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The Descent, The Black Dahlia, The Last Kiss: Region 1 DVD Releases for December 26, 2006

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This week: The best horror flick you didn't see in 2006. 

The Descent (Unrated Widescreen Edition)

One of the best horror films of 2006, though it came out in 2005. This British import pits six spelunkers against, well, it'd be unfair to say, but let's just say caving gets bloodier under these circumstances.  

The unrated edition includes the original British ending, which some audiences prefer.   

The Black Dahlia

Oh, Brian De Palma. Where did we go wrong? Remember Blow Out? Remember The Untouchables? Remember Carrie? Remember the first 30 minutes of Snake Eyes? And it seemed like such a good match between material (part one of James Ellroy's "L.A. Quartet" – part three was made into a little film called L.A. Confidential) and director. But, alas, the critics did not see it that way, and now we have to look forward to an Untouchables prequel from De Palma in 2008. 

Extras include a bunch of featurettes.

The Last Kiss

Ah, Zach Braff? Where did we go wrong? Remember Garden State? Remember Scrubs? And paired up with a Paul Haggis screenplay, shouldn't we have had Crash or at least Casino Royale-style results? Let's just hope Braff doesn't get typecast even though his next film is another romantic comedy. 

Extras include a music video directed by Braff.


Lili Taylor received a Best Supporting Actress award from the San Diego Film Critics Circle for her role in this story of a Bukowski-esque writer/deadbeat portrayed by Matt Dillon. Critics loved Dillon's performance, but it hasn't gained much awards season momentum.  

Extras include a making-of doc. 


You'd think a movie starring Orlando Bloom, Bill Paxton, Agnes Bruckner and Bobby Cannavale might make it onto the radar, but this is an all-but-straight-to-DVD crime drama set in the Caymans.

Extras include a making-of doc.  Actually, that's pretty much the only extra.


In this week's long list, another straight-to-DVD movie with David Boreanaz. Yeah, it's a slow week. 

10 Minute Solution: Fitness Ball Kit

2006 Live – Royal Hunt

The Adventures of Long John Silver: Ahoy Classics

Airwolf – Season 2

All Time Classic Cartoons

Amar Te Duele


Animated 3 Pack (Thumbelina / Ice Age / Bartok the Magnificent)

Anita O'Day – Live at Ronnie Scott's

Aztec Mummy Collection

Bet you didn't know there was a whole genre of film devoted to Aztec mummies. Bet you also didn't know that in one of these, there's a mummy/robot fight. Oh, yeah. 

Bab El-Oued City

Backfield in Motion

The Banquet 5767-2006

Be With Me

The Beach

The Best of Classic TV Westerns

Beverly Hilbillies: Hoedown

Biggest Test in the Universe

Bindi Kid Fitness With Steve Irwin & The Crocmen

The Black Dahlia (Full Screen Edition/Widescreen Edition)


Blue Steel/The Lucky Texan

Bon Cop, Bad Cop

Bounty Hunter Vixens, Vol. 8: Carnal Enchantment

Bounty Vixens 7 – Treasure of Lust

Boxes for Katje

Breakfast Club (HD DVD)

Broken Honor 3 Pack (Men of Honor / Broken Arrow / Courage Under Fire)

Cardio Cheer

Caribbean Workout: Abs, Buns and Thighs/Core Pilates

Caribbean Workout: Stretch into Yoga/Yoga for the Core

Caribbean Workout: Yoga for the Core

Caribbean Workout: Yoga Stretch into Yoga

Cease Fire


Children of Ibdaa, The

Chillates – Ministry of Sound


Combat (Unrated)

Dane Cook's Tourgasm

Not as much fun as, say, one of his shows.


Dark Remains

The Dawn Rider/Randy Rides Alone

Death Train

Deer Hunter (HD DVD)

The Descent (Full Screen Edition/Unrated Full Screen Edition/Unrated Widescreen Edition)

Devil Angel

Different Cinema, Vol. 2

Different World (Pal Eng Ltd)

Digging to China

Dragon in Fury

Dreamgirl 3 Pack (Shallow Hal / The Girl Next Door / There's Something About Mary)

Dress Rehearsal: The Brave Hurr's Ta'zieh

The Elements 3 Pack (Chain Reaction / Volcano / The Day After Tomorrow)

Emergency Exit


Fair Fight in the Marketplace

Family Values Tour 2006

Includes Korn and Deftones. 

Fast Future Generation – Good Charlotte

Hey, remember Good Charlotte? Me, neither, but they have a doc now. 

The Fighting Westerner/Abiline Town

Five Years Glorious Collection

FLCL – Ultimate Edition DVD Collection

Game Day

Girls Behaving Badly – Volume One

Described as the Oxygen network's number one hidden camera show. Exactly how many hidden camera shows does the Oxygen network have? 

Girls Gone Wild: Best of Girl Power, Vol. 4

Girls Gone Wild: My 18th Birthday

The Gravity Playground

Guys Gone Wild Pool Party

Hammer Film Noir Vol. 4 (Terror Street / Wings of Danger)

Hammer Film Noir, Vol. 5 (The Glass Tomb / Paid to Kill)


Heroes of World Class Wrestling

Heroic Cops

The Hexer


Hope Bleeds

Hot All Over – Nelly

How Cable Television Works

How Television Ratings Work

Hugo Pool

I Lost My Tooth in Africa

I Remember Uschi Digard (Full)

Ida Haendel & Ilya Itin:Recital


Isle of Wight Festival 2004

The Jack Benny Show

Jackie Chan Action Pack

Kiss and Tell 3 Pack (Never Been Kissed / Say It Isn't So / Just Married)

Know Your Options: CANCER, The Untold Truth

Know Your Options: Heavy Metal Toxicity, THE HIDDEN KILLER

Know Your Options: Sudden Cardiac Death, #1 Symptom of Heart Disease

If sudden cardiac death is the number one symptom of heart disease, exactly what "options" do you have at that point?

Know Your Options: The Nine Steps to Optimum Health

Know Your Options: Trans-D Tropin, Revolutionary Life Enhancement

Kym Ryder's Burn & Firm Workout

The Last Kiss (Full Screen Edition/Widescreen Edition)

Lawless Frontier/Neath the Arizona Skies

Le Soeurs Fachees

Learn Spanish DVD 1: Basic

Learn Spanish DVD 2: Intermediate

Learn Spanish DVD 3: Advanced

Learn Spanish DVD: Spanish for Travelers

Legend of Boggy Creek

Lewis and Clark and George

Like a Brother (Unrated)

Live at Montreux 2002 Makoto Ozone

Live at the Isle of Wight 1970

Live at the Playhouse – Shakatak

Love & Happiness

Love 3 Pack (Hope Floats / Down with Love / One Fine Day)

The Lucy Show: Red-Head Classics

Magic of Boney M

Magma: Volcanic Disaster

Title of the Week, just because I like saying "mag-ma." Oh, and Xander Berkeley (from 24) is in it, too. 

Manhunt: Search for the Night Stalker

Memphis Slim: Live at Ronnie Scott's

Men on the Mountain

Mi Amigo

Monarch of the Moon/Destination Mars

Monsterrat 1973 & Other Stories

Moscow Elegy

Movieside Film Festival: 20 Award Winning Short Films from Around The World

Mr. Fix It

David Boreanaz stars as a guy who tricks girls into returning to their exes but then, of course, he falls for one of them. The girls, not the exes. Now that would be a movie. 

Munchies 3 Pack (Super Troopers / Club Dread / Dude, Where's My Car?)

My First Love

Na Mele: Hapa Maui

Naruto, Vol. 7 – The Chunin Exam

New Adventures of He-Man, Vol. 1

Nos Stars et Petit Dieu

On the Edge

On the Grind (Bonc)

On the Line

One Piece, Vol. 6: The Better Swordsman

The Peasants

Perfect People

Petticoat Junction: Down Home Fun

A Posteriori

Pump It Up-Burn It Lose It

Q Essential Music Quiz DVD

Quickhumor 3 Pack (3pc) (Taxi / Hot Shots! / Johnny Dangerously)

Rage at Dawn/To the Last Man


Rene Burton, It's Never Too Late, Healthy Aging Level 1 (Beginner)

Rene Burton, It's Never Too Late, Healthy Aging Level 2 (Intermediate)

Rene Burton, It's Never Too Late, Healthy Aging Level 3 (Advanced)


Rites of Passage 3 Pack (Garden State / Stealing Beauty / Thirteen)

Saga Tier

Saiyuki Reload Gunlock, Vol. 5

Salsoul Classics on DVD


Secret Story Live

Sex, Censorship and The Silver Screen

Shadows & Light



Show Way

Simple Life 4 'Til Death Do Us Part

This is the one where they become housewives. I know you're desperately trying to keep track. 

Simple Steps to a Balanced Natural Pregnancy

Simple Steps to a Greener Home

Simple Steps to Looking 10 Yrs Younger

Simple Steps to Naturally Delicious Cooking

The Skeletons of Mrs. Morales

The Smugglers and a Girl Is a Gun: The Films of Luc Moullet

The Snows of Kilimanjaro

The Spectator

Starr Power Pilates

Stigma/Delta Force Commando

Superstars of Hawaiian Music: Na Mele IV

Ten Benny

Terror out of the Sky

Tornado, The


Transporter 2

Triangle Factory Fire Scandal

The Twilight of the Golds

Two-A-Days – Hoover High – The Complete First Season

Sort of a reality show version of Friday Night Lights

Ultimate Collection – Billy Holiday

Very Special Concert


Vol. 1-Cali Concert

Vol. 2-Cali Concert

Water's Journey- Everglades: Currents Of Change

Water's Journey- Everglades: Restoring Hope

Way of the Black Dragon/Death of Bruce Lee

What Alice Found

Where the Hell's That Gold?!!?

Who's Camus Anyway?

Women and Media

World Destruction 3 Pack (True Lies / Kiss of the Dragon / Marked for Death)

WWE – December to Dismember

WWE – Survivor Series 2006

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