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The Dumbocrats Choke In The Clutch

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Now that Baby George Bush has signed the war funding bill the Dumbocrats will look back on a missed opportunity. Rather then simply cave in to their fears of being seen as not supporting our brave soldiers who have been thrown into this misadventure, Congress should have seized the opportunity to create some semblance of balance in the policies that have moved from the extreme left to the extreme right in the past six years.

Baby George has lived his life as a spoiled kid. His belief that he can do and say anything he wants was re-enforced while he had the luxury of a GOP controlled congress that would not break from him. Unfortunately the Dumbos lack the intestinal fortitude to slap Baby George until he realizes that he cannot continue to act like the brat that he is.

The Dumbos should have had the guts to mix other policy initiatives with Iraq War funding, that continue to reiterate the message that Baby George no longer has a blank check. This would have meant pressing Bush on issues that are near and dear to him and his evangelical backers, or force America to make a final decision as to what to about Iraq.

One thing that Pelosi and her core of losers could have done was to add federal funding for stem cell research and abortion clinics to the war funding bill. It is true that both these initiatives have nothing whatever to do with the war in Iraq, but the Dumbos needed to stand up to Baby George and say, “you can’t have it all…you can choose the war or stem cells and abortion.” Since the Dumbos lacked the guts to take this type of action, they failed miserably to restore our system of checks and balances which has fallen by the wayside over the last six years.

Another rider on an Iraq funding bill that would have made sense is to either reinstate the draft or require two years of military service from all U.S. citizens under thirty. These are not uncommon practices, as many countries require some form of service in return for the privileges that come with citizenship. When service is required, it creates a military that is truly representative of the people, and a shared experience that spans all races and levels of wealth, leading to a stronger sense of patriotism and national unity.

Clearly many people, especially neoconservatives, would scream at the possibility of their kids serving in Iraq. However, adding such policies to the Iraq war bill would have forced Baby George to place the burden of war across a much broader section of the American people, and would be a true test of the extent that Americans are willing to support this misadventure.

Given their lack of guts and reluctance to force Bush to choose between Iraq and his far right domestic policies, the Dumbocrats have shown that they are no more trustworthy with power than are the neocons and evangelicals who are in charge now. It’s a sad statement as to the future of our nation and demonstrates the pressing need for reforming our political process that it has allowed small but vocal and wealthy groups on the left and right fringes to hijack it.

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  • Dee

    The Democrats are a f*cking joke. If they can’t stand up to a President with approval ratings in the 20s, then they are useless or at least should not be working for the people via government. If anything this again screams that (1) our government and/or system is broken or needs some serious changes and (2) we really badly need a 3rd party in this country that can be a legitimate challenge.

  • Republican

    You are absolutely correct in your assessment that the Democrats are a joke. Until they recognize that the vast majority of Americans do not want to be another socialistic, European like state they will remain irrelevant. When they do come to their senses and get over this fantasy they will become Republicans.

  • Maurice

    People of all stripes are weary of the same old tripe. It appears nobody has the balls to draw a line in the sand.

  • Nancy

    No – not Republicans; November put paid to that wishful thinking myth of yours. People are sick of BOTH parties: a plague on BOTH your houses, as it were, since both are just two different facets of the same party, the oligarchic/plutocratic party of Big Business & Special Interests, which the Dems serve by stealth, & the GOPs blatantly.

    I agree, the Dems disgust me almost as much as the GOPs do, for sheer spinelessness, disorganization, & inability to function as a group. The topping on the cake is the corruption creeping out of the corners, altho they vowed to clean house (& senate). Same old business as usual.

    I suspect the only cleaning that will do any good on the political scum of both parties that infest the Hill will have to be something more than just calling Orkin.

  • Nancy

    Pity those idiot Jihadists took out the twin towers instead of doing a proper job by taking out congress & the W.H. I cried over the people lost on 9/11, but there’s damned few pols on The Hill – or their pimp lobbyist buddies on K street – and NONE in the WH – that I’d so much as sniffle for.

  • sr

    YABOSI you are correct to call them Dumbocrats. Just look at their party emblem the jackass. Like du, how dumb can you get.

  • sr

    Almost forgot. Lets change that frecking bumper sticker from Im proud to be a democrat to Im proud to be a dumbfuck.

  • Dr Dreadful

    sr: I’m changing my bumper sticker from ‘Bush Sucks’ to ‘Bush Sucks – and so does everyone else’.

  • Baronius

    “Clearly many people, especially neoconservatives, would scream at the possibility of their kids serving in Iraq.”

    Upon what do you base that comment?

  • The Democrats did NOT choke, the American people did. Without a majority in either house of congress large enough override the arogant jerk in the White House’s vetos, we have nothing to look forward to but his smirks and vetoes until January of 2009

  • Baronious,

    I base my comment on many personal conversations with a broad range people that I’ve had over the past few year, spanning the four key regions of the U.S. (West, Midwest, South, East). Outside of military families, I’ve found that most parents, even those who ardently support Baby George and his Big Iraqi Adventure have done little or nothing to encourage their children to enlist, and are against mandatory service if it includes one of their kids.

    I was at dinner recently with a very good friend who is a fervent Bush supporter (and a fun guy to debate with), and my question as to what he’s done to try to convince his seventeen-year-old to enlist stopped him in his tracks. When I pointed out to him that if he’s not willing to sacrifice his kid for the cause then he’s got no business supporting the war, all he could do was shrug and lamely respond that college is more important.

    I think that’s how Iraq is different from WWII. During WWII, enlisting was noble and seen as a shared responsibility while today joining the military is often (not always, mind you, but quite often) viewed as being for someone who can’t get into college. It’s one of the ramifications of an all-volunteer military vs. mandatory service that ensures a broad cross-section of the population is enlisted.

    — Yabosi

  • Jet,

    Yes, congress did choke. If they’d had the guts to hold out and place riders on the bill for things like Stem Cell or mandatory service, Baby George eventually would have caved in. Congress just needed to keep repeating the message that the Baby can’t always have his way.

    Baby G. is so concerned about his legacy, and Iraq is such a big part of it, that he’ll do almost anything to protect the investment in his Big Adventure.

    By slapping Baby around a bit, Congress could have got back some of the checks and balances that have been lost over the past 6 years.

    What makes this failure especially bad is that should a Dumbo get elected to the White House with a Dumbo-controlled congress, we’ll see “Dumbo’s Revenge”, resulting in an even bigger swing back to the left that will be just as unhealthy for America (and possibly more) as these past six plus years have been.


  • Arch Conservative

    “Baby G. is so concerned about his legacy, and Iraq is such a big part of it, that he’ll do almost anything to protect the investment in his Big Adventure.”

    The worst thing about “Baby G” is not simply that he is concerned about his legacy but that he actually still believes that if we stay in Iraq long enough it will eventually turn some time of glorious victory for America to be celebrated for eons to come. Even those of us who voted for him and once supported him long ago realized that ship has sailed.

  • MCH

    You’re preaching to the choir, here. Tell that to Nalle.

  • sr

    Doc#8. Damn dude you do make me laugh. Of course Im conservative however thats funney. Thanks Doc.

  • MCH

    “Lets change that frecking bumper sticker from Im proud to be a democrat to Im proud to be a dumbfuck.”

    Yeah, and lets change the one that says Im proud to be a Republican to Im proud to be a chickenhawk.

  • “Yeah, and lets change the one that says Im proud to be a Republican to Im proud to be a chickenhawk.”

    And let’s put the first one we print on John McCain’s car.

    I don’t see him over fighting that war he supports.

  • sr

    MCH, Republicans dont stick bumper stickers on their cars. Im not about to put a bumper sticker on my new Caddy. Watched a show tonight on TV. Who would win the fight between ass and elephant. What a splat.

  • Dr Dreadful

    Republicans dont stick bumper stickers on their cars.

    So all those old BUSH/CHENEY stickers I keep seeing must belong to bemused Democrats whose votes got stolen by Diebold.

  • sr

    Jet I just came across A Real-Life Nightmare Scenario you wrote May 3 06. Holy crap. Wish I could have been with you because now Im pissed off. Do you know who the scum are? Was this done because — — — or for some other reason. Let me know friend. Have Glock will travel.

  • Arch Conservative

    I don’t know why anyone on either side would want to stick a political bumper sticker on the back of their car. It’s like sticking a bullseye on it for the morons on the other to come vandalize your car.

    So at last count the Democrats are trying to force socialism down our throats and we have a GOP president who is either to stupid or too proud to reading the 20 foot high neon writing on the wall.

    From where is sit the ONLY beacon of hope currently on the American political landscape is Mitt Romney. To put it quite simple …….

    Mitt is “da man!”

  • Nancy

    Romney won’t get the nod; the GOP can’t stomach him either: too many flipflops, too slick, & a mormon to boot, so too many won’t even consider voting for him. I suspect it’s going to boil down to a slugfest between Giuliani & Thompson but come to naught because the GOP brass have already bought McCain.

  • sr

    Damn Doc. Why do you always spoil my fun you Rumpelstiltskin. Arch I plan to vote for the Hilldabeast just to watch this country go to hell in a hand basket. That way I can sit back, prop up my feet, turn on the TV and watch the Muslims rapeing our women, killing our childen, beheading our pets along with the dumbacraps, mormon’s and having Sunday camel races on ESPN. That sure the hell would be more fun then football.

  • Dr Dreadful

    sr said (no kidding):

    Arch I plan to vote for the Hilldabeast

    Somebody fetch a mop. Arch’s head just exploded.

  • Speaking of bumper stickers, I’ve seen a hell of a lot of Clinton/Gore stickers in Ohio lately. Maybe it’s because they’re tearing the Bush ones off out of embarrassment?

    The American people aren’t as fooled as you might think, They can see that nothing’s being done in congress, because they know Bush won’t let it, due to a lack of an veto overriding majority in congress.

    He’s got nothing to lose, and that smug smirck will stay on his face for years to come, because he knows there’s not enough of a majority to impeach him either.