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The Dutch Go Nuts

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On 9/11, roughly 3,000 Americans were slaughtered in coordinated attacks by well over a dozen Muslim terrorists. There was a great fear among the chattering classes that mass lynchings of Arabs and widespread oppression of Middle Easterners was going to occur here in the US.

It didn’t.

Yes, a few isolated incidents took place, and the perpetrators were sought after, and if found, punished. But there were no crazed lynch-mobs slavering for Islamic blood.

Now, let’s flash forward about three years. In The Netherlands, just about the most liberal, politically-correct, tolerant place on the planet, a single fellow gets murdered, and here is the reaction:

The Netherlands has seen an upsurge in violence since outspoken filmmaker Theo van Gogh was shot and stabbed to death by a suspected Islamic militant as he cycled to work on 2 November.

The murder provoked at least 20 arson attacks on mosques, churches and schools, several of them in the south where Mr Balkenende spoke at the Fatih mosque in Eindhoven.


Van Gogh had enraged some Muslims with a film accusing Islam of promoting violence against women.

His murder has prompted attacks on mosques and Muslim schools by right-wing radicals and revenge attacks on churches and Christian schools by Islamic militants.

A Muslim school was damaged by a bomb last Monday, another set ablaze on Tuesday and a Catholic school in Eindhoven was destroyed by fire on Wednesday.

Prosecutors said preliminary investigations into a fire that destroyed a small mosque on Saturday in Helden showed it was a case of arson, but no-one had been arrested.

Wait a second. This seems odd.

We mindless, violent, crazy, inbred, uneducated, white-trash Americans respond with class and relative calm to the worst terrorist attack in the history of mankind. Meanwhile, those sophisticated, cultured, high-minded and peace-loving Europeans respond to one single guy getting offed with violent attacks on places of worship and schools.

This just doesn’t jibe with what I’ve been told by The Guardian and The Mirror

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  • Actually citizens from around the world, more than 30 nations, died in the World Trade Center. And the response from the rest of the world was unprecedented.

    And then little evil men like you pissed all over that generosity to advance tribal greed and hatred.

  • “little evil men like you pissed all over that generosity to advance tribal greed and hatred.” – that would be Osama bin Laden – correct? No!

    Well go to hell then.

  • Marc, thank you for proving my point that the USA is represented to the rest of the world mostly by vicious, ignorant, evil, sour, little bastards.

  • google

    Firstly, using the term Muslim here is like saying all Nazis were Catholics – it stinks of cultural elitism. Secondly, violent incidents do not a pogrom or jihad make. Thirdly, the film-maker made an offensive film – even if it was protected under freespeech. Finally, the word is gibe, not jibe, but your intolerant mind would not know that, would it?

  • Bernard

    Trust me, it’s hardly a kristallnacht over here. There are however several groups that use the incidents of last week to push through their own violent agenda.

    There has been one murder (van Gogh), one small explosion that blew the door of a school and one school burned to the ground. The other incidents, to my knowing about four or five of them have been isolated acts of vandalism. Burned rainpipes and the like.

    Terrible enough, and no I didn’t recognize my country for about two days, but your pulling it out of proportion.

    and two other points:

    1. The book sucks. Even if Amazon doesn’t, it’s not funny, and more importantly just nonsense.

    2. How is that inferiority complex of yours coming along? You uneducated, white trash, inbred American 😉

  • Bernard

    O and by the way, this would be an apt description:

    ‘Yes, a few isolated incidents took place, and the perpetrators were sought after, and if found, punished. But there were no crazed lynch-mobs slavering for Islamic blood’

  • SFC Ski

    THis does not surprise me, IIRC, A Dutch politician, Pim Fortyun (sp?), had a pretty radicla right anti-immigration platform and was murdered prior to elections. THe surprising thing was he actually had a large polling margin. THis is not to day that all the Dutch are fasicsits in waiting, looking for a Fuhrer figure, but that the split of opinion and antagonism between native-born Durtch and their non-assimilating immigrant population is an issue.

  • Senor Sopa

    gibe also jibe Audio pronunciation of “jibe” ( P ) Pronunciation Key (jb)
    v. gibed, also jibed gib·ing, jib·ing gibes, jibes
    v. intr.

    To make taunting, heckling, or jeering remarks.

    v. tr.

    To deride with taunting remarks.


    A derisive remark.

    [Possibly from obsolete French giber, to handle roughly, play, from Old French.]giber n.
    gibing·ly adv.

    [Download Now or Buy the Book]
    Source: The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition
    Copyright © 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company.

  • rj

    thanks, senor sopa!