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The Friday Morning Listen: Blue Oyster Cult – Some Enchanted Evening

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Writers live in their heads a lot. There are thoughts and they have to be inspected, mulled over, turned inside out, compared to incoming ideas, and on and on. Sometimes, this can be problematic. You can get involved in a group of ideas that forms a little "thought community" in your head and if it resonates enough, it's tough to work your way out.

Recently, my thought communities have been centered on the past. A couple of weeks ago, my cousin Jeff in Connecticut hosted a Saleski family reunion that served the dual purpose of remembering those who have been lost over the past year or so. We were pretty much done with funerals and memorials, figuring that a big cookout was just the thing to bring us all back on a more even keel. It was quite an amazing event, with three generations present. I had wondered if those missing would be noticed. Even though we didn't talk about it all that much, they definitely were. In a way, we were all assuming new roles. Sad thoughts did creep in, but we did our best to not let them put a permanent shadow on the day.

This weekend, me and TheWife™ will be driving to Maine to attend my high school reunion. It has been 30 years. Thirty! Amazing. Over the past several months, another kind of thought community has formed: I've been chatting on Facebook with former high school classmates. It's pretty interesting to see who has been doing what, where people have ended up, etc. After getting in contact with so many people from back then, it did make me feel (a little) like I was back in the late 70's. Very strange. It's all virtual and yet it feels 'real.' I'm really looking forward to the event on Saturday night. Who will be there? Who won't, and why? We will see, and after I have digested it all, I'll have to come out of my head for a bit and write about it.

Right…Blue Oyster Cult. I tried to pick a recording that had maximum attachment to my high school years. There were so many to choose from. Cheap Trick's Live at Budokan, Bad Company, Ted Nugent's Double Live Gonzo, Clapton's Slow Hand, The Grand Illusion by Styx. No, it would have to be Blue Oyster Cult. This recording came from the Spectres tour, which was when I saw them. It was also my very first rock concert. Augusta Civic Center, Augusta, Maine. It was spectacular. It seems like a very long time ago. I'll have to think about it.

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  • A.L. Harper

    This is a fantastic article Mark. I am ever a fan of yours, but this one is just ACE.

  • thanks andrea!

  • If yours is anything like mine was, it’ll be a bittersweet experience that will stick with you days. Great piece as usual.


  • Paul

    Great story Mark. Since I was about five years behind you in school, it was their Extraterrestrial Live album that dominated my high school years. My second ever concert was BOC at the Augusta Civic Center and they and Godzilla blew my mind.

    The night of the concert was a blizzard and I still cannot believe they did not cancel the show. My dad did not want to let me take his car because I had just gotten my license only a few months ago, and the road conditions were insane. After a good amount of begging, he finally let me go and my friend and I eventually made it there alive – amazingly. The place was packed! Gotta love Maine, huh?