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The Duke Puts His Musical Adventures Online

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The Duke Puts His Musical Adventures Online

Plumbing new depths of self-obsession and aural terrorism. God help us.

Just in case folks were being kept awake at night, tossing and turning and generally getting all insomniafied with regards What Does The Duke’s Alt. Country Bullshit Sound Like, y’all can find out right about this very minute.

Leaving myself open to all manner of derisory emails (“He should stick to waxing filmic, is my thoughts, and to saying motherfucker and so on”), I have thrown up a Downloads Section on my slab of web-net, Mondo Irlando, which currently plays host to three tracks from my demo, Lago, and one which I just felt like putting on there.

Click Here For Alt. Country MP3 Bullshit

I’d be interested in what y’all might make of The Duke’s strumming and God-Awful whining and so on.

Personally, I think he should stick to waxing filmic and saying “motherfucker”.

The Duke resides at Mondo Irlando

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  • HW Saxton Jr.

    LAGO? You say,hmmmm.You weren’t inspired
    by a certain movie starring that Clint
    Eastwood muthafuck were you? No need to
    name it those who know what I mean will
    understand,those who don’t are hopeless
    dolts not worthy of knowing and should
    be banished to a one cinema town that
    only shows Randall Kleiser movies ad

    I’m hoping you’ve done a cover of the
    theme from HG Lewis cinemaxtravagaza we
    call “2000 Maniacs” on this side of the
    big pond, the one that goes “Robert E.
    Lee broke his musket on his knee…” or
    perhaps “5 Minutes To Live” the song Mr.
    Johnny Ca$h sings in the movie of the
    same name or…

    I’ve downloaded this but I haven’t had a
    chance to listen yet. I’ve been rather
    engrossed in the Rudy Ray Moore DVD box
    set I recently nabbed.

    On the serious side THANX fer the laughs
    Duke.Hard to come by right now with Bush
    in office and all like that and whatnot.
    That Rosetta is pretty good too methinks
    after perusing MI. Adieu.

  • HW, thanks for the kind words!

    I passed your coments on to Rosetta too, who will no doubt be very pleased.

    As to the Eastwood reference… spot on, good sir.

    I was terrified of scrolling down to read this by the way. you knwo the way things seem like a great idea at like half four in the am, and then you wake up and go, “oh, sweet god what did i do?”. I got that feelin right about now lol

    Thanks man

  • Well, Duke, I have to say those are actually rather impressive. I was all prepared to cringe, as is often the reaction with the output of most people’s “musical adventures,” but these are pretty neat-o. These have a real “Beck’s Sea Change” feel about ’em, and that’s a good thing.

    I have to admit, however, that I’m just a little disappointed that “Hey Now” doesn’t feature a sample of that guy from the Larry Sanders Show. You really should think about remixing that song with Phat Beats and Hank saying “Hey Now!” every couple of verses. You’d have a big dance hit on your hands.

    Oh, and I’m pretty sure that “insomniafied” should be “insomniated.”

  • Aw, thanks Tom! Goodness, you folks are so kind to The Duke is what. Honest to God, i wasn’t expecting this reaction. I wasn’t expecting ANY reaction, just for folks to sort of grunt and then say about The fuck i’ll be clickin on that bullshit and so on.
    I’ve taken the remix idea onboard. Who knows. I think they could all be enlivened with a spot of the old phatness if you ask me.
    And i do believe you may be correct – insomniated seem MUCH more accurate.

    Good work.


  • HW Saxton Jr.

    Duke,These are actually pretty damn good
    mi amigo.I had thought that they would
    probably lean towards the novelty type
    thing or maybe even a bit of Rockabilly
    but I was surprised.Particularly liked
    “12 Gauge Shotgun Wedding”. Adios.