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The Flock Got Outta Here!

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I have been working on a post which would reveal to those who still refuse to see that Obama is losing support faster than any Democratic President in recent history. It’s been hard to keep up with the growing resource base, especially since that sorry spectacle over the budget cuts that the Oval Office deemed a big win. It kept the government afloat for a few days, but it cost over $70 billion in current and desired future spending. Is this the price for peace, Barry? Where did that Nobel Peace Price-accepting belligerent war promoter go?

Some of Obama’s best-known supporters from 2008 are joining the ranks of the disenchanted, including Cornel West and former SC Senator Fritz Hollings. Many well known bloggers and other alternative media personalities are openly considering the prospects of a primary challenger, so one has to question the wisdom of the DNC in not preventing this farce to go forward. Too late now!

But the big names aren’t as important to Obama as those who once voted for him and now vow not to do so again. Obama raised a lot of money from the voters through small donations, and my read is that effort won’t go as well this time. The billion dollars that the 2012 campaign is expected to cost will have to come from somewhere, and many former donors suggest that Obama get it from Wall Street as a bonus for services rendered on their behalf.

I haven’t included the quotes I was editing, as they are now so easy to locate that there isn’t much point to that prodigious effort. Anyone can easily find them, provided they decide to look. It might behoove a prospective challenger to do so, for many revealing attitudes about Obama are revealed in their comments. So rather than have your brain go ZING! from all the links I could put into this post, I merely report their availability so that anyone interested will know what to look for.

One of the interested should be Obama, but I doubt he’ll consider my informative tip. He’s probably too busy planning what to give the Republicans later this week to keep the government running anyway.

There! I said it!

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  • Here is something that might help your informed opinion from my friends at Gallup. And, it’s interactive.


  • All these “small Internet donors” who allegedly financed Obama’s first campaign are a myth perpetuated by the campaign. If you check his campaign returns, the vast majority of funds came from corporate donors, with Goldman Sachs being the largest.

    Personally, I don’t see how Obama has any chance of re-election unless he reverses Executive Order 13489 (signed the day after he took office), which effectively seals all his pre-presidential records. We’re talking about someone who had no public record prior to 2004 and who has reneged on all his campaign promises. Fox News will make mince meat out of him. I blog about this.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Dr. Bramhall –

    There’s one and only one way that Obama will fail to get reelected…and that’s if he’s physically unable to run. I know you don’t think so – and you apparently hope he can’t – but if you’ll look back over history, his approval rating is comparable to other presidents at this point in their first term who went on to get reelected.

    Not only that, but he faced challenges that no other president since FDR faced…and though I certainly think he could’ve done a better job overcoming those challenges, he did a heck of a lot better than the Republicans were claiming he would.

    AND he got health care reform passed, which every many presidents from Teddy Roosevelt to Nixon to Clinton supported…but he was the only one that made it happen.

    In other words, though he certainly has his faults and his failures, he’s took a big heaping bite of the crap sandwich left him by Dubya…and we’re slowly but surely digging our way out of the Great Recession where the Republican mismanagement of our economy (also known as TRICKLE-DOWN ECONOMICS) had led us.

  • Arch Conservative

    “There’s one and only one way that Obama will fail to get reelected…and that’s if he’s physically unable to run.”


    The litmus test for Obama is pretty much the same as it was for other presidents.
    If the economy is still in the crapper come November 2012 he most likely loses, if it’s doing better and unemployment has dropped, he’ll probably win.

    Don’t over think this one folks.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Arch –

    Yes, you’re right…but as bad as our economy is right now, we’re doing doing FAR better than we were under Dubya…and the vast majority of America sees this, and they also see the bumper crop of looney-tuners that comprise the GOP field of presidential candidates.

    And that’s the other card you must consider – would America elect Palin? Or Huckabee? Or Barbour? Or (*yawn*) Romney? Or (*snort*) Trump?


  • Your lips have been loaded. The sentence, “We’re talking about someone who had no public record prior to 2004 and who has reneged on all his campaign promises” has been promulgated without attribution all over the Internet. As propaganda, it only means that being an Obama detractor is in fashion on the right.

    As a matter of Public Record, however, Obama was elected to the Illinois Senate in 1996. The public record quote is short on fact. Blatant falsehoods have always been part of American political fashion, such as “death panel,” coined by Sarah Palin on her Facebook page in August 2009.

    Just because you repeat something does not make it so, whether you blog about it or not.


  • Glenn Contrarian

    But Tommy! Don’t you know that Barry HUSSEIN Osama has a deep-seated hatred of white people, that he’s a Davos man, that he hates America (which is why he didn’t wear that flag pin!), and he’s hiding his birth certificate while nominating czars for everything and building concentration camps for Republicans while he pals around with terrorists?

  • Sure, I knew all that, Bwanna. He thanked me personally for sending him a CD I burned that included his favorite song, “Kill All the White Men,” by NOFX.


  • zingzing

    and when did the right realize that obama wasn’t setting himself up to be dictator for life?