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The End for Zoey 101 Star, Alexa Nikolas?

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Dating back to August 2005, there has been talk that Jamie Lynn-Spears (Zoey) and Alexa Nikolas (Nicole) have been feuding off-set. Despite the fact the two play best friends on Zoey 101, the girls’ fights reportedly keep escalating.

On August 30, 2005, the first report of the girls’ spat was released. Apparently, Jamie’s sister, Britney, came on set and screamed at Alexa. Britney was caught saying things like, “she had better watch herself or she will never work in this town again," and Alexa was an “evil little girl.” Britney’s spokeswomen claimed Britney did not yell and just stuck up for Jamie like any big sister would. Alexa was seen crying on set.

After that, the news about the two seemed to calm down and to my knowledge, there were no updates about it. But on July 2, 2006, the New York Post came out with an article saying Alexa had been fired. It seems Alexa’s character has been written out by suffering a “bad accident.” According to the Post, reps for the show and Jamie Lynn didn’t return calls. Pity. 

Alexa’s character, Nicole Bristow, has always been popular among fans. Nicole is known as being incredibly hyper (not to mention boy-crazy). She’s like the Tasmanian Devil on too much sugar and caffeine. Nicole’s a fun character to have around and it will be a shame to lose her. The fans have already found out about Alexa being fired (it’s amazing so many have because of the lack of information) and have taken action in the form of petitions

This is not 100 percent confirmed, as Nickelodeon has not commented on the issue to my knowledge. Nothing is true unless confirmed by the official source. The official source refuses to return calls. However, news is starting to spread. News about Alexa is now found on numerous reliable sites. Besides, although the media is famous for twisting news, why would the New York Post flat-out lie about Alexa being fired?

Nickelodeon, and Zoey 101, for that matter, is going to have a problem if they keep firing their co-stars. Kristen Herrera, perhaps the most loved character on Zoey 101, was fired after season one. The official story was Kristen looked too old. Everyone knows, pardon my French, this is total BS because Kristen was the same age as Sean Flynn (Chase). I heard a rumor the real reason she quit was she and Alexa were feuding. I do not know the reliability of this statement nor have I done much research to find out if it is true. The point is Kristen, who played Dana, was one of the favorites. Everyday, you read about people complaining she is gone, and in nearly all fan fiction stories, her character is there (in fact, I found many people won’t read your story unless she is included). If Alexa is fired, fans are going to get very upset with the Zoey 101 producers. This may be a possible reason Nickelodeon is being very secretive about the situation.

Is Alexa fired? It’s highly likely, but you never know with the press these days. I’m here to tell you what I know. And what I know is, although I don’t want it to be true, Alexa’s future on Zoey 101 is looking grim. For the New York Post to write something, to me, it is like the nail in the coffin.

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  • Cassidy

    Hey you guys. Almost 10 years later. Did you see them get along at the KCA’s?

    • Jujufau….

      Lol wow ten years later…

  • ak

    LOL, her character wasn’t written out by suffering a ‘bad accident’, in the show, it was something along the lines of she was so boy crazy she was sent to a girl’s school, something like that.

    • Dan Schneider

      The show said she had OMGD in the show as an excuse to cut off her character because she was fired.

  • Karelantuja

    I cant take that she got most credit lost respect for spears

  • Karelantuja

    Its true u think like jamie lynn is such a nice girl but she ruined hole story and fun of watching zoey 101 lola is good too first dana i was upsad then alexa that was jut annoying me

  • Mike Duffy

    Alexa and Kristin were very cute. Jamie was only a side character. That spelled the doom of the show. We liked the other girls better.

  • Jenifer

    Nicole and Dana were the people who made the show – it’s not the same without them

  • Quinxyx

    Apparently, Alexa didn’t get fired she left because of the arguments got to much for her that is according to wikipedia!

    • selena11883

      No alexa did het firrd because britney kicked her out

    • Anthony

      Dont trust Wikipedia it is not always 100% accurate

  • Jordy

    jamie lynn spears is so hot

  • Sophie

    zoey 101 is not the same without alexa (nicole) she was the best caracter and my favorite

  • Sarah

    My daughter was very upset when Alexa left because Nicole was her favorite. My daughter stopped watching the show after Alexa left. I think the producers made wrong decision by firing Alexa.

    • ayyy lmao

      no one gives a fuck about your imaginary daughter

  • cody paul hawkins

    Alexa Nikolas is a great actress and a beautiful women

    • lmao ayy

      Nah, she blows. literally.
      it was reported last year that she died from too much cock in her mouth

  • Zainab

    I love Jamie and I hate stupid alexa nickholas she is a loser and she has always acted like a jurk and she is the f word and b word !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tina

    its been a long time. but it is really Jamie fault. look at her got pregnant at he age of 16. I hate her. I love alexa. it was also Britney fault. alexa was little and Britney screamed at her. now that she is famous she doesn’t care about the people I hate britne

  • Nushin


  • Diya

    I don’t think your sis needed to get involved!i liked Alex in it she was really funny and pretty but now the show is boring because she has left everyone in Cheltenham HATES ZOYE 101

  • jade smith

    hi me again i wont stop untill she comes back (alexa)if any one is on line write too me sayin why its soo wronge not c ing alex

  • jade smith

    pleasessssss bring back nicole (alexa) the most amazing actres ever and britiney rueind it i burst out in tears when i c it now

  • helony

    Alexa got firied,jamie’s sister(britney spears) shouted at Alexa actually on the set and jamie said if Alexa stays jamies leaving so they chose Alexa to be firied.

  • mary

    im so mad i wonder what really really happened i wish i was best friends with one of the main cast members to know what happend really

  • alvinhelu

    but i think jamie is nice girl alexa is rude to her

  • alvinhelu

    britney the bitch dont yell at alexa

  • Samira

    Also in real life Victoria Justice and Jamie Lynn Spears are best friends see the pics on google images but not Alexa

  • Samira

    Jamie is not a bitch and Britney Spears done that for her younger sister. Alexa is a slag good she was fired.

  • Samira

    I love Jamie Spears shes really pretty, and I dont think shes fat Alexa is and shes a lesbian she was making out with Vanessa Hudgens and I know it’s 2012 now all the epesodes are over and I dont know why Kristin Herrera got fired

  • Josephine

    btw she quit because she didnt want anything to do with jamie

  • Josephine

    Alexa wasn’t fired… apparently she wanted to quit. If it was’nt for all the fighting alexa could have stayed 🙁 I hate the fact that Britney and Jamie ganged on her. I like Jamie but shes not the only one who makes the show interesting. I like all the charecters in the show including alexa

  • Jamie lynn

    Hi its jamie lynn here!

    Take alook at some photos of Alexa on google!!!

    I am NOT a bitch:(

  • samie

    i saw alexa on google images and trust mee she has turned into a slag

  • vanessa

    i think that alexa is a slut man

  • Tori

    i loved Alexa on Zoey 101, i never did like Jamie that much and Alexa was a great actress and good friends with Victoria Justice!!! Alexa shoulve stayed or appeared on the show again!!!

  • Please Enter A Username

    are you joking? the best thing that ever happened to Alexa was leaving the show. See all the actors from Zoey 101. They’re all inactive and have been for several years since the show ended. As for Alexa she was buzzing with a 2 movies a year staring in T.V shows and all over the place. Karma’s a bitch.

  • haley

    i think alexa did get fired because i have not seen her on the show

  • aa

    i love jamie lynn spears! she is so pretty and talented

  • sugababe

    i want to go back to when I first wrote on here- I was so happy back then

  • destiny

    I hate briteny and her sister the get on my nervers i dont even watch the show any more because they put dana and alexa out there the only people that were good. jamie is so ugly . she even got preagnt and she has the 3 children what a bithc

  • sugababe

    when i last wrote on here, i was going through a period of anorexia,and im just laughing at all the thing i put back then 🙂

  • ca

    well of course we all know now and have for a long time that she was fire.
    but kristin left the show for personal reasons.

  • Girl

    Seriously,Jamie lynn is the main charactor and i bet Alexa quit because she probably thought it wasnt fair that it was inly jamie but seriously jamie is the main charactor and its called Zoey 101 for a reason the show revolves around her shes the main character so just live with it jamie is better then anyone on the show and she has worked long and hard not to be critticized and dont blame jamie for waht britney did that probably wasnt her fault so just live with the fact that its not about alexa or kristen its about jamie!

  • andre23i

    smallville is the best that zoey but is live kids i 20 age and i like moore smallville lool

  • orlando

    Im fine with dana gone but nicole gone this show suck until she returns

  • ducky

    man it sucks that Dana and Nicole left the show I mean it would’ve been cool if they came back for the final episode

  • cecelia


  • karissa

    i love zoey 101 i just hate nicole now she is such a meany i mean she is so dumb os zoey 101

  • kiya

    its not about jamie lyn!!! you are supposto be here be cause you liked alexa

  • FRENCHFAN!!!!!

    I LOVE Zoey and Chase and Quiin and Logan!!!

  • jamie lynn spears lover say;s

    jamie is the best one on the show and alexa nikolas is also the best one on the show i love them both

  • Hammy

    hey i soo like jamie lynn i cant belive they fired kristin i loved her on the show well i like alexa as well i kina dont like jamie now and i hate britney spears!!

    Dont fire Jamie but keep kristen and alexa

    these rumours myt be true jamie u gotta learn to get along

  • Alex


    Dudes, you got alot to learn about the real world.

  • Alex

    Thank you.

  • Riiala Stellne

    I agree with Alex I did see the videos and ALEXA did start the fights, so give Alex a break and mind ur own business. SHE WAS proving a point.

    AND you guys are jealous because Alex is way smarter than you and shut up and leave her alone. She is most likely a nice girl giving right comments and you guys are probably dumb bratty idiots who pick theirnose in your spare time.

  • Alex

    OK, first of all I was making a point, I’m not trying to be self centered. Alexa Nikolas is on to bigger things, so shut up.

  • tina a

    hi jamie i am your biggiest fan yet i love you so much if alexa got fried who cares i like jamielynn the best go jamie keep on rocking zoey101 you go gril

  • kiya

    Stop talking about you and your play.and start talking about alexa. She is better than plays she did tv shows she was great!!!!!


  • kiya

    alex it isn’t about you and your school play. it’s also not about how much you like brittany and jamie and kristen. it’s about alexa.and how she shouldn’t have been fired.she was better than kristen and jamie anyway.

  • kenneth


  • Alex

    You guys are being rediculous. Yes, it was wrong for Britney to come and butt in, but that’s an actress’s life! I’m an actress and I am always caught in a fight. It’s part of T.V.
    Alexa Nikolas was fired for a reason. Hello? She started the fights! I mean, Britney put their fights on YouTube, and I always saw that Alexa started the fights (These videos are NOT on YouTube anymore).
    If you haven’t noticed, actresses are BLABBERMOUTHS! You always see them walking in magazine company ready to tell them gossip.
    As for Kristen,that is very stupid why they fired her.I’m playing Johanna in Sweeney Todd for my school play and I am only 10, while Johanna is 15. They did NOT fire me.

  • kiya

    alexa was way better than kristen.and if they had to bring one back it should be alexa. they should fire the person that plays quinn and bring alexa back.

    Love u Alexa

  • Lauri-Alyssa Kanensi

    hey no fair to alexa and kristen
    they worked hard!


  • Dannie-Isabelle

    heyy why r they fired in the firts place
    Way NOT cool!

  • Victoria Bell

    heyy why should kristen and alexa be fired that wouln’t be fair to them they worked hard kristen was good at being dana and alexa was fabulous being nicole bristow!!!!!!!!!

  • Victoria Bell

    I think since kristen herrera and alexa nikolas
    got fired they should be back to appear on the show jamie-lynn isn’t the biggest star on the show
    alexa and kristen should come back fo an appearance

  • kiya

    how could you say that they made the show perfect I bet everyone agrees with me.they were great!!!


  • Jillian

    Umm, Guys, this is about Kirsten.

    I didn’t like Kirsten!!! I think she was a skunk bag!!!! I think the show is better off with out Alexa and Kirsten.

  • unknown

    i think the show is alright with out them

  • kiya

    hola yo hablo espanol tambien.Donde esta de espana,mejico?Y Jamie tenia problemas.


  • luis

    solo digo que alexa y zoey son chavas suoe lindas y pasando a felicitar por su programa que esta chido bueno adios me despido besos

  • Kiya

    But Jamie does stupid things!!!!

  • ss

    the show rocks but will be better with alexa in it… ppl who think jamie lynn is leading her life in the wrong way,why dont u just leave her alone …???? cuz it’s her life and not yours. let jamie do anythink she wants …!!!



  • jamie

    there so stupid to fire her

  • jamie

    i miss her

  • sugababe

    luk guys we all watch the show so if u r gonna say it were r8 gay when os nd so did this dont cos u must av liked it enough 2 watch it!!!!! i luv all the cast nd crew but i no people av differentr opinions so dont judge people luv u all guysxxxxxxxx

  • KIYA



  • is dana or nicole or chase ever going to come back? im sure chase will but will dana and nicole?

  • Alexa Nicholas

    Tanks for people my fans 🙂

  • Kiya

    YO somebody talk to me


  • Kiya

    somebody talk to me say anything ask me a question about the spears girls or alexa

    Kiya A.K.A Beautiful

  • Kiya

    Jamie Lynn is dumb she is the one that got Alexa fired Britney spears too.
    kiya aka beautiful

  • Me

    Do you think the Spears are in-bred? They all seem to be mentally challenged.

  • sugababe

    is any1 chattin now

  • rukii

    i personally think dat dana and nicole should cum bak and lola should get fired cuz her chacter is not evn ddat important all she duz is stay with zoey….n i personally think dat she hasnt gt a very nce fce cuz her fce is full of mke da whole tym

  • sindgram

    zoey 101 is comeing back on sunday… new episodes

  • sindgram

    i like jamie shes a good actress

  • EWIN

    I think that Alexa is so beuty AND STUPID BUT ONLY IN THE ZOEY 101 PROGRAM´S and

  • she was such a great actress.she was also beautiful.They shouldn’t have fiered her She was my favourite on the show!!!That show is nothing without her!

    Kiya A.K.A beautiful

  • sindgram

    i agree with gg britnie was just sticking up for her lil sister im sure u stik up for ur bro or sister

  • sindgram

    hey i just read that season 4 is done but they might not show it but the news said there gana continu the show

  • springbord

    bet she dosent

  • CallmeMaddy


    How is ruining your life at sixteen by getting pregnant NOT as bad as wrecking your life like Britney is?

    I expect Jamie Lynn will do the same thing as Britney with the drugs and crap. What a loser.

  • springbord

    hey DONT WORRIE…ur jelis jamie is nothing like her sister shes pregnant big deal its not like she dose drugs or any thing

  • sindgram

    and if it wasent for jaimi there wouldent be a zoey so stop puting jaime down

  • sindgram

    look….if they cancel zoey becuz of pregnancy? thats bullshit. u will b disopointing a bunch oF kids

  • dont worry about it

    thats so gay jamie is such a bitch shes crazy like her sister brittany

  • sugababe

    hi guys
    some1 please talk so we can chat

  • sugababe

    do u all know jamie is pregnant

  • sugababe

    and jamielynn is not retarted. shes fab

  • sugababe

    hi guys
    its me just wanna shout out to u who hate alexa why wot has she done 2 u
    answr my q and dont get huffy lol
    luv sugababexxxxxxxxx

  • u know who

    jamie lynn is retarted all of her family members are nut jobs she is retarted

  • Mutsa

    Excuse Me but Alexa And Kristen are awesome charcters they are stupid to have fired them now the action on zoey 101 is just so little becase in the show i loved the way nicole and dana got in fights i loved that.
    GET THEM BACK ON THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I really can’t belive they can just fire Alexa Nikolas off of the show just because Britney! And Kristen Herrera you all know in the movie she acts up and all that. Well hello it’s just a show and that’s what you need in a show DRAMA! Plus I don’t repeat DON’T think that she looks old. But I still watch it and it’s so boring with out them too. Now Look Jamie is pregnant thanks to her the show is MESTED UP! So why don’t Nickelodeon just put those girl back in the show!!! WHAT!

  • hi

  • alexa is a great actress.She loved doing that show she would never quit.i LOVE HER SHES THE BEST!!!!!!!!!


  • zoeygirl

    I agree with the last comment! Alexa is an ass! I`v seen her on a movie from the set, and she seemd so bitchy!

  • Gunstein!

    Fire the bitch!

  • WE need Elexa *cries*

  • I’m really sad that Elexa can’t do that Zack and Cody show and zoey101 too! I can’t belive stupid Britney Spears would make Elexa cry. what did she do to britney? Poor Elexa britney spears made such a cool girl cry! she was the coolest and best character on zoey101! Jamie don’t listen to all the people that say bad things to you and Elexa should be back on the show but i wil watch zack and cody if you don’t come back. and on zoey said Nicole would be back but will that ever happen? please write back Elexa

  • chris

    i hate jamie and britany 2 sluts in crime both of them should get a life i love the show buthate her
    the best there is alexa she is the best

  • cassie

    omg i think this is so stupid jamie and britany should have said anything to alexa like fuck what the hell did she do in the first place i would really like to know that.

  • Justin



  • Well, I made a roleplay site for Zoey 101 and a roleplay site for you that don’t know is where you play a character that is off of Zoey 101 like Zoey and you would roleplay with otehr characters like Quinn and for example here is something…

    Zoey walked into the Girls lounge looking for Chase she needed to talk to him. But for some reason Chase was no where to be found. She didn’t know why she thought to look in the girls lounge but maybe he was looking for her too she let out a small huff because he wasen’t their but when she turned around their he was staring at her with teh crooked smile of his and Zoey walked up to him. ” Where have you been?” she asked him.

    So basically you play as the chracter or any chracter you can make your own too well heres the site and if you have any questions you can ask me I am in need of emmebers please please pleas joing * puppy dog eyes *

  • superkst20

    and people should really stop calling Jamie rude and obnicious names and blame her for everyone being fired only one person was fired and that was Alexa!! KRISTEN QUITE AND SHE QUITE BECAUSE OF ALEXA! and for the known fact that she looked a bit too old but she really didn’t look that much older.

  • I am on Jamie-Lynns side honestly I heard Alexa even made commtion in the Suit Life of Zacka dn Cody set and she was teh reason Dana ( Kristen quite too). AND THEY CAN”T FIRE JAMIE BECAUSE SHE WAS THE REASON THE SHOW WAS MADE THEY WOULD OF NEVER MADE THE SHOW IF IT WAS NOT FOR ZOEY. and Britney was just being a good sister sticking up for her sister I would do the same and Jamie is a good actress and the show is still as good as ever with out Alexa its still funny and what not Chase can be funny and Logan being sarcastic and Quinns inventions and everything like that. Nicoles chracter could get annoying every now and then always repeating things and not knowing what things were somethimes it was funny but not all the time.

    Its Alexas own fault that she got fired in my oppion she pretty much made Dana ( Kristen ) quite they got in a fight those two then Jamie and Alexa got in a fight lets see whats the odds its Jamies fault that she got fired when Alexa started fights with other people to and on the Disney Channel too.

    And people need to leave Britney alone all she was doing was sticking up for her sister and know one even really knows what they were fighting about so why judge Jamie and call her a bad acter if she was a bad acter she won’t have her own show! The hsow is fine with out Alexa too and Dana may come back and thats proable because Alexa is gone. Jamie should not be fired ebcause then the show would be done.

  • love nicole

    this is sad……..that nicole was the only reason i watched the show

  • Dermain

    they are sooooo stupid i mean she was hottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!

  • I really like jamie lynn spears but couldn’t she just sort out her own things. Her sister doesn’t need to butt in and shout at Alexa! I’m better looking that Britney now probably because I’ve got hair at least! I want Kristina Herera, Alexa Nikolas and Nickelodeons goodness to get them back!

  • first it was rumor but now it official alexa’s off zoey,and it sucks!!!!!!

  • yasmeen

    i agreed with sabrina alexia is fucking bitch zeoy dana lola rocks my worl alexia is fucking asshole faggot.

  • Sabrina

    I’m reallly glad that Alexa quit the show. she was a little bitch. i hated her. I liked Dana, she shouldn’t have got fired- she didnt look any older than zoey and who cares if she did anyway? I love Zoey, she’s my favourite charachter. she also reminds me of myself. anybody who doesnt like Zoey, well thats their opinion but without Zoey what would they call the show??? i think that the newest season of Zoey 101 is the best. you know, the one WITHOUT bitchy nicole.

  • Megan

    Hi its megan here im just here to say i dont think u had to go that far to fier alexa coz its gonny kill the show if u keep fiering everyone but then again i like jammie better shes the best besides its kind of her show it is called ZOEY 101 so im disagreeing with all the name calling and nasty letters yous are sennding.So if your gonny be mean why show it no nice atoll.SO STOP BEINNG MEAN TO A CELEB!

  • cxvgth7tyutu

    Alexa was fired and she was my favorate charactor! Jamie Lyn can go to hell Alexa is way better and that was a gay reason to fire her

  • Kiya



  • Kiya

    I BLAME THE SPEARS GIRLS/(Jamie Lynn and Britney) FOR ALEXA BEING GONE!!!!!!!!!

  • Kiya

    I think Alexa is the best one on that show.She’s my favourite.Jamie Lynn should be fired if Alexa is fired.I beleve the the story that Britney Spears yelled at Alexa That is probley why she’s gone because they would never fire Alexa because she’s GORGIOUS,A GREAT ACTRESS and soooooo

  • hi!!im just gonna say that alexa and dana should stay in zoey101 because they both are nice and beautiful..i also dont believe that jamie and alexa are fighting caz in the show they are both look nice and happy and i cant really see the angry in their eyes..because 4 me.alexa really like jamie and they are bestfriend 4 me..so dont say that alexa hated jamie caz you dont have a proove to say that,.just hear…byeeee!

  • hey
    im from isreal’
    alexw i realy love you(charcther)
    they dont need to fire you and everyone thinks like this:)




  • sugababe

    Jamie does not suck, but i think alexa is gr8! She is so nice

  • ghost

    jamie is like a totalty sucky actress alexa is way better the 3rd season sucked only lola is worth watching

  • Please,don’t think that I’am the one who start the fight because thet’s not true.I use to like Jamie as a friend.So please don’t say that i was the 1 who starts the fight
    its mean and it hurts me inside.

  • Hey yo guyz,This is Alexa,i know that your wondering why i got fired its because that me and Jamie got in a fight and her sister(Britney)yelled at me ,do you all know why me and Jamie got in a fight its because Jamie stole my BF(Kevin)and Jamie said some nasty things to me at Kevin. FOR ALL MY FANS ,I LuV you Guyz

  • chu


  • chu

    Kristen wasn’t fired!!
    She QUIT because she had a major cat-fight with ALEXA!


  • sugababe

    I think Jamie is a fab actress but so is alexa! All the cast are great and i think all the cast who have ever been in it should all make a 4th series!

  • Gabe

    Personally, I think Jamie sux at acting. The whole show is only held together by her co-stars, who generally act her “out of the water”.

    This is probably where the “jealousy” kicked in a n problems started.

    Of course Jamie is the “star” (in name only imo) around which the show is built.

    This 3rd series is dire – the main reason, only one character is worth tuning in for – the “mad” scientist !

    Can’t see there being a 4th season – I bet the ratings will plummet.

  • sugababe

    y isnt any 1 visiting this site i am so bored wat r u all up 2? Please write somethin soon!
    Luv Sugababe xxxx

  • Franz

    First of all, why would they fire Alexa? I mean, Alexa is doing a great job at Zoey 101. Does feuding affect their roles? c’mon! It shouldn’t affect their careers. That is so pathetic for me. Maybe someone could just stop this news. I really love Alexa. Pls….

  • yasmeen

    you guys are all gaylor because you like fucking alexia i am glad that she is fired.

  • sugababe

    somebody write something

  • sugababe

    i no it wud be so mint!

  • Nicole

    Where do they film the show at?
    I would love to go to that school.

  • sugababe

    i totally agree that Jamie is fab and she is defo not fat!

  • Jamiefan

    she is not fattttttttt your just saing tht cause yur Jelous.

  • Jamiefan

    I use to like Alexa but now im kind of maddddddd at her.

  • Jamiefan

    does anyone agree.??????????

  • Jamiefan

    I love Britt still but even though shes bald i still feel bad for her.and ilove Jamie too so stop talking about her and her sis and i still loooooooooooooooooooovvvvee them. Brittney is only trying to stick up for her little sis!!!!!!!!!

  • Jamiefan

    all of you that are talking rude crude crool mean ideots about Brittney and Jamie then heres something i need to say Go to Hell!!!!!!!!!!

  • i love you

  • rhys

    ow cum der r people writin alexa luva in da name box y not victoria luva or any of da othas da only reason im sayin dis id coz i luv vic so fuk thos ppl hu tink day special bi putin alexa luva well vic id special 2 me so im gunna put victoria luva

    lv u vic
    rhys XxXxXxX

  • cream

    we dont even no wat they are like maybe jamie can be nice and alexa is not u hav to think about how they are not if there pretty or FAT!!!

  • sugababe

    i agree wiv gg ! We cant judge the cast memebers cos we dont them!

  • cream

    i so agree with 88 just think about it if u were having a fight with someone and it was like the fight that jamie and alexa had if it was bad i think your older sister would stick up for u

  • gg

    Every1 is saying horrible things about the cast! pls stop! u don’t no them so don’t judge them, u only see them when they r acting so i don’t no how u can call them all these awful things! think b4 u say!!!!!!!!!!1

  • gg

    Britney shouldn’t have stepped in and made Alexa cry-that’s just wrong, but she was just defending her sister and had every right to, even if all the arguments were all down to Jamie having a diva attitude you cannot blame britney!

  • alisha

    i dnt fink dat alexa shud of gt fired nor kristen.dey were bof gd characters nd i fink dat jamie, alexa nd kristen shud make-up for season 4 (if der is 1) nd i used 2 lyk britney spears b4 until i found out she did dis , she is an evil b**** nd she deserves everyfink she gets

  • lil kat harris

    i agree with cream but i wouldnt agree with funny but she is a good actor!!!

  • cream

    omg!!!!!!!!!!!! jamie doesnt suck and do u kno wat she is a gd character i dont think u guys hav seen the program cuz she is really gd and she is funny

  • Stacie

    Jamie lynn suxs, she’s not a good actress, she’s not funny she’s just stupid!

  • why did they fire nicole a.k.a alexa she was the best one my fave one jamie is a fat cow i hate her she thinks shes it just because shes the main character boy she aint

  • jj

    what the heck is wrong with krista zoey is so cool

  • cream


  • Anna

    in it i agree anna

  • cream

    OMG!!! i was lookin through all the coments and i saw such horrible ones its just so wrong people r sayin such mean things if jamie looked at this website she would be cyring all im sayin is people THINK!!!! THINK!!!

  • cream

    with the coments i do i dont wonna get in a fight with any1 i told all my friends to look at this site and they were so shocked with wat people said about jamie and all my friends are stickin up with jamie

  • cream

    lol thx anna

  • Anna

    i totalli agree 2

  • cream

    thx sugababe

  • sugababe

    i totally agree with ya cream!!

  • cream

    well i think they are both the same to me but im stickin up for jamie because people r being really rude to her!

  • ghost

    the show like totaly sucks w/o alexa she is soooo much better than jamie lynn

  • cream

    lol im 11

  • sugababe

    the last comment from me was sposed 2 say hi cream and anna!

  • sugababe

    hi cream and sugababe
    I am 12!!!
    luv sugababexxxxx

  • Anna

    How old r u sugarbabe and cream

  • Anna

    i reaali am mi bros fav popstar is britney so he thinks Alexa is krap

  • Anna


  • Anna


  • Anna

    i love zoey 101

  • Anna


  • Anna

    hey cream im 9

  • princess

    i love zoey 101 i even have her pants from lasenza girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cream

    how old are u sugababe and anna

  • Anna

    how old r u sugar babe and cream just wonderin bi bi anna xxx

  • Anna

    i agreee to cream sugarbabbe anna sed that lol

  • I love nicole and zoey!!!

  • cream

    thx sugababe i agree wiv u to

  • sugababe

    hi every 1
    just wanna say i totally agree wiv cream. u r so mint girl! Jamie is so not a slut and dont watch the show if u r gonna criticise her!

  • Anna

    *how old

  • Anna

    hey it anna again sugarbabe and cream how ol dr u ss both of uu bi xx answer bk

  • louise

    jamie is well the star of the show, alexa is nothing compared to her and i agree with what britney did.

  • Jamie is not fat she is pretty,nicely shaped and can sing,her sister had no right to have a go at Alexa but hey!Alexa looks too young but kristin was really good and very pretty, but victoria justice is a great actress and can do well in the show.Jamie is the main charracter so she will have to stay its the same with everything!the show is great at the momment,i love it!! Dont stop,Jamie is lush and pretty and great so is Victoria.YOU ALL ROCK!!And Matthew Underwood is hot

  • cream

    and by the coments i do i dont want to get in a fight with anyone

  • cream

    omg! as i said i think people should think before they say anything people who are like swearin at jamie and callin her a slut people who are jamie fans you are really ganna hurt there fellings

  • sugababe

    hi cream and Anna
    I am from England 2!!!
    luv Sugababexxxxx

  • Lah ticia Canrht

    Hi mi namee iz Lah ticia Canrht i from brazilia can somperson tel mee whatt a slut is?

  • La’tanya

    I love Zoe these people should date

    Logan& Lola
    Quinn& Mark
    And Michael & I think they should bring dana back and they should date!

  • Ashley

    I love I like
    ——- ——-
    Chase Dana
    Michael Quinn
    Logan Nicole

    I hate Zoey she sucks like a slut let me take that back she is a slut

  • Marie Fal bjah

    I think they should fire Jamie and call the show P.C.A. 101 cuz Jamie and Brittney are sluts and they need to lick each others D*cks

  • Sayonce

    Is anyone on my name is sayonce I am new please answer me!

  • Sayonce

    Hey I have to admit I like Zoey/Jamie but Alexa was better it’s been 2yrs since she was on there, and the show has been dull and boring! It wasn’t Brittney’s place to jump on her like that, especially now that Brittney is balled!

    Brittney=ass hole
    Jamie= Half ass hole

  • cream

    i kno why is ever1 sayin that

  • adam

    y is every1 sayin that jamie lynn spears should b fired cos she n victoria justice r the hottest gurls on that show

  • cream

    i live in the uk

  • Anna

    i meen were do cream and sugarbab elive

  • Anna

    were do u 2 live i meen country

  • Anna

    hey sugarbaba and cream i come frm england

  • Steve Gibbo

    or just contact me at myspace as GIBBO!

  • Steve Gibbo

    Hey cast,I feel it has changed the way the program is produced and the mood of the show. However, these things happen and not everyone is best friends, but the new series is great as well and keeps me entertained. So cumon guys just ignore the bad comments and keep up the good work.
    please send it on to the cast, theyll b under lot of pressure so keep them goin. cheers guys!!!!!!!! -still dont understand what happened to dana.
    i guess u ll say no but just wonderin nif any chance of meetin the cast.


  • I could just puke!Taking her off the show.If you put her back on much more people will watch.

  • Oh no you didn`t.Put dana and nicole back on!Well ya the shows call zoey 101.It doesn`t mean it`s all about her.And the only reason for 101 is because there room is number 101.Then in the second season they move to a diddernt dorm.It`s only zoey “101” for 1 season.SO fireing nicole, 2 thumbs down.Then at the beggining of every new season they just put something stupid in the script.”nicole was funny and a little bit crazy about guys but she lit up the show.”

  • sugababe

    Rachel r u on blogcritics now

  • sugababe

    The last comment from me was sposed 2 say sos not so!

  • Rachel

    Well firstly, Britney is clearly insane so I think we can put her opinions to the side

    Secondly, Jamie is the worst ‘astress’ ever, she is only famous because of her sister who at least worked hard to earn fame. Her ‘acting’ is wooden even for a kids show

    Thirdly, Alexa was a way better actress than Jamie. The producers should know better than to listen to a trumped up, self obsessed nobody like Jamie Lyn.

    Rachel 16

  • sugababe

    Hiya anna and cream
    what cha up 2 , Anna the last time da movie was on was at xmas so chic. wot country r u guys from! Please answer soon!! Bi
    Luv Sugababe xxxxx

  • cream

    i mean wat country

  • cream

    were do u live anna

  • Anna

    Chase dumped the girlfriend but chase and zoey aint girlfriend and boyfriend

  • Anna

    i am so upset

  • Anna

    What happend was the girl said 2 her ur good friends with chase right and zoey sed yes then rebecca the girlfriend said stay away from him u had ur chance omddd!!!!!!=(=(

  • Anna

    i wanted hbim to get of wiv zoey=(

  • Anna

    im realli saddd

  • Anna

    it wasnt zoey though

  • Anna

    Todays episode was wen chase had his girlfriend

  • cream

    i mean weight*

  • cream

    thancks anna thanck u alot u dont judge people by there wieght u judge them by ther persanalitie

  • Anna

    rebbeca o dont say lolas a bitch shes the best one and best lookin

  • anna

    sugarbabe wen was tthe movie on in the uk

    bi o bi the way answer back

  • Anna

    somebody answer

  • Anna

    I agree wiv u cream just because alexa has gon witch im sad about u dont hav to be mean how would u like anyways she pretty and not fat

  • Rebecca

    WAT the hell man! i liked dana and nicole…i hate lola man….she’s a TOTAL bitch…fire LOLA!!!

  • cream

    lets just stop sayin rude things about people now its very wrong and these coments hurt other people

  • cream

    the last bit that amanda said i so agree with u. People say such horrible stuff how would u like it if people r sayin to u oh u r fat u r ugly and some of u r even swearin sayin things about zoey so maybe people should think about wat they say first

  • cream

    around the world na i think loads of people woudnt watch it

  • cream

    i saw the harsh coments at the top people were sayin rude things about jamie if jamie was not in the show there woudnt be zoey 101 and whoever said she was fat isnt loads of people fat just to lat people kno if jamie wasnt in the show then about 75% of people woudnt watch this show

  • cream

    i think that jamie lyn spears is such a wonderful girl and if she wasnt on set then there wouldnt be a good program like zoey 101 and just to let u no if britney did do that would be rude but if u guys had a older brother or sister and u had a fight with someone and it was really bad i dont kno if it was bad or not im pritty sure that they would com and tell that person to back off from there little sister dont you

  • sugababe

    Jamie lynn i luv ya. u rock and u r so amazing gal!

  • sugababe

    i think the movie will be on in the uk again superstar but not for ages! Sos girlfriend!!!!!
    Sugababe xxxx

  • Anna

    i cant belive that they firad alexa she was so good britney didnt have the right to budge in and say somthing. they coulda sorted it out by now and be friends alexa was the star of the show but i do love jamie and britney still there awseom!!!! zoey 101 is wicked but more wicked wiv alexa anna

  • Ellie

    I don’t think it’s fair if Alexa is fired. Kristen is already gone and she was one of the main ones, like Alexa. Jamie Lynn is great, but they all need to be careful, because their “fueding” could cost them the stars of the show.

  • superstar

    does any1 no if da movie is gonna be on in da uk again cos i missed it

  • sugababe

    ice I kinda agree with ya. Where r u from

  • i love Zoey and Lola and Dana

  • ice

    omg y alexa??!! i dont reali lyk jamie i think that ‘fame’ has got to her head she thinks she is the best when SHES NOT!!!

  • sugababe

    if anyone does not come on this blog i am gonna die

  • sugababe


  • sugababe

    Somebody please write something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sugababe

    I think zoey 101 is the best programme eva. I am from england and the last show was on season 3 when there is da siver hammmer society. All the cast r great especially Zoey, Lola, Nicole, Dustin, LOgan, Michael, cHASE AND Quin. I fell sorry 4 Alexa but it was kinda her choice 2 leave the show.
    LUV zOEY 101

  • joey

    i would just love to slap chase in the face bcoz he got another girlfriend when i read that {differant site}i was like r u kidding they made chase have a girlfriend that is not zoey then i rote a litter to them to ask and they said yes i rote back and i said”y could u les chase fall in love with zoey then make him have a girlfriend “and then they said “we wanted to spice it up” when i read that i nearly fall out of my chair ! then when i read {differant site }that chase’s grand ma died and at the end chase and zoey were in the night when it was raining and chase put his head on her shoulder and started to cry awwww . p.s. i would just love to see chse make out with zoey i would just cry awwww

  • joey

    i got this from a site that the way nicole was fired that she was in a fight with nicole! spread the news to all ur friends that love to watch zoey101 i know i will!!!

  • Dana

    Hi…I’m from Israel and I know that this article is so old but I’ve just heard that Alexa won’t be on the 3rd season..
    I know that in USA the 3rd season has already started long time ago but in Israel it’s still the 2nd season.
    but they show us the some episodes all the time so it’s kind of boring when you watch the same episodes over and over again..
    I can’t wait for the 3 season to start but I’m not sure I’ll enjoy watching the show without Alexa which I really love!!!

  • katie

    dear zoey101 directers

    i am extremely upset that you have fired alexa nikolas i didnt mind kristen because she was snobby and a little bit mean and i didnt like her but alexa was realy funny and crazy i mean i still watch zoey101 because its realy good but because alexa has gone its not as funny as it used to be please let alexa work for you again im a massive fan off hers and i just have got to admit i dont belive that britany spears would of shouted at alexa on set and threatend her because i dont think shes that type of person but please put alexa back on the show and jamie please sort out your diffrences please.
    love katie coomber xxxxx

    p.s. im just saying but i would love to work on your show its so good i would appreciate it if you would reply to my comment i would love just to no what you think and i think that in the last series of zoey101 that on the last series something should happen between zoey and chase but i think to realy get things heated up that michael or logan should ask zoey out and zoey says yes and then something happens between the 2 friends that would be realy interseting and please dont fire any more of your zoey101 stars there realy good

  • Funny but without Alexa on the show it has lost its zest and that tells me she was one of the best talents they had working for them now its just lame

  • d.j.

    ur right too late now but it’s still a good show (even w/o alexa) so it’s ok that’s show business
    so get used to it!!

    good point Emma

  • Emmma

    Look people just get over it !! alexa is not on the show in the 3rd season so stop moaning you cant make the producer changed the show so there is no point in crying over it, inlease the show is still going like ..Omg .. As any one remember !! THE O.C. .. HA IT WAS MI FAV SHOW AND ITS BEEN CANCELLED IN LEASE ZOEY 101 ASNT BEEN CANCELLED AND ITS STILL GOING !! GET OVER YA SELF INLEASE NICOLE NEVER DIED ON THE SHOW LIKE MARISSA IN O.C NICOLE MAYBE CUD CUM BAK BUT MARISSA CANT !! SO GET ALL YA FACTS RIGHT !!!!!!

  • jelena

    I am a really big fan of the Zoey 101 show and I like the characters alot ~ Jelena

  • d.j.

    hey zoey101 is a great show but i think firing Alexa is wrong!
    but remember guys it’s not the casting directors fault! she’s REALLY nice
    (i know most of u guys won’t belive me but i’ve met her and she rocks! (i had an audition 4 her))
    i act and done a few shows (not zoey101)but to tell you the truth it’s really not hard to get along w/ the cast and crew the only time u really see them is at lunch,waiting for the cameras to get set up and while ur acting (and how hard is it to get along w/ someone while ur acting??) ok gtg bye bye

  • Rebecca

    Omg I hate britany and i cant believe they fired alexa she was awesome!!! They are firing them one by one, they will probobly fire chase and Michael and loagan and stuff next! And just coz of a silly fight! jamie lyn and birtany are pathetic!

  • danielle

    OMG its like da show has to be all about zoey god! alexa is amazin she brightins up da show n is funny didint realise da jamie n alexa were like da i fought they were gd friends that shows what a bitch jamie is n gettin her sister in cant she fight her own battles BITCH!

  • BES


  • Danie

    I liked alexa and kristen being on Zoey 101

  • i luv Alexa. I hate jamie and I really luv sean flynn.

  • Nicole was my favorite! I can’t believe she’s gone. She was so funny. They really shouldn’t fire anybody, not Sean Flynn(Chase) not Matt Underwood(Logan) not Erin Sanders(Quinn) not Chris Massey(Michael) not Victoria Justice(Lola) not Jamie Lynn Spears(Zoey) not Kristen Herrea(Dana) and definetly not Alexa Nikolas(Nicole). Britney Spears is so ugly and bald and a jerk. Jamie is better but if she made Alexa cry, she’s not cool anymore.

  • the stevester

    i made loads of spelling mistakes sorry according to http://www.jamieinsider.com zoey 101 season 4 will start filming on april 30th 2007 i dont think its definite but they said it, and they usually speak the truth so yeah…

  • Mike

    I just saw Alexa Nicholas on the Suite Life Of Zack and Cody and boy is she beautiful. Zoey 101 is going downhill without her.



  • AnArch

    I think most of you should learn to write proper English if you don’t want to be crushed by the flattening world.

  • hannah x

    i think that they should lyk stop fighting so no one has to go it is sooo stupid cos every1 lyks them there so awsome!!

  • veronica

    i really want kristin to come back!!! shes the best!!
    and jamie is a fat bitch who cant act. i think they should fire her.maybe then she’ll realise how mean she was and then she’ll get depressed and shave her hair off!!




  • I like jamie and i hate britney.
    I love jamie victoria and alexa
    p.s please don’t kick victoria justice out of zoey 101

  • Baldy ! (Britney) YOU ARE A GAY HORE . I HATE U ! ALEXA ROCKED YOU ARE A BITCH FUCK U ..jamie your still cool but im REALLY REALLLY MAD AT YOU !!!!!!! ALOT IVE NEVER BEEN SO MAD ….

    ps. fuck you baldy

  • OKAY THIS HAS TO BE A MISTAKE . WHY DID YOU FIRE ALEXA ? Alexa is my favorite why did stupid baldy have to come in and ball at her ! YA IM TALKING ABOUT YOU BRITNEY YOU BALDY LITTLE b**** !!!!!!!!! I HATE U

  • tori

    and dustin!!!

  • tori

    i think that it was wrong to fire Alexa between a fight of Jaime-lynn and her but if she quit then that’s a bit different. Personnly when i
    saw the first epsiode of the third season i was shocked because Alexa (Nicole) gives the show that extra little bit of fun that every show
    needs. It was almost not the same show because Nicole is out, also firing Kristen (Dana) was not a good thing either just because she looks older? She can’t make herself look 15 when she 18, it’s pretty much impossible!! Also i think Jamie-lynn and Alexa are good actess’ and could act there parts on Zoey 101 and be mad at eachother on there own time because they has fans to please and i wanna have Alexa and Kristen back! And i know Britney was just trying to stick up for her sister like any other sister would but she didn’t have to yell and Alexa. It’s just not right!Jaime-lynn at 15 should be able to stick up for herself i think the cast should become…

    Christopher (Micheal), Matthew (Logan), Sean (Chase), Jaime-Lynn (Zoey), Victoria (Lola), Erin (Quinn) and of course Kristen (Dana) and
    Alexa (Nicole).

    but that my opinion i still like all of the cast and past cast. Continue watching the show!!!! but let’s all hope another character won’t be kicked off.


  • the stevester

    well you know what i like everybody on the show
    i liked alexa on the show and i think they should’ve kept her but really that doesnt mean you have to blame everyone and everything because of it and remember they said at the beginning of the third season that nicole wont be gone forever so maybe if you live near the zoey 101 studio you can go on strike to force them to make a forth season and bring dana and nicole back worth a try right?i would come but im in england

  • randomness

    Oh my gawd, Nicole is like the sugar, without her, the show is drinkable, but not sweet. Not at all.
    True, they can find another actor instead of Alexa for Nicole, but it wouldnt be the same.
    Nick did a wrong thing this time.

  • anna bui

    hey jamie lynn spears…
    i love ur show.. ( zoey 101)
    i love ur show really like it..
    and i have some any one two young boy and i delifenity someone everyboy….
    lets get show time !!!
    lets getting startet i well i think ur lover love you so mutch …
    one sister everywhere can i doing something today??
    ur sister is a promi but i i think she is not ´very well
    no stoped ur carrer!!! 😉
    hey and grettings from my brother ..
    thanx everyone and love ur fan website jamie lynn spears 😉
    we love ur styl and ur show … well i can not stopped watching ur show …. hehe
    lets get one change or do you doing what?
    lol just i say ur are the best … :p
    thanx for the support and everybody i dont know there… hehe
    one can stopped to any why i tell you i love you?
    hahaha … letts show time .. yea im from in germany ..but its anyway… hahaha say goodbye and more lucky for you for ur carrer!!!!!

  • i think zoey is cooi i like her a lot and if you think difrent well to bad.i dont think jamie wold like to hear bad things about her self like that! im a big big big fan of zoey not just of whut she dose but of whut she is like!!!!!!!!!

  • alys101

    plz tell me

  • alys101

    um were i live we jus started seeing the 3rd season of zoey 101 last week wat happens with chase and zoey

  • I think the proudcer of this show is an idiot but I think Jamie and Alexa are excellant!!!!!!!!!

  • Kayla101

    Zoey 101 i have to say is my 3rd favorite show. I watch it every Sunday niht on nick. I am very angry that they fired Alexa. Jamie and Alexa could have worked things out and they could have kept Alexa. Anyways she’s gone and theres nothing we can do about it. i didn’t really like Kristin so it didn’t bother me that she go fired. but it seems to me that Alexa had some enenmys on the show and that not too many people liked her on the show. Anyways, my favorite character is Victoria Justice a.k.a Lola. She is sooooooooo pretty and sweet and I wish that i could be her. The 2nd favorite is Jamie Spears a.k.a Zoey. I really think that Logan is hott and then chase comes in 2nd. Well got to o bye bye

  • Melissa

    The Producers of Zoey 101 r sooooooooooooooo wrong. Nicole was my absoute favourite. I cried soooooooooooooooooo much when i saw the previews of Zoey 101 without her in it. I only watched because of her and now i will not watch it anymore. They really want to ruin the show first they deleted Dana(totaly insane everyones favourite). We need to remeber the good times like in the time capsule episode when Lola asked Nicole what she was going to putt in and Nicole said clothes “so people could see how cutely i dressed” This is what keeps the show going and now that they are killing her off the show is doomed. What is with that Victoria. She is a bad expamle for girls because she looks ANOREXIC. At least Zoey is normal size and same with Nicole but Victoria, i think that they should have killed her off the show insted of Totally,Awsome Nicole.


  • Elouis jeanette loretta Hagen.

    Love alexa nikolas.

  • fuck jamie

    this is so stupid dont fire alexa and kristen thats total b.s i am soooo not wathing that show anymore like sereously fuck jamie lynn no one fucken like that fucker her sisters fucken crazy to and no body in the hole mother fucken town likes her their family is slut–fat-slut-fat-slut=horrrrrrrrrrrrs

  • valrie

    I think that they fired Alexa obviously because of the fight. It’s just that I think it’s really unfair… but if they fire Jamie, the show will probably come to an end. I liked watching season one and two of Zoey 101, but season three is different. Too different. I was really wrong of them to fire Kristen too, just because of age. To me,Kristen looks not as old as Sean Flynn, but as old as Jamie. But Jamie acts a character that’s…PERFECT! And I’m sure that no one is that perfect! Zoey solves problems, comes up with ideas, is currently the only girl in the PCA basketball team, has artistic talents, etc. But I don’t mean to offend Jamie or anything, but in the beginning of the show, Dana/Kristen has to pretend to fight with Nicole/Alexa, and Zoey solves their problem. But on reality, on the cast Jamie is the one fighting with Alexa! I don’t want anyone to get fired, and I still want Victoria on the set. I think that Jamie looks really beatiful, in all the episodes. Kristen looks beatiful too, and she really fits the tomboy Dana role. Alexa… she’s totally funny and makes me laugh! Victoria is very skinny, but I think they chose her because it fits with the career she wants to have when she grows up. Christopher is as funny as Alexa, because he also makes me laugh. Sean is very shy, but fits well into his character. Matthew acts his character extremely well. Erin, she’s a character that if they fire her, I will stop watching the show. Erin plays a really smart and funny character, who in season three has more fashion senses. The whole cast is great, and they’re sort of like a family. The members of the cast all have special qualities that made them in the role.

  • i still love your show with out Alexa(nicole

  • britney spears is whack!she’s sick in the bald head!

    I personally think that they should fire jamie spears and keep everyone else.I mean alexa couldn’t act any better than anyone else on the show, except for victoria justice who actually has talent. But at least alexa’s not as annoying or fake as jamie.

  • heyy why the hell are they firting about they are best friends on the show and off the show so i say they shound make up and be friends

  • JOJO!

    Don’t youthink that Lola’s character should leave- shes came last and doesnt fit at all in. She is anoying, a bad actress, and her character is too full of herself. Aswell Nicole was really annoying, she began to get on my nerves after halfway through the 1st season. She is so childish, stupid and idiotic. So I dont feel bad she’s leaving but I agree with all you guys. Jaime-Lynne should be fired- she seems like such a bitch!

  • Why do you even care?

    Zoey 101 sucks. The actors suck too, and don’t say ”YOU’RE STUPIDDD!!!11” because that’s my opinion. I mean, come on, when they pretend to be mad, it’s so not realistic. Anyways, I don’t mind if another character leaves.. I’d be delighted if the show was canceled!

  • Mellow

    Haha, the people who think Jamie can sing..
    You do know they use s’tupid machines to edit her voice. I bet they use it on her too..

    Anyways, I agree on her being the b’itch on the story. I’m sure about it.

  • Melissa

    The Producers of Zoey 101 r sooooooooooooooo wrong. Nicole was my absoute favourite. I cried soooooooooooooooooo much when i saw the previews of Zoey 101 without her in it. I only watched because of her and now i will not watch it anymore. They really want to ruin the show first they deleted Dana(totaly insane everyones favourite). We need to remeber the good times like in the time capsule episode when Lola asked Nicole what she was going to putt in and Nicole said clothes “so people could see how cutely i dressed” This is what keeps the show going and now that they are killing her off the show is doomed. What is with that Victoria. She is a bad expamle for girls because she looks ANOREXIC. At least Zoey is normal size and same with Nicole but Victoria, i think that they should have killed her off the show insted of Totally,Awsome Nicole.


  • Alexa Lover 911

    Alexa Should NOT Go!!! She belongs on that show!! She is what makes the show!!! It seems to me like Zoey (jamie-lynn) is the one who starts all the fights, so she should just go! She looks like she has turned into a TOTAL grump!!! It’s probably cuz of her idiot sister Britney, i mean i used to like britny, but since she has turned into a drug adict and a total freak, i can;t stand her. Britney is going to go down like Anna Nicole Smith. Dead. So she better fix her life. and it obviosly has a BIG affect on jamie, which is making her go off on ALexa!!! She should NOT leave!!!

  • bree

    i hate alexa (nikole) bein fired…. the only reason i watched the show waz becuz of her and now shes gone…alota ppl i noe r goin to stop watchin it if she doesnt come back…. n i think jamie(zoey) can fite her own battles… i didnt think she was that weak… i mean mentally n physically…but yea… i think we should bring alexa back!!

  • ben

    oh ffs alexa u deserve beta i will miss u if u go =( i hope they change their mind i will strt a petion! u mark ma words

  • Jamie Lynn is so ugly and a proudypants. Why even make her a star? Her sis is like a total bitch

  • Alexa Nikolas is a pretty girl and she should NOT be fired. Kristin vs Victoria Justice? Victoria is prettier, but Kristin does NOT look old.

  • Melissa

    The Producers of Zoey 101 r sooooooooooooooo wrong. Nicole was my absoute favourite. I cried soooooooooooooooooo much when i saw the previews of Zoey 101 without her in it. I only watched because of her and now i will not watch it anymore. They really want to ruin the show first they deleted Dana(totaly insane everyones favourite). We need to remeber the good times like in the time capsule episode when Lola asked Nicole what she was going to putt in and Nicole said clothes “so people could see how cutely i dressed” This is what keeps the show going and now that they are killing her off the show is doomed. What is with that Victoria. She is a bad expamle for girls because she looks ANOREXIC. At least Zoey is normal size and same with Nicole but Victoria, i think that they should have killed her off the show insted of Totally,Awsome Nicole.

  • myah and jill

    most the kids in our school are very dissapointed that Nicole (alexa) and not to mention Dana (Kristen) have been kicked off the show– Zoey 101 is gonna be less liked by losing more of the favourite characters

  • ??????nwa

    i think jamie is crazy like here sister who is now bold, the other girls were great jamie is just being selfish, she should be more professional and not be childish, she shouldnt expect everyone to like her only

  • ali

    i like nicole and i love danna i luv the show i was basiclly crien wen danna got off thats how much i loveed her vharchetr she was awsomee i hate jomie for being such a bossy person and a diva y cant she fizx things now most of her fans hate her and artre mada nd wont whatch the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 THINK ABOUT THAT JAMIEEE SORRY TO BURST UR BUBBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • Tania

    Wat the hec I think that jamie is a big loser I am sorry to say that! Don’t fire dana or nicole.

  • Jamie Lynn

    Britney is a bitch and sucks as a sister

  • jordan

    oh maddy….if u tlk 2 jamie lynn..can you tell her to give me a call sometime [Personal contact info deleted]

  • jordan

    honestly people u have to stop! like realy..whant if jamie n them do look at this stuff…how do u think they feel..if u have something bad to say about them keep it to yourself..how would u feel if u were in jamies posistion being blamed fer something and it isnt even her fault

  • jordan

    i dont know much about the show…but i dont care..i like jamie..i think shes hott!but anyways jamie lynn call me sometime..it would mean alot to me

    [Personal contact info deleted]

  • rhys

    ite it rhys gain i no u probs dnt even read these but wt im bout 2 say u probs wont do coz u dnt no me nd u probs jst cbb or dnt av tym 2 but if u cn wuld u b able 2 ring me on 07809836518 plz alexa if u do ur da best but ur da best 2 me anyway nd u always will lyl alexa xxxxxxx

  • rhys

    why id jamie your favorite sozi 2 say dis but fuk jamie if alexa was cryin on da set i feel sozi 4 alexa coz she ad jamie nd britney shoutin at er so fuk both of dem jamie nd britney coz if i was der on day day on da argument i wuld av bin on alexa`s side jst sayin. u`ve changed britney bares

    lv u alexa XxXxXxXxXxX(L)(K)(L)
    dnt lv u jamie or britney

  • mel

    hi i really love zoey 101 and all the people in it as well.my best person on zoey 101 is zoey because i think she is really nices.

    well bye

  • rhys

    alexa ur da best nd u always av bin u should no dat u shouldnt b sorry nd u aint caused no trouble coz look hus mest up i mean lyk look at britney now she aint doin reli gd id she hus da 1 hus shaved off all der hair i felt sorri 4 britney but i didnt no bout u nd jamie not being m8s no-more so now i dnt reli fill sorri 4 britney i fill lyk i care bout u more den britney or jamie lyl rhys

  • Hey People
    Please don’t be mean to me. I know we had a row and I got fired but you don’t annoy.Britney shouldn’t have come into it but I don’t blame her I would have stuck up for her if I was Britney. I am sorry if I have caused any trouble.But me and Jammie are no longer friends.
    ley n alexa

  • ok.. people. u have to stop blaming jamie. u dont know the whole story. being famous is rufe. and half the stuff that gos around is a lie! so dont go blaming ppl for other ppl being fired! unless u know the personly dont go around saying the are a cow or what eva u call them. give them some cridet. and if the fired jamie the show wouldnt be “zoey 101” so if they did the show would be axed. i know u all have your favourets but dont take sides. and its not like they r going to lisen to what u have to say. they no what they r doing!

    Keep up the good work everybody (cast of zoey 101)
    love always chantal.

  • Jamie is a bitch. I got to meet her and she is a snod she blow me off. I was going to get her autograph for my girl friends birthday and she said no. It not like i’m a geek or any thing she is just a bitch , but it is ok i got my girl friend a pair of shoe and a neckless

  • ciao io im itali im danny ia love you alexa

  • Well guess what emma GET LOST u dont know everything maybe they can be watching so shush and leave(if u live in canada)u know nothing

  • cristian

    soy multimillonario y quiero ayudar en el programa de zoey 101

  • Randy Martínez

    Hi I Wrote from Latinoamerica, it’s not fear to fire Alexa from the tv show is not serios from part of the producer.

    Alexa, espero verte pronto por NICK en español, continua igual de linda…

  • brian martínez

    Hola escrivo desde Colombia, aqui han emitido Zoey 101 durante el año 2006 por el canal de NICK en español, la verdad lo peor que puede sucederle a una serie televiva es que comiencen a sacar a sus protagonistas ya que esto provocará que sus fans pierdan el interés o se disgusten sobremanera con los productores, y creo que no es la primera vez que sucede esto en la televisión américana, ya ha pasado con otras series y eso es una completa falta de respeto para con los televidentes.

    Espero que para todos tus fans en Latinoamerica te veamos pronto Alexa.
    I really hope see you soon on the tv show against, you are so beautiful and hot, please continue like that…

  • love alexa

  • Emma

    WHAT THE FUK ! x Ow old r al u people writin these messages coz ya seem bwt fkin 3 ! x Wel im jst say there is no need with all da fkin arguments and sad comments on dis site ! ow sad !
    Zoey 101 is a t.v show on nick n yea it brill i watch it , but its not up 2 u to not firer alexa or get kristen bak into the show .. it up to da producers ! x n people do u rekon that the producers and jamie-lynn n al da caracters cum on this site cheking al these messages ! WELL THEY DONT ! da not arsed bwwwt aythin tha happens aslong as the show keeps goin… nn put it one way ALEXA isnt leavin da show anyway n kristen is NOT cumin bak on the show .. soo all u fukin kids can stop crying now …. FUK FACE … hu they hate jamie-lynn and britney spears fuk ya self love ! ya dnt even know dem .. der just on a stupid lil show on t.v , n tink bwt it BITCH if therewer know jamie-lynn then there wud be know zoey 101 … coz girl .. watda sow called – zoey 101 n tat is the caracter that jamie plays….Well im off now jst lettin ya know stp fkin crying over a t.v programme , even toug it is soo gud .. jst get over yaself . not up to u hu stays in the programme or huu goes .. so lay off n gerr a fukin life .. sad acts.. !! Zoey 101 number 1 fan 4life … [ see not hard im not cryin over it ] there still gonna be gud caracters init e.g zoey, thase, logan, lola and nicole issnt goin anywere she stayin on da show sooo people SHUTUP ! X bII X XX

  • TheOwner–Maddy

    i can tell the producer what ur saying abot jamie ma bffl is a friend of the producer ma friends friends dad knows the produer so shutup and stop taliking shit about jamie and anyone else or i can report u to the police i own this site

  • CallmeMaddy

    Hey guys,

    I’ve seen the dvd…and the new episode. Check out my review.

    Try not to kill each other.

  • mmmmmmeeeeeee

    i love er i did love zoey 101 aswell untill she went 🙁 she enjoys dancing and singing so maybe she should try bein a pop star and kik britney spears ass !! dont giv up alexa we love you xxx

  • omfg!! jammie is such a damn gay ass
    she dusnt hav to bitch out at alexis and neither dus her sister bitchney spears.
    i want alexis bak on the show this damn instant!!! she is pretty, funny, and seems relly nice
    them bitches shuldnt take her off the show
    ther so fuking gay screw them
    FUCK THEM!!!

  • Ernest

    You Girls are doing a great job in your support in alexa keep up the good work and don’t give up and you can write to the producers to have alexa back on the show or you can write to the producers of Hanna Montana to see about putting alexa Nikolas on the show that will really boots the ratings will gotta go and good luck.

  • me

    you cant fier Alexa if you want to fier someone fier Zoe i hate her and her sister their both mean and britney doesnt even have anything to do with the show so she should just but out especialy if all shes butting in for is to be mean to Alexa and from what iv heard about what shes said to nicole she probibly just made it more obvious that shes a little slllluuuu never mind and anyway you just cant fier Alexa shes the best actor in the whole show and your going to loose half your audeance if you do fier her

  • me

    they cant fier Alexa they already lost one of their others best actresses (Kristen) if they get read of Alexa they might as well stop the whole show because with out her in it alot of people including me well stop watching the show

  • Megz

    heyaa i am a massive fan of Zoey 101 and i absulutly luuv nicole she is the bst chacacter in Zoey 101 i think she should definatly still be in i like Zoey aswell but i think nicole should still be in and i think it will be quite boring without nicole so i dont think i am goign to watch it but i allways watch it i never miss one episode!!and i have loads of posters of Zoey 101 in my bedroom i absulutly luvv ih so plz plz plz plz plz keep nicole in she is really really good i luv her and i would luv to meet her coz she seems really nice i luv u nicole(alexas)xxx

  • VAN!!!


  • VAN

    I THINK EVERY SINGLE PRESON INCLUDING THE BOYS THAT ARE THE MAIN CHARACHTERS ON ZOEY 101 ROCK WELL EXCEPT DANA SHE DOSENT REALLY COUNT CAUSE SHE WAS HERE FOR 1 SEASON ALL I GOT TO SAY IS STOP MAKING FUN OF PEOPLE LIKE JAZ THE ONE 2 AHEAD OF MY MESSAGE SAID ZOEY HAS UPPER LIP HAIR UHH F.Y.I NO SHE DOSENT SO SHHH AND WE SHOULDNT BE MAKING FUN OF PEOPLE BASED ON THEIR FACIALS OR THERE BODY TYPE WHAT IF SOMEONE SAYS OH UR SO FAT U HAVE UPPER LIP HAIR U HAVE UGLY CLOTHES U WEAR such dark ugly makeup well u know what i got news for u blah blah blah cause no one is the best soccer player or hockey player or popular or skinny or fat everyone is normal sized a normal player(sports)a normal person!!!!!!so all u peopLE SHUSH cause ur not a good soccer player or any sports player and u r NOT POPULAR like if u wear make up to school thats not cool and even though u think ur popular ur not especially with make up i mean for peep sakes ur in school so zoey or anyone in the show is normal everything THUMBS UP FOR THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mmmmmmeeeeeee

    omg alexa is so hot!!!she da bst 1 in there she the onli reason i watch it its a shame cus i fort they were all good m8s!! it actullay made me cry wen i read that fukin briteny yelled at hotty and she was cryin:(:.(
    if alexa gos im nt watchin it ne more nd its not like they can replace zoey or owt cus it nt b the same so they shoulnt reli get rid of zoey (in a way)they should jus stop fighting!! dana rocked aswell much betta then lola!!

  • jaz

    jamie has upper hair lip

  • nikole (alexa nikolas) has been fired from zoey 101.. all because of jamie lynn spears.. those to didnt get on in real life. and they had to fire 1 of them to make it easier 4 them both 2 act and they couldnt fire zoey because she is the main character so they had to fire alexa. i wish she neva went xxxxx

  • i love all the charachters and do you think i beleive that they had a fight off set i dont think so if u think im right say 123 when you come on this site oh and i know that alexa nikolas is a very sweet person

  • very good!

  • hi, the show WAS very good. but now it have been a bit boring. I think Kristin and Alexa was very good. 🙂

  • jamie lynn spears-ok girl kristin herrera is ok.

  • lauren

    I cant believe that nicole is going off set she is great she is so good in zoe 101.After i come home from school i always get on the sete to watch zoe 101 i think it is great.Good look nicole.

  • I use to really like jamie but now only a little bit now because the 2 best people on the show is going to lieve and that is bad I dont want alexa or kristen to lieve if they lieve the show it will be dumb with out them so jamie you no want to do./I throught jamie was nice be if she had a fight with sweet alexa she is some thing elece but people with miss alexa and kristen.

  • lil_miss_sunshine

    I think it’s not fair of everyone to judge the show. None of us know what really happened.

  • laiila

    i think zoe 101 offically sucks


  • You know what all those BITCHES saying zoey get lost cause zoey is beautiful and so is Alexa stop judging people if there fat or ugly or even skinny i rather be FAT than SKINNY you know why cause if u r over the age of 11 and under70 punds u can die any second cause ur too skinny just like that model who was 22 was 84 pounds she died rite away cause she was anorexic so zoey looks good but LOLA HAS TO GAIN WEIGHT CAUSE SHE CAN REALLY DIE i mean look how skinny she is shes skinnier than a toothpick and thats dangerous so im saying DONT FIRE ALEXA OR LOLA OR ZOEY THEY ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL IN THERE OWN WAY AND SO IS KRISTEN SO ALL THOSE PPL SHOULD SHUT THERE BIG MOUTH AND LOOK AT UR SELF AND IM OUT

  • Oh and by the way i hate the director of the show for doing this to her! Like who dosent like Alexa well i dont like her….I love here shes pretty and she has her own personality she plays a great role model for girls all ages.

  • amanda

    ok i love nicole and zoey so they better not get nicole off the set or i am not going to watch the show i also love lola so if u fire lola zoey or nicole i will hate this show and write now i do because of nicole not being on the show i think shes beautiful and she plays a different character

  • Hey guys,

    I don’t care if she’s fired or she quit, if they kick out another cast member I’m gone (ESPECIALLY if it’s Matt, because he’s my favorite).



  • jay


    ON THE COMMENT OF NICOLE ”If its acttuly her” she shaid she quit point finale. and it was wrong that britney popt up. so who votes taht nicole stays well got to go

  • This is the Zoey 101 them song are you ready ohh i know you standing here do you look good my dear so come other away if you want to play come and play today i will make you see all of the things you got just belive in your self dont dont follow yeah yeah

  • Nicole has to stay

  • in disc gofl Nicole throw – up otmaeal was on her shrit

  • Jay


  • Julie

    O Yeah and whats your face person that said Alexa qould be coming back in the show The Suite life of Zack and Cody she better:O but wait:O Shell look Zack and Codys age how is she going to be Londons BFF :O WHat the hell you better get your facts stright:@

  • Julie

    Why in the world would they fire the two best characters! Alexa and Kristian should of stayed on the show! Just because Dana looked a bit old so what… does that really matter?? Alot of background characters look older too :O I don’t get it next they’ll be firing Chase and than Zoey! I really do think that all of the characters should go back on the show it would be alot better. & Why on earth should Brittany stick up for Jamie cant she fight her own battles; No affence but Brittanys way older compare to Alexa:O Its just retard what they are doing to ruin one of the best teenage show:O… Without Nicole in this show there no action; for example Nicole actally goes after guys in this show…. Zoey on the other hand don’t even give Chase a chance…. I dont think this is fair Alexa and Kirstain were the best cahracters there:@ COMEEE BACK:D

  • Jay

    once again, jamie is da lead of da show

  • i really like nicole she was one o the best characters, jamie should have gotten fired cuz she doesnt have the personality that nicole has!! and i bet britney was a little tipsy when she said those things to her. i agree with the other comments, jamie can stick up for herself!!!!! nicole is great and not bad looking ither….bring nicole back!

  • Debbie Jo

    OMG OMG OMG, here Jamie Lynn i understand that she’s fighting with Alexa or Nicle, whatever, but Britney is such a…i dn’t no. I h8 her, she’s so unfair to poor Alexa, it’s so fly. well up ur’s cos Alexa deserve to be on the show. She was very hurt. She kind, bubbly & funny. I h8 britney now

  • Jay

    Jamie is the lead of this show, without her, the show would end.

  • i love alexa i hate jamie she should be fired and i hate britney spears the spears sisters think their pretty and popular and they think that they are everything but their not i hate them to death and ilove alexa everybody in my country would stop watching zoey 101 because alexa went put her back or your show will fail!!!!!

  • Jay

    So neither one of us is right.

  • Jay


  • Alright peoples, Lets get this STRAIGHT!
    yes britney yelled at alexa. thats a truth,
    but alexa was spreading horrible rumors around about jamie. but alexa quit. she did NOT get FIRED!!

    she quit, she has this quote “the truth will set you free” so she simply followed what she tells herself and quit. Alright?! got it?
    Kristen Herrea the one that plays dana. she got fired BECAUSE she looked too old. she is now 19! and Jamie and them are 16 and younger. that is why. Yes, I agree the whole zoey 101 cast should`ve STAYED the same way. but that show would`ve ended anyways. Alexa said she is happy she`s off of it. Alexa will be in a show called “Suite Life Of zack & cody” that show has wayyyy more ratings. she nailed the audition. she will play London tipton`s (brenda song) bff. So dont worry Alexa will be on that show. As for Kristin (dana) she`s in freedom writters. Zoey 101 will be on for a season 4 if season 3`s ratings are high. if not . than there DONE WWITH. but if they are really actors they will continue pursing there carrerrs. alright?

    How do I know all this?!

    I’m a friend of Victoria & Matt. they are both in zoey101. Im also a close family member with one of the cast members from Suite Life Of Zack & Cody”. Dont believe me? i dont care. All i wanted to do was get your Zoey 101 facts STRAIGHT. thankyou.

  • Jay

    i can tell the hole story if u want

  • Jay

    She told me so herself when i asked her. i went on a vacation and ran into Jamie-lynn.

  • colleen

    yall, like its over shes fired cuz in the united states shes not in the third season, so sorry but we cant do nothin bout it!! and jay how did u hear that straight from jamie lynn?

  • Jay

    It’s nice to know that you know this stuff from magazines when I heard it from jamie-lynn that alexa isn’t fired, your real smart since you can spell “retorted” right, NOT. How can you know about her being fired if you can’t spell retorded?!

    By the way it’s spelled r e t a r d e d

  • Alexi

    Hey Everyone. Yeah, Alexa definitely isn’t part of the show, so PLEASE just stop talking about the fact that she might be back on according to “Jamie-Lynn.” It’s retorded.
    I dont even watch the show but I mean, in all magazines Alexa isn’t there and she’s not in any interviews.
    It’s okay, people..
    Zoey will continue…
    Our lives will continue…
    So there’s no point in crying and all that crap. 🙂

  • Jay

    What does britney have to do with this? And what part of “Jamie-lynn said herself say she’s not fired” did you not understand?

    (not arguin)

  • Hillary

    That was bad of Britney to do. Alexa was a great actor on Zoey 101.

  • Jay


  • Tara

    Alexa played a big role on Zoey 101, and neither Jamie or her sister had any right to put Alexa down. I know this is off point, but I think Jamie should be fired, she has to wear a ton of makeup just to look decent. I’m behind Alexa 110%

  • Jay

    I heard from Jamie-Lynn Spears herself say that alexa isn’t fired.

  • hey whats up you guys every one is a star well tata for now! bye!!

  • Aylssa

    I think Jamie should br fired she is ugly anyway and shouldnt the stars give what the audience wants and we want Alexa and Kristen back! I hope Alexa and Jamie stop fighting and Alexa comes back to the show OR Alexa starts her OWN show was her a bot crazed girl! Somebody should bring this up with the person who fired Alxa and Kristen and Tell them to give them their jobs back because they were awesome charcters I liked them better then Zoey! Who is next to get fired?… Victoria for being a great actress! Bettter that Jamie! Jamie stop getting people fired1

  • Brad

    I think this is crap. Its all favortism. Why wont they fire zoey. (because she is the main character) whatever. Its probly because she has the money. People always favor the people with money and connections. Or why cant this all just blow over. There what 15/16 years old. Suddle this like your 15/16 not like your 9/10. Its stupid. You fight so what the world isnt perfect and in the morning the world still goes round. So why kick someone off the show? its silly and there is no need for it! Gosh people these days!

  • Bianca

    FIRE ALEXA !!! R U LIKE STUPID ALEXA LIKE MADE THE SHOW! SHE WAS SOO GOOD SHE WAS MY FAVOURITE,,,wow wat dumb producers just bcz jamie and her were fighting? so wat,, and for britney to yell at alexa britney is so stupid i cant beleive that!! im very upset..

  • sorry spelling cant

  • hey….for eny1 that cares ..i dont think that they r firin alexa cuz in a lot of magazines in like bop, m etc.( in canada)…. they’re pics of the whole cast in cludin alex and they say that she will be still ther in the 3rd season….so keep ur hopes up cuz u got 2 think they might b wrong bout ther info….and b sides THEY CSNT FIRE ALEXA SHE IS ASWOME***


  • colleen


    alexa is fired and we cant do nothin bout it. i heard somewheres that kristen herrera (dana) might come back to the show. o yea people in canada, if u wanna kno what happens in the episodes ill tell u. also go 2 pacificcoastacademy.com to see stuff bout z101. u can go 2 nick.com & post a message on the message bord 2.

  • Jordan SSTU.

    I’m not taking sides either i love the show!! I love jamie and kreisten and alexa they need to get both on the show like old times!!!

  • Jordan S.

    Hey I don’t think they should fire Alexa she is one of the best charters of Zoey101!!!! And Kriestn should come back to the show if she doesn’t we wont watch it anymore if they keep firing people Zoey101 will get canceled and have no where to go!! I agree with jojo!!!!!!!! They need to get Kreisten back on the show and Alexa back on the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alexa and kriesten are the best people on the show not just Jamie!!!!!!!!!!!

  • OZZY

    I met Alexa at my school

  • Isabelle

    Mmmmmmk u guys… I like both of them and I think that Britney didnt have any authority to yell at Alexa. Jamie is not fat and I like both of them. I love the show and I am watching it right now. Im not taking sides… not even if i had to

  • Jessica R

    i no jamie lynn spears and if i see her again she is going to get a kik in the ass from me.If alexa is really fired im gonna beat up jamie.And kriten,she was like the best.jamie just has problems so she can just kiss my ass.every1 makes that show except jamie lol haha yuhh stupid biatch

  • jennifer Ab

    u guys r so weird zoey101 suckz……. u suck

  • I think that jamie is so gay. why would they fire alexa she is way better god dam u jamie u r such a bicth

  • Ordie

    I DON’T like Alexa (Nicole) at all!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amy

    I think that Nicole(Alexa) should have been fired insted of Dana (Kristin).

  • Peter Seney

    Alexa Nicholas is so hot! I live in Canada and I can’t wait to see her on the suite life of Zack and Cody Zoey 101 started to suck after Dana left anyways. Even thought it sucked that see got fired I am positive see will be better off on the Suite Life and Zack and Cody don’t you agree?

  • deb

    i ddnt even know kristin was fired i thought she just left.they shouldnt have fired kristin and they shouldnt even fire alexa.im going to totally hate this show if they ever think of firing christopher because the whole show will die.if they fire nicole and they keep firing others from the show,the show is going to be a total wreck.Lord pls dnt let zoey 101 die……please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • maggie

    brittney that was really mean wat you did and i dont think you should have yelled at her like that i mean u could have talked to her but make the poor girl cry is just bad okay! and i like jamie lynna lot but they make her character a little boring and thats what i hate they make alexas character kool and funny! and i think you guys should talk about it and get along better i want to see more zoey 101 shows plz plz just get along! its not that hard

  • just wanted to add: jamie’s not fat that’s true i actually think she slimmed down a lot!!!! but that doens’t make her charctaer anybetter you know! and alexa is so pretty and she’s CUTE!!!!!!

  • i used to like jamie lynn when i was younger and i loved zoey 101 ‘s first season cos I LOVED dana and nicole…now that both are gone i don’t watch the show anymore cos nicole was the bestest caracter!!!! alexa is such a great actress and jamie is not!! first awall jamie doesn’t look as good as alexa and she thinks she’s the DIVA and the superstar….well i think someone shold tell her that she’s NOT! when i see all the pics on her myspace *eye roll* OMG such a stupid wannabe diva!
    i really miss alexa and dana but maybe they are happier now that they don’t have to stay in jamie’s shadow!! and BTW HI TO ISRAEL ; ) in which city do you live???

  • Moe

    I love Jamie Britney is so hot and cool yall are just jealous of Jamie bcoz she is purrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect I love her I wish Iwas her She is not abitch and is the best on the show

    why would we be jealous of some ugly BITCH that can’t even stick up for herself?

  • Moe

    Zoey needs to grow up……She can’t all ways get her way and i don’t think shes that pretty if she going to be like her sister she going to turn in a a ugly trashy btch and i hate her hair brown its so GROSS!i like Nicole a lot better too she was funny and Zoey was just some hottie want-2-be and i do think she a lil fat and brittany COME AND YELL AT ME!!!!!!! I’M WAITING!!!! YOU WON”T MAKE ME CRY YOU BTCH! i know you were just helping your sister but you din’t need to make a girl (Nicole not me) cry i mean come on that is soooooo shollow she is like younger then you! i don’t make my brothers freaks cry when they are mean to him

  • Moe

    Zoey is not the pretties i really think Dana is…. and she can’t sing! he sister can barey sing with her vocie

  • KOOL


  • KOOL


  • Sumanxxx

    im suman and i bum zoey101 im in love wit zoahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh plz dont lket her go

  • aneesa khan

    hi i luv zoey 101 she is the best and i will cryy if she goes away,all my days will go bad nd allso she is sssssoooo fit!!!!!!!!!!11

  • greg cormier

    alexa and jamie lynn is r total hotties and i want to go out with jamie lynn and alexa because they are sexy and hot please gol out with me i am 5″9 and very single [Personal contact info deleted]

  • nikkita


  • URL


  • Kristy

    Please do not fire Alexa or I will never witch your show ever again.

  • ryan tiltbury

    i think zoey 101 is fabolous please don’t fire alexa she is amazing if she isfiedI would just cry

  • duane-ooooo


  • Anna



  • if she left i would cry.

  • uma

    u are soooooooooooooooo stupid i can’t belive u fired nicoola u kniw wut i am telling my whole school to not watch this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ox ashley xo

    Oh my god!!! How can she be fired!!! She’s soo good at acting!! I think its true because Alexa has moved to disney. She’s going to appear in The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody, atleast thats what i have heard.

  • deaa //.

    heyy its deaa again.
    does anybody know why kristin left?
    i hope she didnt get fired.

  • deaa //.

    alexa nikolas was a really good actress. when i heard that she got fired i like cried my self shitless. see what the problem is when you are a popstar there is too many fights going on. jamie is a nice girl. you have to get to know her a little better. im like super upset though because alexa and jamie got into this big ass fight. but its ok. it will all work out. i know everyone is mad. but its k. i know your probably thinking what the hell is she saying like your not the boss, but what i think is britt and jamie just need to keep their cool. thats all you know what i mean? britt spears had a hard time. TRUST ME ON THIS ONE. and so did jamie. alexa and jamie will forget about this. and this is to jamie and alexa and britt: you guys are awesome. thanks for being my idols.
    P.S- you know who your real friends are.

  • leah

    this is so gay i cant beliveve ppl actually believe this stuff

  • nicole

    i hope she does NOT gET FIRED

  • ‘JoJo !


    Girl you’re awesome, i find that everyone’s agreeing with me =) well anywaysss ZOEY 101 ROCKSS

    lovess you all


  • NOT




  • I agree with jojo!!! U rock grrl!!! love ya

    P.S: Nicole and dana rock!!!

  • Jennifer Hoess

    i really like Dana and Nicole. y did they have 2 fire them???????????

  • mac

    instead of kristen or alexa it’s quinn, lola and zoey……i’m sorry but i hate that……..i love the first cast waay better…..this is all wrong…. yeh so that sucks ALOT
    the first season rocked, second was ok, third seems just really dumb.

    ` later guyys

  • Mariah

    I really dont think you should have fired Nicole! she was really funny!! I like Jamie-Lynn just as much as her though! Jamie dont take all the crap the others say just because they fired Nicole!

  • Genius

    im glad shes fired

  • mac

    hey guys…. uhh i haven’t wrote in a while so has jojo……..but i’ll ask her to write more often and i’ll try to write more often too…..well guess what alexa nikolas fans in canada, alexa isn’t in the show anymore and dana isn’t back =(…….bummer isn’t it oh well…i am not absoulute sure of this though…but keep your hopes up kay

    lovess ya

  • Krissa

    i personally like Quinn because she is unique,pretty in a refreshing non-typical pretty way and is smart. ”Zoey” is ugly and unrealistic to have all good traits and no undesierable traits. She is unrealistically perfect and a pain the ass. Dana is cool too, i like her toughness and style [without being too much of a bitch i think, its good to be an independant woman]. Nicole is a pain in the ass too, shes not pretty but i dont care about that, its mainly because she is too girly O.o and that Lola character is as annoying as Zoey/Nicole. I dislike all the male characters, their personalitoies are too typical and have not evolved.

  • krg

    Im so glad Alexa or whatever her name is was fired she really wasnt a good actress. Of course thats my opinion.

  • Olvia88

    Ok the reason why is becuase she a stuck up little brat. Britney was sticking up for Jamie-Lynn

  • conneticut lover

    omg i miss alexa and kristen sooo much i wish it was never zoey 101 it could be nicole 101 or dana 101 i bet they want 2 fire jamie but shes the * star and dont want 2 confuse the wacthers

    p.s. SAVE ALEXA AND KRISTEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    love conneticut lover


  • o.c. girl

    where did you find out that alexa was gonna be on suite life of zack and cody

  • o.c. girl

    i dont like jamie either and think they should fire her and get alexa and kristen back on it . and season 3 is already on for me

  • sydnie

    alexa is awsome i love her. jaimie lynn needs to go sit in a ditch and die. whoever likes jaimie lynn more than alexa is stupid because jaimie lynn is and evil person who should be shot just like her slut of a sister

  • montana

    I’m soooooooo happy that alexa got fired now the show’s going to rock.Kristin herera isn’t in the show all because of ugly alexa.Anyway erin sanders make a great couple with matthew underwood they both are so hot.

  • montana

    I DEFINETLY agree with you girl you got to have some fat in your stomach be like your sister I saw your photo with your boyfriend matthew underwood in the awards and when you and mat went to see sisterhood of the traveling pants the movie
    you are soooooooooofriendly and nice you get along with your co-stars unlike stupid alexa nicolas.You get along with your co-stars and outside with the people you know.Any guy will be ready to date you.Bye sexy.

  • hannah

    Hi Victoria Justice, girl you are soooooooo sexy and cute why don’t you eat your sooooooooo skinny

  • chris

    Jamie Lynn Spears Victoria Justice and kristin Herrera are my girlfriends all of them are hott and adorable no one can still them away from me

  • stephanie

    Jamie you are soooooooooooooooooo sexy

  • paul

    Jamie Lynn Spears will you marry me someday will have tons of kids so people know that many times we had sexxxxxxxx the whole world will know

  • erin

    Jamie is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool and awesome will you go out with me Jamie I’m way hottier and cuter than matthew underwood

  • alexa

    I think Jamie is the best.She and matthew underwood make a hotttie and sexyyyy couple.So what if Brittany screamed at alexa that’s what big sisters are for anyways and alexa is an ass hole she is bitch bitchhhhhhhh.Jamie is soooooooo cuteeeee sexy and beutiful any guys would want to date her.I think matthew underwood her co-star should date her.

  • nicole

    Hi my name is nicole and i hope alexa does not get fired she is the best one on the show.She is my IDOL

  • dede

    I like dana. please let her come back and let lola go. she sucks. dana is good.

  • sarah

    Look, personally I really like Jamie Lynn, but I mean come on, fire Alexa?! That is just wrong, she just made the show pop!! Her and Kristen! The producers on Zoey 101 must be WACK! Next they’re gonna fire chase, because his hairs too bushy! I mean come on this is HOLLYWOOD we’re talking about! It’s not all about being nice to people. sometimes you might not get along, but you need sucess! As for Britney, BUT OUT! Gosh she is just sticking up for Jamie and hanging around the set cause her sucess is down the toilet!!!!!

  • richard

    if you dont like jamie lynn then dont watch the show you dont like her why watch some of the comments are bs because jamie lynn is hot and alot of the girls on here are not

  • Avery

    Omg, she is going to be in the suite life zack and cody, i just read it! Yay for Alexa!

  • Avery

    I really don’t like jamie lynn! She is the reason poor Alexa got fired. Grrrrr, poor kristen too! Zoe 101 is pitiful!

  • leeya


  • XxRachelxX

    Alexa is the best I really liked her and her character Nicole…Its really upsetting that she’s leaving. I wish she wasn’t 🙁

  • nicole

    alexa is the best

  • nicole

    i love alexa!she rocks

  • jnm

    i love everyone.

  • :P

    ALEXA RULES!!!…i too can’t wait till she appears on the suite life of Zack and Cody!!

  • kieron

    Im not even going to lie Alexa should go elsewhere. be serious who’s going to get none iff a bunch of kids are watching her really what decent teenager her age watches that show she should be none by people her age be serious who want to be none by a bunch of kids she should go on one of those shows like the o.c she would get none then and f.y.i. i would totally make out with her!!!!!


  • **VaLe**

    come on!!!
    how can they fired alexa!!!
    they are crazy,that britney is a beech that all people hate because beeng a syli girl .

  • Krista

    I like Suite Life of Zach and Cody more than Zoey 101 and itsgood bcoz alexaisgonna be on my fave show Suite Life of Zach and Cody I cnt wait to see her

  • ‘JoJo !

    To D.Y :

    THaankss i know you agree with me alot and i like it 🙂 you’re awesome !

    well thaankss again


  • D.Y

    to JoJo:

    as you saing….
    i don’t have alot of time on the computer…
    and yes i moticed that i’m agreeing with you alot…(LOL)
    so i’m gonna write ASAP…
    love u all!!

  • alysha

    please dont fire dana n nicole. nicole was the funniest in the show. plz plz dnt fire her. jamie lynn spears is also gud. but why is britney gettin involved.

  • mac

    HEY!!…i just forgot : for u vans in canada i hate to say this but I THINK season 3 is starting in january 2007…i know it stinks!…..but i am not soo sure!!

    later guys

  • saiqa

    please don’t fire Alexa she is the funyesy in Zoey 101 and I only watch Zoey101 because Zoey is in it.I wan’t Alexa and Dana to stay and all to be friends because you 3 are the best ones in the show.I wan’t Britnetny to say sorry to Alexa.
    By your number 1 fan.

  • ‘JoJo !

    Krista , YOU’RE AWESOME ! lol i guess i’m smart and cool ! thaankss you’re awesome !



  • Krista

    OK I guess u thinlk shes a bitch and perfect

  • Jamie lover

    Ummm I no thats what u think but she is abitch and a very bad actress

  • Jamie lover

    I love Jamie Britney is so hot and cool yall are just jealous of Jamie bcoz she is purrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect I love her I wish Iwas her She is not abitch and is the best on the show

  • Krista

    Jojo u seem very smart and cool

  • ‘JoJo !

    i agree with you krista ! 🙂 jamie and britney are such biiittccheesss >:( i mean the only reason i watch the show is to see what happens to chase and zoey and shiit, well anywayss..


  • Abby :'(

    OMG! They did! She’s gone LOOK!! it’s the opening for season 3! Alexa and Kristin aren’t in it! Now the only point in watching is to see what happens with Chase and Zoey! OMG I HATE JAMIE NICKOLODEAN AND THE ZOEY 101 PRODUCERS!!!

  • Krista

    OMG I hate Jamie She is so a biotch She is always the captain of everything I love Dana Nicole is really fun and the flavor of the show Jamie is a plain ugly perfect little girl that is so normal Her dialogue is so vague: Ok why are in… I hate Jamie I want her to get fired and for Britney she is a stupid bitch to marry K. Fed I mean someone that stupid would bound to do something that stupid I wish Dana could be a lead characte and they have to stop Alexa K. Fed I mean someone that stupid would bound to kissing her ass. I love Quinn, Victioria is wnnabee at least in the show her laugh is so annoying They have to stsop promoting Britney

  • Adelia

    That´s terrible!I miss my favourite actress!!!Without her is all strange.I don´t know,what is happend, but i HATE Britney!!!

  • ‘JoJo !

    LOL THAANKSS D.Y YOU’RE THE BEST YOU ALWAYS AGREE WITH ME ! THAAAANKKSSS FOR ALL THE TIME YOU DID ! btw, how come you don’t say alot of things often ?!

    well anywayss… miss ya saying something !


    ‘JoJo !

  • D.Y

    i’m agreeing with u!!!
    they are so irritating!!!
    i’m already hate Britney, but its not Jamies fault…..
    it’s her sister…..



  • ‘JoJo !



  • Princess

    I called them sluts and bitches and I’m not afraid to say it to them personaly!!! I’m sure all of us here would like to kick the SPEARS sister’s asses!!!

  • Princess

    those SPEARS sisters are so annoying! they are total bitches! Jamie’s a bitch and Britney’s a total slut!!! and how dare Britney to yell at Alexa!? I don’t know what they’ve been fighting about but if they continue firing the main characters of the show, it’ll cancel cuz of the viewers hating it now that Kristen and Alexa are fired!!! Jamie should just go away!!! and Britney should keep her legs closed more often… (such a slut she is!!!)

  • mac

    i absoulutley agree with u netter…

  • ‘JoJo !

    HAHA I AGREE ! espeacially with the dana part ; ) she’s the best ! 🙂 MY IDOL ! <33

    well tata

  • netter!!


  • netter!!

    hey jamie if u ever cum to this site…SAME ON U!why did u go fier alexa she was cool i liked u to but now that dana and nicole are gone psh!put her bak on u had no reson to fier dana and nicole was great!what now?the show is going to be boring

  • ‘JoJo !

    1234567890 :

    sorry to burst your bubble 🙁 but alexa is fired from zoey 101. i saw it in season 3 but since i live in canada, it doesn’t show yet, but i watched it on youtube and she wasn’t there.

    ‘JoJo !

  • 1234567890

    Hi I can not believe Alexa got fired. But Jamie is still my favorit character. I really hope all the rumors arnt true. What do you think?

  • ‘JoJo !

    LOL ! sisturr , i don’t know what you’re talking about =P but i think i did 🙂 well anywayssss…SEASON 3 ROCKSS ! i live in canada but if you watch it on youtube IT ROCKSS ! the first 3 eps. rocksss.

    to bad dana isn’t there … : (

    byee LOVVESS YA’LL !


  • mac

    hey sisturr….;)….did u e-mail fam yet??……..u should ask

    ZOEY 101 rocks =)

  • JOE

    ” zoey 101 ” is nothing without alexa. She was the reason everyone watched the program. She made the program light up

  • Hippie

    I never really liked nicole, nor zoey, so since nicole is gone and the story line seems less zoey more on other cast members, I have enjoyed the 1st 2 eps of seas 3 a lot. Quinn is my favorite character, nice to see shes gonna get in the spotlight, dustin is also awesomely spazzerific, hope to see more of him… I have a feeling Im going to like this change!

  • :P

    Zoey 101 Rocks…alexa was my fave cast member…=( And i saw the first episode of the 3rd season onn you tube…just look up zoey 101…ITS THERE!!…EnJoY!!~

  • D.Y


  • #1fan of ZOEY 101

    Hey 88 aka Alexxa Nikolas I knew the roomers were true before I read your FU*#EN e-mail just come to your fu*#en scences and forgive Jamie or if u strtd it say I’m sorry an I wana giv it up to you …..(do something for her that she loves)
    I hope you take this advice seriously
    #1fan of ZOEY 101
    P.S. I’m a fan of all the stars on ZOEY 101 1,2,3- all seasons Zoey and Dutin are my favs u #4.

  • Nicole (Alexxa)is a #*CKEN loser i’m F#*$ED UP with her gett’in into these fights she should have fu*ken left after the first season not Dana (Kristen), Zoey, Dana, Michael, Logan, Dustin, Chase, and Quinn should all be on the show so kiss my Fu*$en Fatass.

  • Alexa is btch shegets in way to many fights with co-stars and she can kiss Jamies ass

  • ‘JoJo !

    LOL ! why didn’t you tell me ? it was then when you called you finally told me ! HAHA I WAS SCHOCKED THAT IT WAS YOU ! 🙂

    byee sisturr


  • mac

    =P…….haha i know you…that’s funny ..cuze you just happened to be my beest friend and mostly a sisterr…..beest sisturr…=)

    so anyways l8ter =P

  • ‘JoJo !

    omg ! mac ! i know you ! lol you’re my friend ! lol no worries you told me when you called, and it was pretty surprising … 🙂 well anywayss…


  • mac

    i agree with jojo…..LOGAN AND DANA LOOK GOOD TOGETHER ….by the waay i am ”mac” short for mackenzie…it’s just a heads up to tell you……=P…

    JOJO: maybe you should ask family when there gonna play season 3 in canada ……maybe they know…..i think you should as every month…like a heads up..=)..let me know

    l8ter, byeee


  • ‘JoJo !

    D.Y : lol i’m not suree if they’re going to show the new season but i called family and they said that they might show it during next year i think , well anywayss..chase is going to tell her ! i think and i hope soo mann ! i want dana to come back ! >=/ cuz i want her and logan to hook upp : ) <3 they look soo cutee together ..

    well anywaayss no worries if you weren't on for a long time !

    byee lovvess ya'll

  • i am soo anoyed alexa is not in zoey 101 anymore.. the show isnt gonna be the same without her.. i dont think there will be as many veiwers as ther were now shes gone.. its dana n then alexa.. y do they have 2 get rid of the BEST acters n not the rubbish acters e.g: ZOEYYYY (JAMIE LYNN) shes onli famous becuz of her sister n i h8 her sister ITS HER THOUGHT ALEXA ISNT IN ZOEY 101 ANYMORE I HATE U BRITNEY FOR THAT.. well alexa has left now i watched 1 of the new episodes without her they r amazin the new episodes chase has got a girlfriend n zoey gets well jelous and walks in on them both snoggin haha lol .. but still aint the same without alexa.. shes brilliant..

  • D.Y

    sorry for not being here for a long time…:/
    but its graet that there is a new season in canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i’m so jealous of you…
    but i steel sad that dana is not going to be in it!!!:(
    is chase is going to tell her… but are u sure that it wasn’t the movie???

  • mac

    don’t you guys think that zoey goess waaay over board with everything….i mean u know that episode where she dresses lola up as a guy…..i mean just because boys act differently around girls…..ring the bell….they don’t have to proove it, by dressing up lola as a guy…anyways you’re probably wondering what this has to do with alexa nicholas leaving the show.it’s just she makes the show really funny and enjoyable when alexa is around…….people tell me if i am right..

  • mac


    i think i know that …anyways..no one knows for sure that it’s coming up next year….it could be anytime…so yeh….hopefully….hey jojo….you should e-mail family them back…see if they have any news on it yet….

    ZOEY101 RULES!!


  • ‘JoJo !

    “mac” short for mackenzie : umm if you read what i wrote on # 83 , you would find out when it’s going to start in canada cuz i live there 🙂


  • i love alexa she was hot

  • Bria

    Hey guys I am a HUGE fan of Zoey 101 and have been waiting FOR-EVE-ERRRRRR for the third season to start.. Does it start at a different time in Canada cause I am a canuck eh?… so if anyone has any clue please respond !!!!

    Thanks a bunch!

  • ”mac” short for mackenzie

    i am really pissed…….why do they have to fire alexa i mean….why not jamie…..i mean she’s not miss SPECIAL HERE…..plus they made her oh sooo perfect…..and she’s absoulutly not perfect….so HA….I LIKE KRISTEN ……SHE THE BEEST….what i wanna know is WHEN IS SEASON 3 OF ZOEY101 STARTING IN CANADA!!

  • mac

    heeey what’s up….who’s ur cousin anastasia…….so anyways yeh just to let ALL know that i am one of those LOVERS OF ZOEY 101…….

    so yeh …

  • Heyyy Guys.. Its Alexaa!!! I am So Happy for People To Be Wrightin in And Sayin Al This Alwsome Stuff About me.. Thanks Guys.. But I am Sorry.. The Roomers Are True I am Not In Zoey 101 Anymore I Didn’t Get Fired Thought Thats One Thing Which Wasn’t True. The Suite Life Of Zack And Codys Producer Asked Me if I Wanted To Act On There. I said Yeah Thats Awsome. I had To Think About It First. But To Be Ohnist I Didn’t Think I would Last On Zoey 101 Anyway.. I wasnt Really Comfortable On The Show For The Last 5 Months Me And Zoey Dont Really Get On That Well!! And We Have To play Best Friends In The Program So That Is A Bit Hard For me.. But We Are Young Im Onli 14 And Shes 15. We Should Be Alright When Were A Little Bit Older. Britney Spears Is a Amazing Singer I do Love Her Work. But I do Admit She Shouldn’t of Butted In Mine And Jamies Life. Because If She Didnt Maybe Me N Her Would Be Great Mates Still As We Used 2 be. Well It Is A Bit ” Suckish ” As I Said In Zoey 101, That Ive Left I am Ganna Miss It Loads I Am Now.. I hope u Enjoy It When It Shows The Episodes When Im Gone.. But My Fans.. Watch Me On The Suite Life Of Zac And Cody. Because That Would Be Awsome Guys.. Thanks For Reading I Love All My Fans.. XxXxXx bYE bYe lOve LeXxi

  • Rach Frm Bristol

    jamie lyn spears ruins peoples lives eg: alexas. i cnt beliv her. . she got her sacked.. alexa is the best character on there.. jus because the shows called zoey 101 n its all about jamie doesnt meen every1 likes her.. i hate her.. no1 wud sack jamie would they.. THE ROOMERS BEST NOT BE TRUE BECAUSE IF THEY ARE IM NOT WATCHIN ZOEY 101 AGAIN BECAUSE ALEXA IS THE BEST 1 IN IT.. IM ALREADY ANNOYED WID DANA GOIN..

  • girliegirl

    I think Jamie doesnt deserve to be on the show. she seems so stupid to me . i mean shes dating alot of older guys. Smoking !!! and shes gonna be like a mini birtney! start off well like then everyones gonna think shes a cow and a b*tch!

  • Dear,jamie you are the best and goodes sing and and show makeing i wish you was my friend and we was on a show with each other but i like on the people on your show and i like your songs and shows and your sis hey do the new show soon ok bye . zoey101…………..

  • danielle

    I can’t beleive they fired Alexa, I don’t like jamie anymore

  • ‘JoJo !

    heey guyss ! if you live in canada i have some bad news for all the zoey 101 fans in canada..i e-mailed family.ca and they said that they’re showing season 3 in jan. , or december soo yeaah pretty sad ..i got bumed out myself but let’s hopee they show it as soon as possible : )

    peaccee out loovvveess ya’ll

  • thanks jojo and nikki what happen in zoey 101 last week 10/1/06 i couldn’t see it i was at the fair i forgot about michael i like every one

  • nikki

    nicole is the best character
    she doesn’t deserve to be fired
    she was the olny boy crazy character

  • ‘JoJo !

    i like dana
    i like nicole
    i like logan
    i like zoey
    i like chase
    i like michael

    That’s basically the first season cast


  • ooooooooooooooo i forgot jamie ,brittny,or people of the show zoey 101 if you fier one more person i am suer that 95%will not watch the show
    i love jamie and alexa .anatasia what is her phone number elle and everyone that like alexa why do you like her? i am going to see how many people like alexa ,jamie ,chase,logan ,lola,quin and dustin so who ever you like put i like…..
    if u like alexa when you read this write i like alexa
    if u like jamie put i like jamie
    if u like chase put i like chase
    if u like logan put i like logan
    if u like lola put i like lola
    if u like quin put i like quin
    if u like dustin put i like dustin
    if u like dana put i like dana

  • i know people are saying that they are not going to watch zoey 101 any more but every one they didn’t fier alexa she had to quit because she was going to move to another state

  • i love the new season because i think that chase is going to tell zoey that he loves her….i also hate it because at the end of last weeks show whe chase kissed that girl i hate chase……………….

  • ‘JoJo !

    okaay anatasia.. alexa nikolas is your cousin ? or jamie lynn ? well anyways…


  • anastasia

    i think that alexa is a way better actor than jaime. i should call her and ask whats up because she my cousin. so yeah peace.

  • Yah it totally sucs that they fired alexa but there is somthing you can do.Go to savealexa.com and sign a petition targeting the producers of zoey101!!!Please send the petition to anyone you know unless you truly hate alexa!!!You can send it to more than 5 people by clicking the letter icon at the far top right of the page.

  • Nick Lover 12

    Alexa has to come back. I love her so much!
    Jamie is gonna go! I hope you come back i miss u.

  • A.G.

    I really think that alexa should stay. Jamie should get fired. her sister and her are the most horrible people that ever acted. Who ever fired Alexa, You just made the biggest mistake in your Career and your life!!!!!!!!!!! I’m soooooooooooooooo sorry for you alexa. I really hope they put you bak. Your the best! 🙂

  • ‘JoJo !

    jamie still could be famous without britney because i read from a magazine or was it tv? anywho, britney said that she is a waay better singer than her and surely a better actress, but even, i still think jamie is a good character, BUT she needs to change her attitude

  • cute

    I love Jamie Lynn Spears! I started watching this show because of her… also because I’m a Britney Spears fan.

    Hello? Zoey 101 won’t be famous without her.

  • popcorn

    all the charecters need to stay to make the show live

  • ‘JoJo !

    heey hailee who are you talking by the way ? sorta confused


  • Hailee

    are you still on cuz i cant watch it right now

  • that was for #18

  • zoey is not fffffffffaaaaaaaaaattttttttt!so shut-up!so your fffffffffffffffffffffaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  • zoey101

    i saw the next episode chase brakes up with his girlfriend so that his friendship with zoey dosent end.

  • Alexa is da bomb, So what if she got in a fight with Jamie. Put her back on Zoey 101.

  • marvaron

    i know you think most boys don’t watch zoey 101 but trust me i do, but after the comments i heard about jamie lynn i am very disappointed, i really think that alexa should stay. i think jamie lynn is a diva too and that’s bad.

  • Rhiannon

    Jamie-Lynn is a spoiled brat. britney has no right interfering and just made matters worse.
    Alexa deserves better than to be fired over a squabble and cat fighting with ‘her majesty’.

    Lets hope Alexa gets her own show. 🙂

  • ‘JoJo !

    umm okaay hailee i’m in canada i’m guessing you’re from the U.S? well here in canada, they’re showing zoey 101 next year. soo sorry i can’t answer your question! 🙁

    ‘JoJo !

  • Hailee

    can yuo awnser me?????????????

  • Hailee

    i love the show Zoey101 but it wasnt right that they fired Nicole or dana! i loved them!!!! i wish they were still there.
    did you see the zoey 101 last night? when chase got a girlfriend and he was kissing her when Zoey walked into the room. my favorite character is Lola!!!!!

  • who cares

    i think jamie lynn is better i mean look how popular she is …shes more talented..richer and mre famous so sure alexa was a good actress but 2 bad …she got fired1!!

  • ‘JoJo !

    awww i miss my old name soo i’ll make it spunkier to ‘JoJo ! well anyways..BYEE!!

  • Zoey 101 Looveer

    hehe it’s me jojo again, nvm i got a better name than zoey 101 <3 ( the heart won't show ) i'll change it to Zoey 101 Looveer well anyways..! byee and i'll write more once i find out more 🙂 byeee

  • Zoey 101

    heey this is jojo but i changed my name to Zoey 101 <3 cuz well i love that show ! so don't think im gone im still here ! : )


  • Lisa

    I LOVE alexa and I hope she does get a show on Disney Channel like #52 said!! I think its stupid they fired her all because of a little fight and I think it was wrong for Jamies Biotch sister to yell at her and crap!!! I also LOVE Jamie.

  • Steve

    Don’t believe everything u read till we hear from Alexa’s word about the truth.
    Maybe She decided to not sign for third season. I heard the rumor is that she will be appearing on “The suite life of Zack and Cody” but don’t know when it will be on. Also, Alexa will be on “High School Musical 2” next spring or summer 2007. Because she is a close friend of Vanessa Hudgens. Alexa already appeared on Vanessa’s music video on Disney channel, she was wearing black cap to cover her eyes. U can tell by her smile and black hair. It may be that she will be getting her own series on Disney Channel. Who knows?

  • jojo

    D.Y : well there was this commercial i saw on Youtube, and it was sooo cutee! chase is going to tell zoey that he loovess her! but i didn’t see dana in it : ( but she might come back might not know! soo cross your fingers all you dana fans like me 😉 well anyways..


  • D.Y

    jojo’ how did u find it?!?!?!?!?

  • jojo

    well from what i heard, there is going to be season 3 on sunday september 24 at 8:00 but im not sure if it’s PM or AM soo i’ll tell you guys more when i find out more !


  • go to this website to sign the petition set up by someone.

    Sign this petition to keep Alexa Nikolas on Zoey 101.

    Please everyone try to sign.

  • Zoey 101

    Let’s all sign a petition to keep Alexa Nikolas.

  • Zoey 101

    I think you guys r all right. You know thats not fair at all. If they keep firing cast members then, the show will go down in the dumps. The ratings will go down and they will go out of showbiz. I mean Alexa Nikolas, Victoria Justice, and Kristin Herrera are really great actors. They are the cast members that made the first and second season the best season. If they fire Alexa then the show is going to be a wreck.

  • Erica

    OMG! they can’t fire alexa, if they do no one will watch the show. i cant beleve that they fired kristen either. i love lola too, there gonna fire her next if they keep fire all there good actors. jamie is a horrible actdress, she is only famos because her sister (by the way everyone hates her sister)if they want to fire all there good actors there should just fire the worse one jamie who brought her sister into this. most a quarter of the guys in my school stopped watching the show because kristen left, they all thoght she was hot. so if they fire alexa no one will watch the show, i hate jamie now and she is reall fat!!!!! ha ha!

  • zzzzzzzo

    where are u from???
    because here in canada we dont have season 3 and they have 3 seasons….

  • hey there. i can’t believe this, they’re going to fire alexa? that can’t just be! she’s totally a very big part in zoey 101 and how can there be a zoey without her bestfriend? hello?? but for me, it’s okay if jaimie would be fired, i don’t really like her and she is not that pretty though. i used to like britney before too but not anymore. especially because of what she did to alexa! why would she do that? i know she’s jaimie’s sister and everything but how could she? alexa’s character is really priceless and funny! why fire her? oh, and i’m happy they’re bringing back kristin! she’s is my favorite and i love her personality. she’s my role model. i can’t wait for season 3 but i’m not looking forward for alexa not being in that season.. not happy at all..

  • D.Y

    you are from israel??
    me too..
    and i think that you know me!!



  • you wish

    thanks jojo!!:)
    you have it in episode to?

  • nicole

    why alexis was have to be fire?
    is anybody knows why?

  • jojo

    to you wish…

    yeah spring break is when they go to logan’s house and do teh “gender defenders” show..and they only show it in episode form. well anyways byee

  • Z.A


  • You Wish

    i have a question…

    spring brake is when all of them are going to logen’s house right??
    with the whole story that chase send a message??8)

  • D.Y

    **the third will come next

  • D.Y

    to jojo…
    you have zoey 101 now right??

    we have the first season again, and after the first season we will have the second and i think that the first will come next….
    maybe it happend in canada too….


  • jojo

    hello anyone know when zoey 101 season 3 starts?!?! pllleaaasseee answer moi anyone?!?!

  • Faiza

    Shes getting Fired 🙁 I read it on Imdb.com and it says that shes in a abd accident like Wtf Shes like the best charactor it wont be a show without her and its great danas coming back but i think that firing alexa was a bad mistake

  • alexa is way better than jamie
    why did brittney yell at alexa,she has no right!!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
    LET ALEXA STAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jojo

    sorry typo does**

  • jojo

    o0o0o doesn anyone know when season 3 is going to start in canada? pleeassee tell me and i’ll be happy =] THANKSS!

  • D.Y

    youre welcome =]

  • jojo

    thank you for agreeing with me D.Y i want dana back on the show and i want nicole to stay and victoria justice to get fired. i mean this girl is waay to skinny
    well anyways….thanks for agreeing with me again D.Y!


  • If u dont agree that alexa should get fired go to savealexa.com

  • D.Y

    I agree with jojo!!!
    Jamie is such a wonna be!! i hate her!!

  • D.Y


  • chichi

    Maybe they fired her because they only want three girls in room 101? That can simply be changed by having the room by shared by 4 girls. I like Nicole in the show. She remind a bit of me in a way. If she is out of the show then who is going to replace Zoey bestfriend in the show? Dana doesn’t seem likey to be a bestfriend (if she is coming back) Lola? I don’t know if that is really a good idea. They don’t seem in my mind to work out like that. If Dana does come back who would she fight with? Lola? I just think the writers really need to rethink their actions and stop making mistakes in the show. They had the right cast in the season.

  • jojo

    i found out that kristin herrera might return to zoey 101 but i don’t know i mean..why would they fire someone and bring them back? not that i dont want dana back me and my bhessy (bestfriend) LOVE her she’s like our role model! i want Kristin back and i want Alexa to stay..i want JAMIE TO GET FIRED! i like: Victoria justice, kristin herrera, alexa nikolas etc. but not jamie she’s such a wanna be i mean she tries to be perfect! i bet you they wont fire her cuz she’s the main star and chase “likes” her if they keep firing people like i said before..this show will go down and will never go anywhere

  • jojo

    they have 3 seasons but guess they’ll make more

  • D.Y

    ?? someone???
    it will help me!!!


  • D.Y

    i’m from israel and we have only 2 seasons without the movie… 🙁
    how many seasons do you have??



  • for number 16#

    if you hadn’t notice, Jamie is so fat!!!
    she is annoying and the unly thing that she is good at is to sing!!!
    i hate her !
    maybe Alaxa can not sing but she can act mach better than Jamie…

  • faz

    i like all the cast members but you shouldn’t fireeeeeeee nickalos because she makes the audience laugh and a little special.Butttttttttttt, i reallllly didn’t think so that BRITTTTTTTNNNNNNEEEYYY SSPPEEARRSS had to buttttt in the show and she doesn’t have to yell at nickalos and you know what jamie lynnnn speeaarrs does not have to always wear mini skirts to show yourlegs(i am not saying that i hate you it’s just i wanna stick for my friend that’s gonna go so soon that is nickalos)but all i am saying is that you shhould not no one get hurt or upset or(espesially)no one getting out. Look jamie i know how to speak like you and i always wanna be you your a very nice person and i think your very beauyiful and glamous and pretty but would you just do me a favour and say to nickalos i want you to come back on my show pleeeaaasssssssssseeeeee put nickalos back as soon as possible. good luck talking to her and oh one more thing just saysorry to your sister bye

  • Coltyn

    Well not only girls watch this show well 75% girls do and if jamie was gone then i would never watch that show again. If any of you havnt noticed zoey aka jamie lynn spears is the hottest girl on that show. She can sing,Shes got looks and most importantly she has the attitude.

    The script is awsome! If jamie was gone then i predict atleast 95% of the guy audiance would never watch that show again Not to mention all the girls who would leave.

    Alexa most likely didn’t deserve to be yelled at by britany and we all know how bad her life is right now. Jamie lynn and alexa shouldn’t talk off set if all they do is fight. If they try to say nicole died and move along with the show that wouldnt work because that doesnt fit the shows theme i mean nicole dieing…That doesnt seem right.

    Im sad to see a cast member go but saying jamie lynn spears doesnt belong on that show is the worst thing i have heard all year.

  • Marisa

    I LOVE Alexa!!!
    Boy,Britney hasn’t ANYTHING to do with the show!I HATE HER!!!^^
    Why they don’t make a show ONLY with Jamie Lynn, huh…ya know,what I mean is, Jamie’s not the ONLY and BEST one on the show!
    Alexa acts MUCH BETTER than Jamie Lynn does!!
    I think Alexa and Vicky r the best characters on the Show!

  • love her!!!

    thet is so wrong to fire alexa!!!
    i love her so mach!!!
    i can’t understand why Britney had to yell at her!
    if jamie is older anogh to be a star on her own t.v show, she can protect herself!!!!!!!!
    don’t fire her it will kill your show!!!
    if youre will put alexa in the lead the show will be better,
    so you better fire jamie!!!!!
    and i’m waiting for britney to come and yell at me….

  • I like Alexa Way better then i like jamie …. Alexas character has so much more personality and thats probly y peopellike her so much

  • shane

    i love jamie lynn spears and zoe 101 love from shane.

  • jojo

    Elle: I guess the reason why she’s on mostly on the covers is because she’s a main character which is not fair to the other characters..

  • bridge

    i like jamie and kirsten i just dont like alexa ahes mega anoying i wanna kill er

  • Em

    i think Jamie is a btch

  • have you ever noticed that on the cover of a lot of th Zoey 101 things alexa isn’t on them i wonder why that is and on the spring break up the show there competeing for when it airs and there showing the ast alexa isn’t intradused i wonder why that is too

  • alexa is personally my favorite charachter

  • i agree kristen and alexa make the show happen to noy just jamie i don’t even like jamie and the reason they were all fighting is probably because of jamie if anybody should be fired it should be jamie not alexa or kristen

  • jojo

    i don’t want alexa nikolas to get fired..i want her to stay on zoey 101 and it goes for kristin herrera too you know…me and my friend don’t really watch the show anymore because dana isn’t in it. They can’t just say she magically went to paris. all my friends love dana we think that’s she’s awesome. alose jamie lynn isn’t the only character on the show. even though the show is called zoey 101 everyone on that show makes the show great not only zoey. i heard that the 3 main girls fought with eachother. but i think it’s a rumour because to me alexa seems like a nice person. and kristin too. i think the reason why they mostly fight is becuase of jamie. people say that she has a diva attitude. to me if they keep firing the fave characters the show will likely go down and have no where to go.

  • Bosman

    If Alexa is fired, me and my friends won’t be watching the show any more. Jamie Lynn isn’t the only star of that show. Alexa is awesome, and she needs to stay. But if I were her, and if these reports are true, I’d go elsewhere at this point and rise above the decisions made at Nick.

  • Mel

    i mean KRISTEN

  • Mel

    same wit dana!

  • Mel

    why would they fire ALEXA! like thats sooo stupid. i loved her