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The Disposable DVD? Good or bad, it’s here.

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Well, Disney’s new attempt at disrupting the entire market in its favour is here – And it lasts 48 hours a piece.

The idea is this: You pay 5 – 7 bucks (US) – or roughly 10 Canadian – and you get a DVD that after 48 hours, the readable side goes black and unusable. Thus requiring you to chuck it. Convenient, right? Yes, but potentially stupid.

I’m sure they are trying to bring in a market that directly competes with the renting industry, but here’s my earth-stopping question that no one paid me 4 million dollars to figure out:

– If I can rent a movie for 48 hours for 4 bucks, why would I buy one that only lasts 48 hours for ten?
– Second, If I’m spending 10 bucks on a 2-day movie, why not spend ten more, get the real DVD and keep it for a zillion days?

On top of that, I’m not going to say I’m an environmentalist, but after 48 hours, every last fibre of the entire product is total garbage. So really, Disney is making tens of thousands heaps of trash with a 2 day break before it becomes trash. Now, I realize there are already disposable products, but I really don’t think we need anymore, especailly billion-dollar funded ones.

Granted, I’ll give you this, I don’t have to return it, but it’s six bucks cheaper if I do. Call me cheap, but that’s 4 Christmas gifts right there.

But I digress, I’m sure the zillion dollar suit wearing CEOs with the puckered buttholes have already thought of all this.

I really hope this idea flops.

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  • Eric Olsen

    Dashing photo!

  • Dave

    Well Andy,

    As it would seem, you’ll buy them because you’re a brainless corporate consumer who does what he’s told. I thought you knew this. Michael Eisner can’t make his 60,000$ per hour without you, he’s gotta EAT ya know! Sheesh!!!

    (that 60,000 per hour is actually true)

  • andy

    hmm…concidering you can buy a mess of DVDs that are priced at $9.99 and around there, why in the name of Jebus would I pay the same price for something I won’t have in 3 days? MORONS!

  • Dave

    Oh yeah!!.. I remember “divx”.. that was that stuff from best buy, that needed to be plugged into a phone line or something and you could buy it for 5 bucks, but could only use it on your machine or something like that…

    I’d forgotten all about that stuff.. did anyone even use that thing? — See, now I’m gonna go look for ’em on ebay just to see… s’cuse me a sec..

  • It flopped last time, when it was called DIVX. I wonder if Disney is going to try the same stupid DIVX-only release strategy?

    They can call it EZ-D or whatever they want. I’m going to call it DIVX.

    And I wonder how long it will be before somebody starts selling a kit to allow you to open the disc within a vacuum-sealed box and seal it with a clear plastic wrapper that allows the laser to work but keeps the disc away from oxygen? That would be pretty funny. Does the DMCA cover that?

  • It will flop.