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The Endorsement Minefield of Palin and Romney

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There are a lot of interesting trends in conservatism right now. Libertarians are surging through Ron Paul and the Campaign for Liberty. Fox News is the most watched news channel in America, with conservatives like Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck pulling in viewers left and right. Scott Brown, a Republican, has taken Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat in Massachusetts. Governor’s seats in Virginia and New Jersey have turned red. All of this has happened since the election of Barack Obama over John McCain in 2008.

So with all of these things happening, why would you support the guy that lost in a near landslide two years ago to Barack Obama?

To express my prejudice from the get-go, I’m a fan of Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin. I voted for Romney in the primaries in February 2008. I focused my gaze squarely on Palin’s name on the ballot when I voted for McCain in November 2008. Seemingly, they were the diamonds in the conservative rough.

But let’s get back on track. McCain lost and he lost bad. He was the “maverick,” the moderate Republican that this center-right nation wanted, wasn’t he? Apparently not. Pegging McCain as the icon for “more of the same” couldn’t have been easier. And it didn’t help that McCain was an old white man who angered his base rather than rallying them. He even considered the possibility of running with a one-term strategy because he would be too old for a second.

From this, it seems obvious that McCain is in the sunset of his political career. There would be no shame in him hanging it up and retiring to his lovely Sedona ranch. But at this point, he wants to keep going until he’s reached a clearly defined end, I suppose. As we’ve seen, Americans have a case of anti-incumbent and anti-liberal fever. So it’s possible that J. D. Hayworth could provide that end for McCain in the primary.

Now if you’re Sarah Palin, I could understand the McCain endorsement to an extent. McCain chose you to be his running mate, putting you on the map and you want to return the favor. The tea party people won’t understand it, Rand Paul (Ron Paul’s son who you also endorsed) won’t understand it, but it’s a matter of you scratch my back, I scratch yours. Fair enough. But if you’re running as a fresh face and want to ride the new tide of libertarian-inspired conservatism, endorsing McCain is counterproductive.

As for Mitt Romney, remember West Virginia back in 2008? McCain and Huckabee conspired to screw you over in the primary. McCain didn’t give you the VP nod. He slandered your name left and right throughout the primary season (and then played softball with Obama in the general election). Yet you campaigned for him in the general election. You dropped out of the primary to pave the way for him. Isn’t that enough?

Romney certainly owes John McCain nothing, especially not a primary endorsement. Even if McCain is still getting around well enough to endorse Romney in 2012, would that even help Romney at all? It might just sink him!

If Palin and Romney are going to remain frontrunners for the GOP nomination in 2012, they’ve got to keep their heads in the game. Endorse Marco Rubio! Charlie Crist didn’t do either of you any favors in Florida. McCain won Florida in the primary because of Crist’s endorsement and the state eventually went to Obama in the general election.

Or it may be a good idea to endorse after the primary season is over. That way, nobody is mad at you if you back the wrong guy in the primary. Just remember: endorsements are like bullets. Take a steady aim and don’t waste any!

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  • Arch Conservative

    I’m no Palin fan but how could she be any worse than what we have now?

  • JonH

    Romney endorsement of McCain bothers me too. McCain is an unreliable republican to the conservative cause. Even in choosing Palin as a running mate, he’s created in Palin a false sense of who she really is and how smart she thinks one should be to run for POTUS.

    Romney is a loyal type….”true blue through and through”. that perhaps sets a good Reaganish example to support a prior GOP POTUS candidate. Later when Romney becomes POTUS that example will be looked at and admired–at least after McCain has left the planet. Another reason Romney may be supportive of McCain is he actually may need McCains support on various issues once romney is elected. If anyone knows anything about Romney, he looks ahead a good distance. He’s a bit of a visionary….by the way, that’s the #1 characteristic of a leader.

  • Baronius,

    I’m trying to, but there is so much to say and so little time! 🙂

    You still have not responded to the comment I made on the Realists’ thread. I’ll look again, this afternoon. Bye for now.

  • Baronius

    Jeannie, go easy on the back.

  • baronious,

    To answer your #9 comment. “Yes, if you work at McDonalds, and it’s your first job.”

    I would think, that to be the President of the United States takes a little more, talent.

    Sorry, my answers are short. I sat here too long earlier, and now I need to rest.

    I did leave a lengthy comment on The Realists’ thread, this afternoon. Maybe you could read that one, and respond.


  • At least Sarah Palin is loyal to McCain, good for her. She seems to be endorsing on the basis of her beliefs & values which speaks well of her.

  • “Positive or negative, she has an impact.”

    That may be so. But you are valorizing her impact, consider it as a positive, whereas in fact precisely the opposite could be claimed.

    As to my “personalizing” things, sure I do it. It’s person-to-person the last I’ve heard. Anything wrong with that?

    And why should you even bring up Acorn? What’s the relevance of this remark?

  • #7: Roger,

    Well firstly, its not that I want one party to win no matter what. If its a choice between a Palin and Obama candidacy, I’d have to support Obama.

    Secondly, Palin is a net asset to the conservatives. I mean that’s just an observation. You can’t deny that fact. Am I saying she enriches the right with amazing policy ideas? hell no, but she galvanizes them and leaves a place open for a Gingrich type policy wonk to fill the intellectual gap. Such an observation has nothing to do with my views. You’d have to be blind to not notice her impact. Positive or negative, she has an impact.

    And, yes I did notice people personalizing my occupation/education. Although I fail to understand how being an economist working for a bank is an insult. I don’t bundle the mortgages into securities, divide em up and sell it to China and create a hedge fund on top of those mortgage back assets. I try to mitigate losses facing my firm. So I don’t take it as an insult when someone says what do you expect out of someone with a mortgage background. It just shows their ignorance. We all can’t be volunteers at Acorn.

  • Baronius

    Jeannie –

    “The fact that anyone can be plugged into the political machine, as far as the conservatives are concerned.”

    What do you mean by that? Isn’t that a good thing?

  • Baronius

    Roger – You personalize everything.

  • “She does drive the left nuts – and that is cool. So, she is definitely a net asset to the conservatives, as long as she remains on the outside.”

    First, I doubt whether what you’re saying is true. And even it it were, why would you consider this to be a good thing.

    It would seem, Krutic, that you’re apparently more concerned with which party attains political power than with what’s good for the country.

    Kind of reveals your hand, doesn’t? in spite of your apparent intent to represent yourself as a neutral and impartial observer.

    See, I didn’t take your professional credentials, namely, as “a Credit Policy/Risk Analyst by occupation, analyzing mortgage portfolios for one of the world’s largest banks,” as necessarily damning; others did. I’ve even suspended my view of you despite your obvious Obama-bashing in your latest article – mainly because I see how your estimate of this president is justifiable. I can’t, however, do this any longer in light of the cited remark.

    You have indeed shown your true colors at last, dissipating your image as a professional.

    You are a political hack when the chips are down.

  • Braden,

    This is what infuriates me.

    The fact that anyone can be plugged into the political machine, as far as the conservatives are concerned. As long as they are not too smart, though, because then they can’t be properly controlled.

    Then again, Palin, can’t even be trained, so I may be giving brains too much credit.

    Also, we have enough elitists calling the shots in this country already, don’t we?

    If Palin and Romney are going to remain frontrunners for the GOP nomination in 2012, they’ve got to keep their heads in the game. Endorse Marco Rubio!

  • Sarah Palin is a diamond in the conservative rough?

    She does attract a ton of attention and glitters on TV, so I suppose that is an accurate statement in that sense. But in terms of intellectual depth, policy insight and political acumen, she is.. well.. retarded.

    She does drive the left nuts – and that is cool. So, she is definitely a net asset to the conservatives, as long as she remains on the outside.

    Get her a show on Fox and be done with it.

    And as for J.D Hayworth, he’s going to lose easily. There is unwarranted hype around his candidacy. Talk radio agitators don’t win elections.

    Besides, endorsements are useless. They change nothing.

  • Welcome to BC! Here’s to a wonderful future writing for them!

  • Baronius

    That’s funny. I also clicked on the McCain/Palin box with my eyes on the second name.

    I agree with your analysis. Good first article.

  • Check the 2nd page.

  • is there a paragraph missing because I don’t get who is talking about supporting McCain?