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The Difference Between a Psychic and a Medium

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Everybody is capable of working on a psychic level. Some call this our sixth sense. When man was evolving it was this special sense that kept him safe. It was an inner knowing, a gut feeling that helped protect us and survive danger. Animals still use this sense. You might like to think of it as being akin to instinct.

The psychic level is our link with 'the ethos', the Universe, where all knowledge can be sought. It is perfectly possible to develop this ability through finding a development class or practising various techniques and exercises found in suitable reading literature. Some people are naturally good psychics and it is perfectly possible to develop naturally. However, this can be frightening for some, in which case a development class is the best option where the student will be under the tutelage of an experienced medium.

So just what is psychic energy? It is an energy lower than that of spiritual energy, but it gives us insight and ability to gain knowledge from the past, present, and future. We can do this by linking into the universe, where we can find the answers to everything. We do this by using our subconscious mind, the same part of the brain that is active when we are dreaming or under hypnosis. Our subconscious mind absorbs every piece of information given to us, every thought, every event in our present life, and those we had before. The trouble is gaining access to this information. It is a skill, and like all skills can be developed.

Ah! The future, you say, that sounds interesting, and who doesn’t want to know at some point in their lives what will befall them, whether it is, ‘Will I pass this exam?' 'Will I get the job?' or 'When will I move?' Therein lies the problem. It is truly impossible to predict the future accurately. Before we incarnated on Earth, we were issued with 'free will.' Nothing is written in stone, so it can only be a guide, as we all have the ability to make our own futures and life is what you make it.

What is Mediumship?

The word 'medium' means a vessel, literally. Mediums have the ability to link with spirits and communicate with them. When the physical body dies, the mind lives on. It is our mind that is our soul and our spirit. The term 'ghosts' are not spirit at all. A ghost is akin to a tape recording of the vibrations of that person, and generally the recording is deposited and left behind after a particularly traumatic event in that person's life whilst they were here on Earth.

The event was so traumatic as to have caused immense distress to that person. All the emotions, feelings, and mental anguish made a mark and left an imprint on the surroundings where this event occurred. Generally, the so-called 'ghost' follows the same pattern, with an anniversary of the sighting experienced on the same date, year after year, for example. It is impossible to communicate with a ghost, as it is a 'recording' and not a spirit.

Therefore, the spirit is the mind energy of someone who was once alive at some time on Earth, and the only difference now is he or she does not have a physical body. We as humans on Earth are spirit in a human body; that is the only difference.

Mediumship is not something acquired through attending a course like psychic ability. It is a gift given to us by the 'Godhead' to be utilised for the highest good for humankind.

Everything on Earth and in 'heaven' has a vibration and an energy. Mediums have the ability to 'tune in' to this vibration and interpret it; a bit like turning the tuning dial on a radio to locate a station. After all, each radio station has its own wavelength, and by turning the tuning dial, we locate another channel. We know that sound waves exist. We cannot see them, but we know they are there, for when we turn on the TV or radio, they are responsible for enabling us to watch and listen to our favourite program. This is exactly what a medium is. We have been gifted with this 'tuning dial', that is all.

When someone passes over (I prefer this term to ‘death’), it is only the physical human body that perishes. The person's mind still exists, with all the personality and foibles that make that person who they are, their character. Mediums have the ability to tune into each soul’s vibration and pick up messages for their loved ones they left behind when their physical body perished.

Mediums are also psychic, as spiritual vibrations resonate at a higher frequency than that of the psychic, so mediums have the ability to work on both levels. A medium cannot conjure up spirit. The link between spirit and those on Earth is love. That bond can never be broken and lives on for all eternity. All the medium can do is ask for those loved ones to come forward if they have any messages of love to gift for those they have left behind on Earth.

Most of the work a medium does is to provide survival evidence. Survival evidence is knowledge that cannot be gained by the medium themselves about the people they are giving a sitting to. It is generally only something that the sitter would know, and often can only be confirmed by another relative, proof that their loved ones in spirit exist.

Mediums are not there to foretell the future. The loved ones in spirit may well give a little information purely as proof of survival, as long as it does not hinder any progress in life for the sitter. In addition, remember if you did not take advice from ‘Granddad’ when he was alive, you do not have to now that he’s passed over. He still has exactly the same personality and character as he did when he was ‘here’.

How do mediums communicate with spirit? We do this with our minds. To be totally honest I have had this ability for as long as I can remember, and truthfully I really don’t know, but I have over the years been able to recognise various sensations that alert me when spirits are around, sensations like differences in temperature and tingling.

Mediums communicate in different ways, sometimes through ‘clairvoyance’, which means clear seeing, where the medium actually sees the spirit. Now this can be in one of two ways or even both, where the medium sees the spirit as if looking at someone in real life, in the physical. The spirit may even be transparent or in their minds eye. This type of Mediumship is called 'Mental Mediumship'. Personally, myself I see spirit in both these ways.

'Clairaudience' means hearing. This can be actually hearing a voice that you is not your own, or it can sound like your own, but its not your thoughts. Don’t worry; I am quite sane!

In 'clairsentience', this is feeling, this sensing of the spirit. The medium senses the emotions and mental state of the spirit almost as if the spirit imposes their emotions on to you.

Most mediums use one or two of these abilities. Myself I combine all three. When I link with them, this enables me to experience all their emotions to see what they looked like and hear what they are saying.

As I have said, everything in the universe has its own vibration – Earth having the lowest in spiritual terms. After Earth comes the Astral realm. It is on this realm that we travel when we dream. It’s not unusual to see friends in dream state. After all they will be travelling this realm, too, at night. It is on this realm where lower Elementals reside (i.e.: wood nymphs, nature spirits, elves, and fairies amongst others), and as often is where spirits who are trapped and are unable to move on also reside in this vibration. This is the same vibration used in psychic work. There are several spiritual realms, each having a different vibration, with the most Celestial where the realms of the Angels are.

When the medium links with spirit, he or she has the ability to raise his or her own vibration that bit higher. Loved ones in spirit who are around us at a given time — whether it is to help their loved ones on Earth or sometimes it is an anniversary of their passing — will have lowered their vibration and the medium is then able to pick up these vibrations and interpret them.

Unfortunately, for the medium, it is not so easy to maintain this link continuously; hence some information may be lost like complete names for example and sentences. For example, because of the fluctuating vibration, the medium might hear, ‘the back sat on mat’ instead of, 'the fat black cat sat on the red mat'.

For some reason spirit sometimes work with a type of shorthand like symbols. These symbols have to be worked out by the medium. For example, to me, seeing a ring might mean a marriage or partnership. It might mean something entirely different to another medium. We each have our own, and it is a way of communicating at a fast vibrational level. When messages from spirit come in to the medium's mind they arrive very fast. To help the medium 'catch' and interpret these messages quickly, the shorthand helps speed up the process.

One of the most accurate ways of obtaining information from spirit is by doing absent readings. Here the sitter is not present and the medium can link in with the sitter either by thinking about them or by viewing a photograph. Sometimes an example of handwriting is useful. In this method, the medium will ask any spirit links to come forward with any messages for the sitter. This is a particularly accurate method, for the medium cannot read the sitter's body language or by careful questioning glean any information from the sitter as they are absent. Many mediums work best in this area and each medium will eventually find a method suitable for them.

I myself personally like to work with Tarot. This works on the psychic level first of all, and in doing this gives an insight to the sitter's past, present, and future, for all that can be picked up from the sitter's auric field. Then I raise the vibration to link with spirit, to bring forward any messages from the spirit realms.

With regard to the information from the Tarot or any other mantic tool (a mantic tool is any form of divination aid such as tarot, crystals, crystal ball, angel cards, tea leaves any sort of aid that helps aid the psychic to use as a tool to latch on to the unique vibration of the sitter. The hand of the sitter is a mantic tool in palm reading), nothing is written in stone. God and the universe gave us 'free will'.

Before we incarnate as spirit in a human body — for that is what we are whilst on Earth — we have some sort of basic plan in mind. We have a goal, a series of lessons we have chosen for ourselves to experience and learn. These lessons may be humility, compassion, kindness, sorrow, pain, and suffering. For in experiencing these emotions and experiences, we develop empathy and understanding for our fellow humans on Earth.

Each time we go through these experiences, we become more spiritual and closer to God. However, we are never left on our own to go through life's traumas. We have our friends and guides in spirit who give us support to undergo these tasks. Sometimes it feels as if we are all alone and this is because guides have to stand back to let us experience pain and suffering, for only by undertaking these challenges do we learn and grown strong.

They never allow us to suffer so much that we cannot bear it. We have chosen these experiences for ourselves, and so we are responsible for our own spiritual development. They are there to guide and support us in our 'school on Earth'. Why is it we never remember what we planned before we came here? Well that is because if we knew what was before us, would we want to? I think not!

Often we incarnate in the same soul groups. The soul is neither male nor female, and we choose which sex we will be to experience life and view from that perspective. Sometimes in that soul group, we may be the father of the son who was the father in the last incarnation to experience life from both sides to gain empathy and understanding.

We tend to incarnate in groups so that we learn from one another. As a result we are often drawn to particular people in our lives here on Earth. We are often drawn to these souls. On meeting these people we instantly feel a bond, not necessarily of physical attraction, but we feel some sort of unseen force bond at work, for we had planned this meeting before we came here, and we recognise one another on a subconscious level.

Remember, though, it is up to us whether we choose whether to go through the experience, but generally if we delay the process, we will often have to relive these experiences at a later date or another life, for we know instinctively what is best for us. We choose to do this because we have a common goal to grow closer to God and the Universe.

Spiritual love is the purest love of all. It has no conditions; it does not judge; it has no limits, and never ends. It conquers all that is evil and bad in this world and removes all pain. Our common goal is to grow in spirit, and our loved ones in spirit are always there supporting and sending us their love.

Mediumship is a gift bestowed upon us to help humankind so that we can feel the touch of spirit from beyond – to support and teach us, and keep us on our chosen path, our path to God.

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