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The Extremity Scrawls On The Walls

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There has been an interesting transmogrification in Barack Obama recently. This should be seen as a good sign by those who expected more of him, except that it arrived too late in his administration to matter anymore. The staunch and hands-on president now seen strutting about the White House should have been the one to take the Oath of Office instead of The Bipartisan Surrender Milquetoast. It might have prevented the testing of the Third Rail’s potential for political destruction through proposing serious changes to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. It might have kept the US economy from the doldrums in which it remains marooned.

One has to wonder about why this particular persona has now emerged. Some evidence that might explain this transformation:

• Obama had approval ratings of less than 50% for a sixth straight quarter. Presidents seeking to take bold steps need some kind of a strong support base to counter the inevitable losses. The only boldness -however misguided- currently is seen on the Tea Bagger front. Everyone else is playing it VERY safe.

• Re-electoral confidence is waning, in that several Republican-leaning states are now seen as unreliable in 2012 by campaign staffers. If Obama insists on sacrificing the elderly and the disabled to Tea Bagger intransigence, the DNC better add all 50 states to the unreliable list. Retirees don’t have a taste for cat food as a steady diet.

• Wall Street is, at the very least, hedging their bet on Obama. They are now begining to shift their support to Mitt Romney, despite his “tepid” Tea Bagger support. I continue to watch for further developments here, especially since Michele Bachmann just might pass Romney once the primaries begin. The money could shift yet again.

Considering that the Obama team is openly seeking the first billion-dollar campaign war chest, this last item carries the most weight IMHO. If Obama is as smart as his robo-fans think he is, he would understand Willie Sutton’s Rationale for bank robbing: that’s where the money is. It’s the only place that can realize the Billion Dollar Dream for him. Political campaign money certainly isn’t showing up in the paychecks of Main Street workers!

Who? Main Street workers? You remember them – they bought with their votes that “Audacity of Hope” sales pitch which won all those awards in 2008. The bill for that support is arriving in reduced “entitlement” benefits, terminating unemployment benefits, and extended joblessness. Also homes lost to foreclosure, reduced or eliminated medical care, increased fees for reduced and eliminated services as strapped states seek to survive. The payback for these “services” intended to defend tax breaks for the wealthy will be fewer 2012 kool-aid drinkers – and fewer votes.

The only thing which might alter this perilous path is increased television advertising, but that costs big bucks! So once again, Super Obama rises to defend the Wall Street Investment Oligarchs from the economic consequences of their malfeasance and battles to keep political control in their hands so that he can raise the necessary political pelf out of their lunch money. It wouldn’t do to fail to prevent those of the Koch Brother-supported Oligarchs of Ownership — those who seek to replace the Commanded-in-Chief (sic) with one of their own choosing — from taking over. The Wall Street money would cease to flow, and the Democrats would have to crawl back to those they betrayed for succor and support at a time when the Republican assault on the non-wealthy resumes.

It could get very ugly.

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  • Glenn Contrarian

    Realist –

    I’m not too worried about the next presidential elections – that is, unless the Republicans are successful in their drive to tank our economy.

    But when it comes to Obama’s popularity, both Reagan and Clinton had favorability ratings in the 30’s, whereas Obama’s has never reached below the 40’s despite the fact that he’s facing tougher economic times than either of the other two who went on to strong reelection wins.

    Furthermore, if Nate Silver is right – and he’s right more often than not – the nation’s GOP governors are facing a big case of buyer’s regret by the voters in this next election.

    Will the Dems win? I’m fairly confident we’ll have a good showing this time, but I’m far less confident about whether we’ll be able to fix the real problems such as global warming, our defense spending, and fair taxation.