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The Exsistence of Tears…

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Artist: Xisco Ponce, Jr.
Title: Suite No. #1 – “The Existence of Tears”
Genre: Pop
Label: Independent

Right from the first track “A Thin Line” I could tell that Xisco Ponce Jr. was maturing in voice and professional stature. In just under 12 minutes, he shows what an angelic voice he has and how his lush melodies and romantically inclined lyrics would soften up even the toughest skinned macho cowboy.

Yes, this young man is “Wide Awake” and seems poised and ready for stardom. I am still waiting for that full length CD that will break him internationally (the full album will contain three suites of three different themes). This EP and more will combine to make one complete outstanding album that will turn some heads in the industry. I think I may have said the same thing the first time I heard this young man, but I needed to say it again, he is ready for the big time.

Besides his fantastic set of pipes, there is another reason the music sounds so wonderful, he manages to put together a stellar cast of music biz pros to help his cause, along with the help of producer Barry Coffing (gold record for hit single “How Do You Talk to an Angel”). On guitars, there is Larry Treadwell (Thomas Dolby), Deon Estus plays bass (George Michael, Elton John), Valerie Davis makes the background vocals (Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton) something special, and Sammy Tormanen mans the drums (Transistor)…an impressive group of performers to back you up if I do say so myself. I especially enjoyed the terrific vocals of Davis, what a beautiful compliment to Xisco’s voice she is.

I like what I hear and what this is leading up to, I can’t wait to hear the final result of the completed album.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

Suite No. #1 – The Existence of Tears

1. A Thin Line 3:46
2. Primitive Hymn 1:00

3. Find Me the Shade 3:18
4. Wide Awake 3:36

July 15, 2004


Musician Credits:

Larry Treadwell- Guitars
Deon Estus- Bass
Valerie Davi -Background Vocals:
Sammy Tormanen- Drums
Barry Coffing -Keyboards, Programming

Words and Music: F.Ponce, Jr., B.Coffing, J. Blaylock
Vocals-Xisco Ponce, Jr.

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