substance. That it can’t possibly mean anything to anybody. It’s just a group of misguided rockers being taken advantage of by a cabal of heartless music industry executives. It’s a group of rockers taking advantage of us!

You would be wrong. Let me explain.

I used to know this woman. Oh my, she was a funny one…

She backed the car out of the driveway in a rage, stomped on the gas pedal, and made the engine slam into the radiator. I think menopause had something to do with this (the busted motor mount too).

She worried about everybody in the family: their health and well being were never far from her thoughts.

She made incredibly tasty Babka Bread at Easter.

She never could figure out how to use an iPod.

She cried during the happy parts of movies.

She listened to Andre Rioux every time she was stressed out.

She dropped her pants in the back yard one summer because a grasshopper had flown up into one of her pant legs.

She put up with all of that abusively loud music I was always listening to.

She ordered the “Smelt Special” for dinner one night. I just knew she wouldn’t be able to deal with those little fish heads.

She jumped for joy when her cucumber plants burst forth with green…only to discover that old man Flanagan from across the street had tied cucumbers to the stalks with green yarn.

She messed up a fruitcake recipe and ended up with a ‘cake’ hard enough to drive a nail into a board.

She survived breast cancer.

She loved the ocean.

She swore like a truck driver.

She loved her husband of 49 years.

She hated profanity in movies.

She survived skin cancer.

She cried during the sad parts of movies.

She got the most hilarious grin on her face when Boston’s “Longtime” kicked in. She said the song “gullied” her stomach.

She did not survive uterine cancer.

Joanna Saleski, 1929-2008.

I love you mom. I hope I never forget that look on your face. Say “hi” to Brad Delp for me.


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About Mark Saleski

  • Mark, that is without a doubt easily one of the most beautiful, poignant things I have read either on BC or anywhere else. And your Mom would definitely be proud.


  • Jordan Richardson

    What Glen said.

    Stunning. Well done, Mark.

  • The Wife

    I laughed and I cried. She would have too.

  • That is the second loss of a mother to a virtual friend I met through BC in the space of two weeks. I feel for both of you.

  • I had to get up and walk away from the desk here.

  • What a beautiful tribute, Mark. You and your family are in my thoughts during this painful time. Take care.

  • A very nice tribute. Once again, you did your momma proud. My heartfelt condolences, Mark.

  • May all our mothers be remembered as well.

  • Kevin T

    Mark… there’s not much more that can be said as you’ve summed it up perfectly … I’m very fortunate to have spent some quality time with Jo over the years… the world was definitely a better place with her in it… take care my friend and I’ll see you soon…

  • I’m really sorry to hear this, Mark. This was beautifully stated, as everyone else has said.

  • A moving tribute Mark. I lost my mother on June 4th. I’ve been in a kind of emotional meltdown since. I may try writing about it. Funny, I’ve been saying that for the last few weeks, but it’s never happened. Now she’s gone though…
    I’m the other person my man Chris Rose refers to btw. Just for completeness.

  • my condolences daniel. “emotional meltdown” is a very apt description. i sort of knew it was coming so i’ve been in various states of emotional strangeness for many weeks now….and probably many more to come.

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    Can’t say,”I know how you feel”, because I don’t & I couldn’t possibly fathom what it is like.

    So… I can only say…I’m Sorry to hear of your loss.Though I have only known you online:

    I hope your pain subsides.

    I hope only the grandest & fondest of memories constantly play like little movies.

    I hope that Mrs. Saleski & Brad Delp are rocking out to “Longtime”.

    Again…I’m Sorry.

    (As I am writing this, Boston’s “Amanda” was on cable)

  • How do we become the people we become? After reading this I think I understand some of your finer qualities just a little better, Mark. You’re a credit to your mother and her memory. Your family is in our prayers during this time.

  • Mat Brewster

    Very moving tribute mark. I said it elsewhere but you and yours are in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Bennett

    Beautifully written. Thanks for letting me know a bit of your Mother’s charm.