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The Forms – Icarus

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Rarely does a CD make me want to see a band. This album, recorded by Steve Albini (Nirvana), is one of those perfect recordings that inspires me to look for tour dates, ticket prices, and the number of sick days I have left at work. A standard trio – drums, bass, and guitar – that work together to bring you dissonant jangling and upbeat pop styling. Filled with hooks that are done just right, never feeling repetitive. The song writing leads me to believe that it comes easy to them, that they’re not coloring with numbers or copying and pasting from their various influences.

There are 10 tracks here but the CD only clocks in at 18:15 (you do the math). This leaves no room for filler – I haven’t skipped a single track to get to another. If you’re into imaginative indie rock then I’m sure you’ll leave this on repeat as much as I do.

Might I also add that the packaging for this release is the best I have seen in the past year. The best.

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  • markbrandt

    That’s shorter then The Hives album

  • The Theory

    i’ll bet it’s packaging isn’t as cool as the Soul Junk cd that FPM reviewed…


  • darf

    The packaging is amazing. Buy the record and see for yourself.

  • andrew

    this is a great album, interesting arrangement and concept.

  • the baber

    i couldn’t help but realize how horridly pretentious this album is. their sound is good but it is in no way the next sunny day real estate “diary” or anything near that caliber. they are promising but they should’ve waited an album or two before they tried to pull off the arrogant rockstar thing.

  • Seth Werkheiser

    Man, it’s amazing how you can tell they’re “arrogant rock stars” just by listening to a CD! haha