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OK–so maybe you could say I have had a musical rebirthing in the past week–heck, maybe I just found a couple of great new bands–but whatever it is I had to share the information along to all of the music lovers everywhere who just need something new and exciting to add to their collection:

The Flaming Lips “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots”- This album is so much better than the name suggests. Yes, there is a lot of talk about some girl named Yoshimi defeating giant robots. Yes–for the most part–the lyrics are way out there. But, I think perhaps that is what gives this album its charm. Not only is this a HUGE stretch for The Flaming Lips (musically speaking) but also it is a triumph for the musical world as a whole as it has added some much needed creativity to the humdrum musical equation that is the current Target “Breakout Wall”.

The Smoking Popes “The Parties Over”- This album knocked my socks off. It is a folky punky countryish hybrid of sorts that is so new and fresh to the ears it is a must buy for anyone who is getting sick of the pop-punk that is becoming the norm on the radio dials. Yes, songs from bands like Simple Plan and Wakefield may be aurally pleasing, but in the end it all tastes like a dirty diaper wrapped in soiled Depends. This album is a far departure from the sugary sweet pop punk sound and should be consumed by the masses.

That is all for now. Go and check these two albums out and give me some feed back. Go ahead…I will wait right here.

Jeff Petermann
The Underground Mayhem Society

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