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The Ego and the Prince

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Pink has written to Prince William, asking him to stop killing animals for fun after it was revealed that while on safari in Africa, Masai warriors taught him to track animals and throw hunting spears.

The letter reads; “I was happy to hear that I was your first choice to play at your 21st birthday bash, then disgusted to learn that you hunt and kill animals for fun and that you purposely rammed a spear through a tiny deer in Africa. Why? Was it some kind of ‘trying to prove you’re a man’ trip? But hey, we all make mistakes in our lives and we can all change. Hopefully you’ll have a change of heart and find more interesting things to do with your spare time than kill animals. Call me or PETA if you’d like any suggestions! Then maybe I’ll come play at your next birthday!”

Wow Pink is that a promise or a threat? Who the hell does this bimbo think she is? I hope that the Prince filed her note in the circular file. Oh and Pink, insulting his masculinity didn’t exactly help your case you putz.

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  • I find prince william, to be a horrible spolit bart, he watches tv, and he sees football, and he says outloud, like maniac, hey why don’t i become the president of the fa, i could be an irritating prickm who appears in all england’s warms ups, from now on, now whenever a bog matcvh is about to come up,m this annoying prick, like some roman empeor, who maee himself win the olympic gold medla, fopr horse racing, will appear on the seen, and saym, “hi pals its me again”, “i wasn’t with you for the liechtensteinm, m,atch, otr the match v albania, but heere io am just before the world cup quarter final, match with brazil, and if you win i will claim credit for it, so lets have less talk about the actuial matcvh, and just talk about a prick like me, football survived ok, withouit annoying pricks like him pushing themselves on the action, no wonder less people are watching footbal,l, if pricks like him try and ruin it

  • dfgdfgdfg

    prince william, and pribce harry seem like rich lucky so and so’s to me, now that the scumbag fa, have appointed prince william as their king, i have a excuse to hate the england team, instead of just anti-enmglisshness, now i can hate them for appoiting somebody realted to king leopold, the kaiser, who causded ww1 and so more deaths than stalin, queen victoria (who caused the irish famine), and the king of italy who appointed mussolini, booh, down with imperial facists, we hope france win in 2006 in the world cup

  • jadester

    i have to say that over this incident i reckon there was much over-reaction. Do people expect the prince to be arrogant when he travels abroad and not make an attempt to learn other peoples’ ways, most likely offending them (at the least) in the process? or do they expect him to act as royalty traditionally should (well, ok, MODERN royalty, as i believe much of our royalty in the past started various wars and so on when they went abroad), and learn other peoples’ ways?
    He hasn’t come back to england with the intent of making deer here extinct, ffs.

  • Eric Olsen

    If thou poketh it, thou must eat it

  • I doubt that I have the same apocalyptic potential to immanentize the eschaton that Brian has, but for what it’s worth, I agree with Al, Mark, and The Theory.


  • The Theory


  • If Brian Flemming were now to show up agreeing with us, then you’d know that was a sign from the Revelation of John that the end times are upon us.

  • Well it would have been pretty durn rude if he had refused to go with them when they offered to take him hunting. Not proper protocol you know.

    Surely this is a good thing, the Masai are not “buying into” globilisation. They are out there living off the land, being at one with nature. This is a good thing to teach a Prince right?

  • The Theory

    …the world is about to end. waaah!

  • hey, look..me, Al and The Theory all agree on something.

    as radar oreilly used to say: “holy shi-wow!”

  • The Theory

    i tend to agree with Al on this. oivey!

  • Pink is anything but punk. She’s just pulling the usual PETA over-reaction. I don’t know the story other than what’s printed here, but I’m guessing that after he speared this “tiny deer” he and the tribe ate it. If he hadn’t done it, one of their members would have. Big deal.

  • I take this as a nice punk rock gesture from Pink. Giving royalty the finger like this tends to appeal to me, even if the particular PETA issues are dumb.

    Perhaps I’m too generous in my interpretation, though. I surely view her actions through a fairly thick hormonal haze.

    I sure wish she’d rebuke ME like that.

  • 1. Yes.

    2. Because I write my posts right after I get up…yeesh what a dolt I am. Oh yeah, they changed the link on me and never told me.

  • two questions:

    1. don’t masai warriors eat nothing but meat?

    2. why are the links at the bottom of marty’s posts always broken?