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The Definitive Business Plan – by Richard Stutely

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On the cover you can read “the fast-track to intelligent business planning for executives and entrepeneurs”. Except, there is no fast-track to writing a business plan. And if there was one, this book wouldn’t cover it. Richard Stutely mentions this on several occasions and never tries to oversimplify complex matters. I guess the fast-track word was added by the marketing division of the publisher.

This is not only one of the most profound and detailed books about business planning but also the most entertaining I ever read. I’m not kidding. After finishing this book I knew a whole lot more about balance sheets and how to read them, a lot more about accounting and so on. On the first sights I wondered “Hey I just want to write a business plan. What’s that got to do with it?” But a business plan is a really complex thing, and Stutely proves right to cover all that in depth.

As for the entertaining part, Stutely shows his rather cynical humor more than occasionally. If all introductory books about business planning would give you examples about selling coconuts at the road-side we would all know much more about businesses.

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