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The Evaluation – We Built the Gun That Causes This Unending Fear

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Released back in October of 2003, this release from Lujo Records is about as timeless as they come. When noisy yet catchy is in order, The Evaluation won’t let you down. Dominated by treble-soaked guitar work, We Built the Gun That Causes This Unending Fear is an adventure in the disjointed and hapless rock that we’ve come to expect from the Lujo family.

Don’t think, though, that this is some 45 minute jaunt of hard-to-listen-to noise rock. No way. While gritty, the album can be easy on the ears, especially during the many meandering guitar break downs and hands-on-the-hips sing alongs. Heck, some parts are even pretty.

All together a solid effort. Great production, solid song writing, and enough noise to keep your CD collection from being too emo.

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About Seth Werkheiser

  • i agree a bunch with this description. it is a super sweet album. me and my buddies cant stop listening to it.

  • Zebulon & Emma

    We bought this CD from Lujo because of the song “Can We Ever Be”, thinking all the music on the album would be soft, like that song. Boy were we wrong, along the lines of traditional hardcore like fugazi or at the drive in. we liked what we heard from the cd. but i (emma) liked the softer stuff more. too bad they broke up. in researching the band when the cd arrived (we often buy random cds from random record labels to find new music to listen to) we discovered they had broken up. last winter in fact. anywho, we were surprised at how wonderful the album really was. koodos.