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The Fool’s Game

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Whom do the banks, the corporations, and the GOP think they are fooling? Anyone can see that this wait-obstruct-and-stall game that began immediately after Obama took office is still as strong as ever. While these people sit on the stimulus money, refusing to fuse it into the system, America is falling into insolvency and bankruptcy. Nevertheless, do they care? Why should they? Obviously, they are hoarding resources and profit, doling it out only to the stockholders who sit quiet as they collect their dividends and watch others suffer.

I once wrote an essay titled “The Heart of The Conservative Soul: A View from the Center.” I no longer have a copy of this article, and I certainly no longer think of myself as the middle. In this essay, I made the assertion that what the GOP/conservative philosophy was lacking was empathy. After watching this, I will once again say that I was correct. We, the people, are not fools…

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  • They are fooling themselves in believing that they can fool others.

  • Thank you, Tommy

    The drum beats on both sides…

  • Zedd


    Unfortunately because most Americans don’t keep up with the state of affairs, they will not know that big business is holding on to billions in surplus and can actually lift the nation out of its wows by simply rehiring. What is interesting is that everyone is working harder and wearing several hats without compensation and the wealthy are singing and dancing their way to the bank.

  • Zedd,

    That’s why WE have to wake them up.

    😀 nite! LOL

  • Zedd

    Whenever an issue is illuminated the onus always ends up resting on we the people.

    I hate to say it but we the people created this situation, all of it. We created a lackadaisical representative body. We told them how to talk to us and actually how to manipulate us.

    The problem is, what is it going to take to get us back in the proper mindset to hold them accountable for things that really matter?

  • Zedd

    I wrote out my WE the people post a while ago and had to pause to give a lecture to a lovely teen. I finally hit the submit button to discover that you referenced “WE” as well.

    I am planning on blogging. I am intimidated by the time element. I don’t want to start something that I wont be able to commit to.

  • Well, Zedd, I would love to read an article written by you.


  • Clavos

    Bring it on, Zedd, I suggested it years ago.

  • What a great speech!

    We are not going back to The Party of No.

    :O No, NO, NO!

  • Arch Conservative

    What’s wrong with saying no to bad ideas?

  • Arch,

    Read this excerpt from the President’s Labor day speech in Milwaukee… [But there are some folks in Washington who see things differently. When it comes to just about everything we’ve done to strengthen the middle class and rebuild our economy, almost every Republican in Congress said no. Even where we usually agree, they say no. They think it’s better to score political points before an election than actually solve problems. So they said no to help for small businesses. No to middle-class tax cuts. No to unemployment insurance. Noto clean energy jobs. No to making college affordable. No to reforming Wall Street. Even as we speak, these guys are saying no to cutting more taxes for small business owners.]

    If you want to continue to say NO, that’s really up to you,Arch, whatever floats your boat. But if the rest of this country has any say about it, WE, will say, “YES”!

    JD- Yes Yes yes! This way forward

  • Nite BC 😀 Tomorrow’s a new day!

  • A great post!

    😀 Thanks OPA.

  • Mitch McConnell just announced on MSNBC, that he will oppose ending these obnoxious-immoral tax cuts for the top 2% and allow the taxes to be raised for the rest of us. Is this the promise of trickle down?