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The Duke Relates A Message From Patti Smith

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A mini-post here, what is to tell you all about this here new slab of Web Net being shoved online by Patti Smith, Punk Poetess and such. Her new album, Trampin’ is out on the 27th April, only 26 days after April Fools Day, fact fans, and she’s making an appearance on the David Letterman Television Program for all you Americans to investigate on Friday, April 16th.

On account of The Duke being Patti’s favorite writer what ever existed (and also because of the Bob Dylan mailing list I’m on, but that has nothing to do with it. Seriously, Patti loves The Duke), this here email popped in the old inbox not ten seconds ago.

Enjoy this invasion of my privacy, friends and motherfuckers.

Dear The Duke De Mondo, My Favourite Of All Writers And Critics Of Filmic-Affairs (paraphrase)

My name is Patti Smith and though I began recording in 1975, with the release of Horses, I am a new artist with Columbia Records. On April 27, trampin’, my first album on Columbia will hit the streets…a good place for tramping.

I am stopping by to extend a hand and offer you to visit the website I am building – pattismith.net. My band members and friends and I are all actively participating to create a common ground that offers poetry, lyrics, political and spiritual commentary as well as visual arts. We try to update it daily with information and new ideas. Our goal is to establish a website that tends to all of the branches of our living tree. With this in mind we salute our heritage as we salute the future.

Come and visit us. Click the open arms of William Blake’s Glad Day and enter our expanding space…And thank you for allowing me to enter yours.

I’ll be moseying along…
With all good wishes…

patti smith

So there you go. When a woman of Patti’s stature instructs one to enter her expanding space, y’all better make like those horses she’s so keen on and get entering.

The Duke resides at Mondo Irlando

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  • That email isn’t a joke by the way. Sheesh, Duke, sometimes you should really limit the smart-arsing. Sorry Patti. Thanks.

  • splitred

    What the hell happened to my Horses cassette? I was just listening to it in the car 2 days ago. Jesus Christ God Dammit.