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The Foreign Invasion of the Premier League

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A debate is raging on these days in England about the increasing number of foreign players in the Premier League. Is it a valid concern or an overreaction? Well, let us start out by mentioning the football league is growing stronger by the year with the gap from Premiership to Championship ever decreasing.

The Championship is predominantly devised of English players and should a Premier League team find a good enough home-grown youngster, it’ll be quick in giving him a call. However, stars of the football league can quickly become Premier League bench warmers with little to show for their talents.

Take Crystal Palace‘s Victor Moses, a superb player who now can’t even make the pitch at Wigan! This is probably because foreign players currently are better (than him).

Don’t get me wrong. I want the English football team to do well as much as any other supporter, but having the best domestic league in the world comes at a cost. Just look at Germany, one of the strongest national sides in Europe, and maybe in the world. Yet, how many Bundesliga star players can you name?

Personally, I think the diverse Premier League is a good one. It shows the ‘spirit’ of football, with the London club having six of its 11 starters represent different nationalities in an European competition. That shows unity between footballing nations (as cheesy as that sounds).

People sit in the stands today moaning because their burger’s cold and their coke’s warm, and they can’t pronounce the surname of a new (foreign) signing. But ultimately, there’s a wider picture to see and appreciate here.

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  • Travis

    Its really no different than the NHL. Hockey’s world stage just happens to be in the US. Its not like every NHL team has 90% Americans.

  • I pretty much agree with you, Damian. I’m a lot less concerned about the influx of foreign players in England (and it’s not just a Premier League thing either) than I am that there are very few English players playing overseas – and those that do are either past their prime (David Beckham, Robbie Fowler) or nowhere near the national team (Colin Kazim-Richards, Terry Cooke).

    I realize that the Prem pays better than almost anywhere else, but it’s rare that the Barcelonas, Real Madrids and Inter Milans of this world show even a whiff of interest in any current England international.