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The Federal Gov Is Smarter than You…

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The Federal Government Is Smarter Than You…Even Though They Never Do Anything Right

The Federal Government failed the victims of Hurricane Katrina. As did the local, state and everyone in between. The lack of preparedness, speed and overall competence was horrendously demonstrated to the United States public via a week of live, national television.


I’m not sure where the rest of this country has been, but last time I checked, the government had always been horrible at handling disasters…and money…and power…and…everything else it’s ever been handed. To be honest, I’m not quite sure why this surprised a single soul.

We just spent the last two years examining the evidence that suggests September 11th wasn’t the “surprise attack” it was initially made out to be, yet here we are left shell-shocked by failed counter measures. I’ve searched my vast memory banks and I’m not coming up with many examples of stellar governmental response. In fact, all I can recall is the exact opposite.

Things like a washed out bridge above the Truckee River that declared the region a “disaster area” for a good 5 years before a single change was made. The fact that Florida residents are still living in shelters from last year’s hurricane season. Or that, aside from cleaning up Ground Zero, not a single brick as been laid in the rebuilding process of the World Trade Center some 4 years later. The Federal Government’s response to protesting WWI veterans during the Depression? Run them over with horses!

Who runs the DMV? State government, that’s who, yet we expect and demand perfection from an entity that thus far has delivered nothing but imperfection. We express shock at the simplest things, despite the fact that government-run agencies have consistently proven that is exactly what they cannot handle.

“The levees were under funded!”

Have you heard of something called the United States/Mexican border? We literally have human beings pouring through holes on a daily basis, but the thing that really knocks us on our ass? Water breaking apart dirt. Look, the government regularly takes away money from important but non-impressive projects and throws it into ones that get them votes. Yeah, the money spent on Iraq could have strengthened the dams, but so could cash spent on the Robert Byrd Memorial Overpass or the dollars spent trying the Michael Newdow Supreme Court case. What about the money California legislatures used to pass a bill that directly contradicts a law passed by voters just a few short years earlier? Couldn’t that time have been spent preparing for unforeseen disasters?

The point is simply this, we don’t get to pick and choose federal waste that we disapprove of to find fault while sitting back and allowing the waste we do like.

The problem here is the hypocrisy. Despite the fact that we, on a daily basis, berate the Federal Government for its stupidity, I’m still told that I am the one who is not smart enough for 6.25% of my money. Don’t know what I am talking about? Try remembering what Democrats said about Social Security.

Don’t remember? Here’s a gem:

“The reason why we’ve opposed to private accounts is because we view them as unnecessarily risky, very expensive, and really kind of beside the point about how to keep the system solvent for the future.” John Rother AARP

You know what’s risky? Leaving my money in the hands of a political body that couldn’t comprehend the need to move buses to higher ground. The Federal Government, in conjunction with local and state authorities, the same people dumb enough to build a city below sea level, are the ones who are better fit to plan my retirement? Yeah, I don’t think so.

The United States Bicameral Legislature overspends its revenues nearly every single year, running up trillions of dollars in deficit. The Small Business Administration recently admitted that in the wake of Sept 11th they gave enormous loans (earmarked to help prevent economic recession in New York) to those hit hardest by the attacks. And by hit hardest I mean Quizno’s and other fast food chains in states like Ohio and California. A quick helicopter ride over NOLA shows images of state vehicles, buses and trucks submerged under water, vehicles that if they had been moved just a few miles up the road could have been used to rescue thousands of people. Nearly everyone in the country knew the two congregation points for hurricane survivors: The Super Dome and the Convention Center, yet four days after the storm hit, FEMA admits it was completely ignorant to the fact that 50,000 people were still stranded at the latter meeting point.

Yet for all this, and many more consistent examples of utter incompetence, the government is still better fit to manage my money. I’m not even talking about taxes here, just the simple fact that a minimum of 6.25% (then matched by your employer) of your salary, regardless of your views on it, is given to the government to protect for you. That’s like giving a tenth of your savings to your alcoholic father to “put away for a rainy day.” Stupid is as stupid does right? Well nothing is stupider than putting a fiscally irresponsible body in charge of your funds.

Which political party fought tooth and nail to prevent the privatization (or personalization) of Social Security? Which political party spent the last two weeks pointing out each and every failure of the Federal, State and Local Governments? The answer to those questions is one and the same: The Democratic Party. A party that thinks the president is a moron, that the gov’t lied to get us into Iraq and allowed for 9/11 to happen is the loudest supporter of keeping the government fat and lazy. The list of individual and minute contradictions in the liberal philosophy on government is as long and boring as John Kerry speech, so I will leave it concise.

The only way we can get the Federal Government to begin to cherish, and take serious its various duties is to start revoking them. It fails miserably at nearly everything but we so value the status-quo that we won’t even fight to invest our own earnings? Perhaps the bureaucracy will begin to cut through its own red tape when we slowly but surely take back the powers we’ve allowed it to take for granted.

Competition is what drives progress and competition is what we need. Maybe public education will shake its 100 year slump when private schools emerge as a true threat. The pork-barrel spending will cease to make up our budget as we refuse to continually send them more and more money. And perhaps reaction time will decrease as we disband the agencies that fail us time and time again.

No matter what methods are used to clean up this dismal mess of a bureaucratic system, we must wake up and realize that a bigger government is not the answer. It’s ridiculous to sit back and be shocked by continued failure, because we’ve designed the system that way. Katrina hasn’t proved that Bush hates black people, it simply proved that government hates all people and cares only about itself. Ironically, in despite of all this, what do we do in this country? Tell ourselves that the government is smarter than we are.


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  • Fine post. I agree with most of your points, but don’t forget it is the Not-So-Conservatives who are currently burying us with ever-mounting deficits. Instead of being represented by an elephant and a donkey, I suggest two new Party symbols:hyena and hog–and I don’t think it makes any difference which is which.

  • The Searcher

    Very good read, especially:

    “government hates all people and cares only about itself”

    I feel as though our two-party system is like being faced with Sophie’s Choice.

  • Thank you.

    Though I’m fairly certain that a 4 party system would just leave us with twice as many morons. 🙂

  • The Searcher

    Yes, but think of a photograph with a higher degree of resolution; as you add more pixels, the image does at least move in the general direction of clarity.

    It takes millions of dollars to win a campaign and the money’s got to come from somewhere.

    You’ve got to have money and power to get in the game in the first place. It also takes a great deal of money to propogate your spin-spunk to the masses through the media.

    The sad fact is that if stupid people far outnumber intelligent ones, the representative democracy is going to put stupid people in office if it works properly. If you are a whore-mongering crack addict, and your constituency of fellow crack-addicts comprises a majority, you might just get elected — it happens.

  • Oh I know. And I totally understand.

    My point was simply this: Politicians will always be morons, regardless of party system (2, 4 6, 8) and as such, we ought to have them in charge of as little as possible.

  • hey, i just redid all the colors on the site. let me know what you think

  • The Searcher

    Your point, as stated, is well-taken and dead on.

    The text on your menus is too dark, it blends with the blue background and is hard to read 🙂

  • some dude

    what does the declaration of independance say about this. Read it and you’ll learn that there is something that we can do about it. Everyone thinks that they have the upper hand. And there right only as long as we do nothing about it. We need to do domething about it before the internet is done away with. And I hear that they’re talking about it.

  • dude: you’re absolutely right. we must do something about it, and that was the point of my article