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The Dirtbombs-Dangerous Musical Noise

Mick Collins has made today one big messed up wild ride, celebrated in grand style by buying myself a big bottle of wild kentucky and spending all afternoon cranking it up, drinking it up and dancing till my pants fell down. Seriously though ‘Dangerous Musical Noise’ The Dirtbomb’s third masterpiece is just so damn good. ‘Get it while you can’ is a instant foot tapper from the word go with the grooviest bass line which makes me move like never before.

‘Dont break my heart’ brings back memory’s of the good old rockabilly bands until the guitar solo kicks in and then legends start to fall. The next song Jimmy Hendrix and Robert johnson compete in the slow mo ‘sun is shining’, it just makes me wanna grab my girl and barbecue some chicken and spend the night necking at the drive-in. I swear i hear a bit of ‘Crosstown traffic’ in there somewhere.

‘Earthquake heart’ is being played on the jukebox at Al’s diner with the fonz prowling the dance floor with his latest queen. Detroit’s finest would’nt be right without a reference to the city’s car industry but ‘Motor city baby’ can only conjure up pictures of the shiniest hottest sounding chrome hot rod on the planet.

And to cap a startling third album, lyric’s like “we don’t have to suffer, so we can quit trying, cos both of our hearts are already broken, as we leave the rest unspoken.” blow holes in the pockets of my brain with words like these that have never hit this spot before.

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