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The Duke’s Web-Record #5 – Free For To Own, Mock And Cherish

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You may or may not know, but among the many time-wasting pursuits The Duke has engaged in over time, the one that has held my attention the longest has been the old moaning in G, or “singer-songwriter” type bollocks.

Perhaps I should have forgotten all about it by now, like the time I mused on the idea of becoming a Hare Krishna, but then figured no, fuck that, actually, I can’t be arsed.

Anyway, what happened all a damn sudden, is that yet another opus of whining, chord change, whining, chord change and so on fell out my face over the last weekend, and ended up on the web-net. What it amounts to, is an eight-track affair by the name of Songs From The Back Room, a title which, cunningly, I’m sure you’ll agree, alludes not only to the spot wherein said ditties were etched into digital waves, but also the fact that lots of the “material” concerns The Youthful, Reckless Duke and so on.

And here’s a surprise; I usually detest these things, although I quite liked the last couple. This here I think I would actually listen to even if it wasn’t me, which is very bizarre. Some of it is very, very bleak for some reason, like the break-up tune that sounds like a murder ballad, and then there’s more carefree stuff like The Ballad Of The Kirsten Dunst Tennis Ball or Goth Girls Turn Me On.

I think, possibly, I might even consider owning up to the fact that yeah, that was me right there, should any attractive female acquaintances happen to hear it bleating from out the window.

Go And Check It Out why don’t you? Probably you won’t lose anything, and you may even gain something, like a whole new reason for to ignore The Duke and everything he stands for, the sarcastic motherfucker.

Thanks folks.

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  • Actually, dear reader, i would say if you think you’ll give it a try, go for Goth Girls Turn Me On and You, Yeah You. If you odn’t like either of those, probably best to ignore the rest. if you weren’t gonna ignore it in the first place.

  • and #4 is very, very, very bleak. If thats your thing. i’ll go to bed now.

  • Man! This is just freaking awesome – The tennis ball song gets me!

    Thank you, Duke

  • aw thanks man! i’m glad you liked it. i think it’s my favourite of the EP’s i put on there. some folks think it’s incredibly bleak. depressingly so. I dunno. certainly some of it is pretty dark, i guess.

    but things like Tennis Ball lighten the mood, i would wager. heh.