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The fix is in by spammers

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Is the fix in? Nobody ever expected much out of the purported indignation of Congressional sponsors of anti-spam measures but the bill that everybody thinks has the best chance of passing does more to protect bulk e-mailers than to control the junk that comes into our mailboxes.
The solution to the spam mess will never be found in legislation. It’s going to take a huge, concerted grass roots movement that uses technology and every legal dirty trick that can be mustered to put the spammers out of business and to expose the greed that is behind most of our legislators.
Start by following the money that comes to politicians from the special interests. Complain frequently and vigorously to those reps. Familiarize yourself with the big spam gangs and good guy groups like the Spamhaus Progect that fights them. Picket the homes and businesses of spammers. Learn about how to organize boycotts. Learn all you can about fighting back.
Get outraged! It’s only going to get worse unless the Inernet community makes the culture and society look on spammers the same way we look at child molesters – which, through the increasingly perverted pornography they keep pushing, many of them in effect already are.

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  • You know what? I wish the hacking community would switch from attacking everybody at random to targeting spam operators. They have all the knowledge and abilities necessary to take these idiots down for good, but they seem more interested in propogating virus’s. What a waste.

  • Spam Filters Dudes love Spam. They make tons of money with it. Like the Virus Killer dudes!

    I am using always Its a free anonymous email service (temporary) which helps you preventing spam.

    Dont waste any money ! 😉

  • The main problem with spam is that one never knows who the real spammer is as indicated by this article, so we can’t quite picket the spammers if we don’t know where they are.

  • Eric Olsen

    Nice one Mike, very important, thanks.