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The faith-based candidacy

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The lame will walk when John Kerry is
President, but for now, he is at least making sure they get their flu vaccine.
Or was it ibuprofen? Unidentified campaign volunteers handed out unidentified
pill boxes
to unidentified seniors at a rally in Florida in a preview of
John Kerry’s messianic presidency. Saving the needy one shot at a time.

The one thing that could be identified was
the Kerry/Edwards logo printed on the boxes. Both gentlemen are former legal
professionals and do not have a license to practice medicine. The rally was a
crime scene if the pills were anything but vitamins.

I bet my monthly dose of V1A6RA they didn’t
want to risk a last-minute revelation on Drudge and handed out placebo. Which,
incidentally, is the one-word summary of Kerry’s Plan For America: close your
eyes, gulp, and pray that help is on the way. Just make sure you don’t involve
God in your meditation.

Whoever said that faith-based initiatives
are a big no-no for liberals?

Far from it. John Kerry deeply respects
your beliefs. As a proud Catholic, he likely respects his own beliefs too,
although he’s not going to let them influence anything he is about to do. In
fact, he has nearly avoided
from the Catholic Church for his pro-abortion views, at
least for now. As one Vatican official explained, “No, Kerry is not a heretic.”
Adds another, “[y]ou can incur
excommunication ‘latae
sententiae’ (automatically) only if you procure or
perform an abortion.” Nowadays it takes just deep respect, not repentance, to
atone for your sins.

Which is worse, to perform an abortion, or
legislate it and provide federal dollars for anyone wishing to procure it? U.S.
Bishops are largely
. A layman would conclude that John Kerry is an unapologetic

think-criminal, but these things are decided by professionals.

A long way to go since Jan
was burned for opposing salvation vouchers in 1415.

Canon law interpretations
notwithstanding, Christians and agnostics alike should proceed with caution
when they go to polls on November 2. John Kerry already knows that he is going
to declare
no matter what and sue anyone who challenges him. Unless, maybe,
it’s a 1984-style landslide for the Republican candidate.

“Six so-called
‘SWAT teams’ of lawyers and political operatives will be situated around the
country with fueled-up jets awaiting Kerry’s orders to speed to a battleground
state. The teams have been told to be ready to fly on the evening of the
election to begin mounting legal and political fights. No team will be more
than an hour from a battleground.”

Hardly a surprise when there are two
lawyers on the ticket, is it? Faith, it seems, is missing in the Kedwards camp.
It’s the voters who are supposed to trust a liberal to implement centrist
economic policies, an act of faith without factual basis. The candidate,
however, is losing ground quickly, and can’t even project the image of
self-confidence anymore. It’s like Jesus saying, “Perhaps I am not a Son of
God, but I’ll kick enough asses to make sure I become one.”

Kerry wants Americans to embrace doublethink,
a technique first described by George Orwell, and spread across Europe by
social democratic regimes afterwards. Nobody can perform it better than him. He
says, I can believe in God and fund abortions. I can support the troops and
deny them funding. I can push tort reform and accept checks from trial lawyers.

Faith can do miracles for the meek, needy,
and obedient. Still, there are limits. It has to be genuine and persistent.
And, it must not make your head explode. I believe we’ve heard too much from
John Kerry to know that the first two conditions haven’t been met. And if we
hear much more, well, I am afraid there are going to be casualties.

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  • the lame are walking now….

    in the white house.

    they are also talking and taking us to war.