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The Fascination with Bad Music

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There seems to be this undeniable attraction between people and horrid music. Before I start writing, I want to makes sure that I explain what “bad music” is.

“First there is the innocently stupid, the insipid song; then the intentionally stupid, the song ornamented with all the stupidities that the singer takes into his head to make… Next comes the vicious song, which corrupts the public and lures it into bad musical paths by the attraction of certain capricious methods of performance, brilliant but with false expression, which is revolting to both good sense and good taste. Finally we have the criminal song, the wicked song that unites with its wickedness a bottomless pit of stupidity, which proceeds only by great howls and enjoys adding noisy melees to the long drum rolls, to the sombre dramas, to the murders, poisonings, curses, anathemas, to all the dramatic horrors that provide the occasion to show off the voice. It is this last which, I am told, reigns supreme in Italy” – Hector Berlioz (c. 1840)

Hector Berlioz was a French Romantic composer, best known for his compositions Symphonie fantastique and Grande messe des morts. Coincidently, 171 years later and this quote is still relevant, minus the whole Italy part.

We, people/humans, seem to be fascinated and humoured by perhaps the most random and elementary lyrics that are incorporated with instrumentals. This article is really nothing but an ode to how incredibly addictive “make-yours-ears-bleed” songs are. Maybe not addictive musically but we seem to find addiction in their stupidity; the stupidity that we so highly rank comedic. It’s happened in the past and it continues to happen now. 

We made Soulja’ Boy a millionaire, Antoine Dodson bought his family a house, and Rebecca Black has over 64 million views. We all know Black’s song is terrible; I’d rather support 50 Tyson. 50 Tyson is a teenager from Minnesota who is living with autism. He became an internet sensation after everybody laughed and giggled at his videos which featured him rhyming. Why support 50 Tyson? He’s been raising money and awareness with the Autism Society of Minnesota which impacts 12,000 families in Minnesota.

Rebecca’s song “Friday” has generated quite a few sales on iTunes, which to me is completely moronic. I can understand listening to the song, but that money spent on that song could of have been donated to a foundation and really impact society and our world.

Recently, I came across this video by an “artist” called Lady. I hope you enjoy and give her 64 million views.

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