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The DJRadiohead Podcast Experience Episode 11: British Invasion!

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The Master of Improvisation… this podcast was 100% unscripted. Live… without a net to be broadcast over the ‘net. How fuckin’ cool is that? It kind of makes me wonder why it takes me so fuckin’ long to finish one of these things if I can just pull this shit out of my ass like this. Oh, and there are a couple of moderate to big sorts of announcements and the like.

Lots of discussion at the beginning, lots of music at the end. Some quality profanity throughout.

The theme of the music in Episode 11 is one of Britishness. British bands. 7 songs. Even an album review of sorts as I wax analytical regards to the new Babyshambles album Down in Albion. All very, very cool. So download the episode and give it all a good thrashing about.

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  • Ka-SAY-bee-un

  • So where were you @ 6:30 last night when I was banging that podcast out? I almost didn’t use the song because I was going to slaughter the pronunciation. Thanks for the help.

  • honestly, i just googled the band name along with the word pronounce.

  • Josh, I wonder if that will work with Gustavo Chacin. (Inside joke.)

  • You’re funny, Suss. And now you’re fired. Kidding.

  • Saleski, Google is going to run all of our lives. I can see it now. Google. Who knew? I didn’t even think of that. Obviously.

  • pretty danged handy, if ya ask me.

    at 54 minutes into the podcast…that Pulp song kind of turns into David Bowie. or something.

  • Yeah… I picked up the Pulp because of the series (one o’ their albums is on that list) so I picked up their HITS package (available at Amazon.com using the link from above… cha-CHING) and gave it a good listen. They do have a different vibe than some of the other Britpop acts of the 90s. I like the Bowie comparison. I hadn’t pieced that together yet but it does fit alongside one of DBs personas.

  • lovin it DJ, makin me itch for to get mondo podcast 15 on the go. I agree wi most everythin you’ve said about Down In Albion, but i kinda love how it’s so ambitious an at the same time raw as hell. those moments when it threatens to fall apart an next thing you know it smacks you upside the teeth with some blisterin idea or other, those moments are glorious. it’s credit to Mick Jones production also, of course. he did the same thing with the second Libertines album, when you’re on the edge a your arse wonderin will they pull it off? an they do! it’s the kinda thing you just don’t get an awful lot any more, that idea that the emotion an the energy is more important than the technical in’s and out’s. which isn’t to say it doesn’t dazzle technically also, Patrick Waldens guitar tomfoolery is astoundin throughout. but yes, lovin this episode, sweet as the knees a moses.

    and Pulp were glorious. His N Hers an Different Class, those records are some a my favourites of all ever. This Is Hardcore, too, is incredibly wonderful, but dark an much less immediate than the others.

  • Duke, thank you as always for your kind words and for checking it all out.

    You make very good observations as far as Down in Albion. The amazing moments that rise from the muck might well rise just a little higher because of the existance of the muck in the first place. I still think, a la Up the Bracket that a lean, hard, stinging 35 minutes would be spectacular but there is a lot to love in the sprawl. I have a lot of thoughts on the record… I might have to pen something on it so I can get a little more in depth. Mick Jones is now the producer of the moment. Can’t wait until U2 glom onto that.

    I dug the Pulp hits record and can’t wait to try on a few of their proper albums. I am going to start with Different Class but will check out those others.

    And seriously: bring on 15!!

    Thanks, Duke.

  • Preproduction began today on the long-awaited 12th Episode!

  • Does this mean I get to talk more on BCRadio?