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The DJRadiohead Podcast Experience – Take 6

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Download Episode 13!

It took longer than I expected and is about a lot of unrelated things, but Episode 13 is alive and ready for distribution.

This week’s show takes a quick glance at American politics. We also fling a few fucks and play a few songs. I put forth the suggestion that Bob Dylan’s “Love & Theft” and Bruce Springsteen’s We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions share quite a lot in common.

I also unveil the new Official Theme song of The DJRadiohead Podcast Experience.


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  • wouldn’t The Seeger Sessions also have a lot in common with Good As I Been To You and World gone Wrong? (both of which i admit i’ve never heard)

  • Maybe they do. Not as familiar with those albums. I just know I loved “Love & Theft” the first time I heard it and I think Dylan really went back to his blues and folk and swing roots on “Love” (especially when you compare it to its predecessor) in a way that reminds me of Seeger.

  • yes, this tune, which is a sort of country/blues swing thing, really does remind me of what Bruce did with the Seeger material.

    by the way, you got any actual info on the status of Dylan’s new record. i mean, we know he’s supposed to be working on it but i’ve heard nothing.

  • The only “status” I have on the new Dylan record is that last week, when stories of his birthday were written, it was mentioned that it is in the works along with his constant tour and satellite radio. No actual word on release date.

    Like I also mentioned in the show, I probably could have selected two different songs that would line up better but I wanted to play two of my favorites. The records aren’t twins but they are cousins.

  • Funny how the contrasting subjects of Dylan-Springsteen and political differences collided for me.

    You see, I was going to make a smartass comment that the only similarity I found between the two songs was that I found both of them subpar amongst the pantheon of material from both artists.

    Yet, like the point you made about those on one side of a political street, I accept that this style of music does appeal to others, and thus I will not make a generation joke on you and Saleski as I am apt to do.

    Anyway, I’m impressed that you churned out a BCR and a DJRE in one week. However, my wife thinks you need to keep working on your remix skills, although she did laugh at the Firecrotch.

  • P.S. A clever mix of your intro and outro:
    You stupid asshole, you’re not the last DJ! :o)

    In other words, I enjoyed both songs a lot. Next episode, I’d fade the intro out after the first verse though. Cheers.

  • Your wife is right- I do need to keep working on them although “Firecrotch” is the most recent remix I have done so maybe I am on an upswing there. I would like to think so, anyway.

    Brother Saleski has not taken kindly to people not falling all over themselves to praise the new Springsteen album. I like it. I don’t love it. I like it. As for the Dylan, I do love that album although I confess in the case of each album I might not have picked the best cuts- just songs I like.

    Dylan-Springsteen-politics actually has a certain commonality to it when you take a step back even if I didn’t do a great job tying them together. At least you get some Mudhoney!

    Thanks for continuing to check things out.

  • Good call- I think I will hit the fade after the first chorus.