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The English Roses – Madonna

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No doubt Madonna is a freak – and I only mean that in the new-age-garbage-she- swings-in-the-wind sense.

But that in no way means she can’t be nice to kiddies.

Just in case anyone hasn’t figured it out, yet, the petals on this rose aren’t rated X. In fact, The English Roses is a children’s book.

Reviews – as must be the case with someone such as Madonna – are more about the woman than the words, the puritanical rather than the plot.

If anyone’s reaad this puppy, give me your two sentence review and e-mail it to writer@templestark.com. I’ll add it here (and my blog/Blogcritics, depending on where you read).

I can’t say anything about this book — I’m still trying to wade through the angst-ridden and Macheivellian, “Where the Wild Things Are.”

You’re looking at someone here, by the way, who was a Madonna fan until “Erotica,” which is when I started feeling she was just trying too hard. And the book “Sex.”

Um and someonody who while a 14-year-old bought the nude photos of Madonna in Penthouse (and later the colorized versions.)

Still got ’em. She’s sensual. And who else knew she wrote a Peabody book (see below)

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