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The Declaration of Independence

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This is a Declaration of Independence. While not as significant as the one in which our country was founded on with all the fancy signatures of our forefathers, it is nonetheless an important declaration. I am switching my party affiliation from Democrat to Independent.

While my views slant primarily to the left, I have decided to make this big change because, quite frankly, I have no other choice. It’s all I can do. The recent actions of those on the left and the right, have forced me to go to the only place possible: the middle.

I am completely neutral — like Switzerland.

Now, before any of you Republicans get excited that the Democratic Party just lost another member, please note that I will never come to your dark side. Your “We refuse to do a darn thing until there is a Republican in the White House,” attitude is just plain disgusting. Your immature, biased pundits – Beck, Limbaugh, Culter, Ingraham – doing whatever they can to make the president look bad, regardless of the situation or policy, is down right revolting.

Now, before any of you Democrats get too excited that I might come back, please note that it won’t happen either. While I truly want health care reform to pass because I cannot find a company to cover any type of Cancer despite being free and clear of the disease for more than 10 years, your behind-the-back, last-minute, secret incentives to secure much-needed votes a while back was almost as nauseating.

I am a voter deceived and disappointed. I have been burned — yet again. The first time was when I enthusiastically joined the Green Party as a joyful youth. Then, despite a very insightful flat tax idea, Ralph Nader came out in a desperate move to garner the coveted 5% national vote (in order to qualify the party for federal funds) and said a vote for Gore was pretty much a vote for Bush since they were basically similar. That ridiculous comparison ended my Green passion (in the party, not the environment) and I slunk back to the Democratic Party in quiet protest.

Don’t get me wrong. I think the president is doing a pretty good job. I think he’s working his tail off to get us out of a recession the likes most of us have never seen before. Even the so-called finance and business experts are scrambling around spewing advice and opinions, which couldn’t be more different or across the board from each other. It’s unfortunate, but it’s almost a guessing game when it comes to setting policies that will best lead us out of these economic doldrums.

Thus, it should be expected that there will be several governmental stumbles along the path to recovery in these confusing, stagnant times. Which makes me even more irked by conservatives who quickly state how atrocious a White House health care, financial, or job plan is just minutes after one comes out. It’s almost as if you can hear the words “No” and “Wrong,” and worst – “Big Government” – coming from their mouths before the respective plan is even publicized.

The other side, while not as inert or negative, is not much better. The liberals in Congress seem hell bent on using their majority power to quickly and swiftly ram bills into law without much solid, open discussion. Pelosi and Reid appear to almost want to pass bills into law while we have our heads turned – very reminiscent of when the Baltimore Colts packed up and snuck away to Indianapolis in the middle of the night.

So, here I am – again – disillusioned by all party leadership. I am alone – forced to the middle by arrogance, incompetence, and just plain mean-spirited, childish pre-disposed mind-sets.

And you know what? I couldn’t be happier. I’m free! Free to tackle each issue and each candidate one at a time, without someone telling me who or what to support. While I have always adhered to the “one issue, one candidate at a time” philosophy, now I can put that into action without any subconscious party influence or bias.

I am alone; I am independent.

It is where I hope we all find ourselves one day soon. I am not sure when it all started, but at some juncture in time we let party affiliation drive our decision-making for us. Who knows, maybe it has always been that way – since the dawn of democracy. I mean after all, it is in our nature to inherently band together.

Whenever it started, here’s to hoping the constituency once again starts thinking on its own – basing decisions and votes on actual issues and individual human beings not on what the giant, big money, party machine tells it to do.

Employment, environment, health care, affirmative action, immigration, minimum wage, social security, taxes, abortion, security, free speech, etc., that’s what we should vote for or against. Study them all, weigh each candidate’s view on them, and vote based on who is best aligned with your thoughts and feelings.

It’s time to think for ourselves and base our decisions on issues that truly matter to us, not on an umbrella of ideologies or pre-disposed assumptions. In the end, it’s time to stop attending the big, lavish, grand ol’ party where the host tells us what’s in our best interest.

While it may not be the Fourth of July, it’s time to stand up and throw our own party – an Independence Day Party.

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  • Bizarro Guy sez: “it’s almost a guessing game when it comes to setting policies that will best lead us out of these economic doldrums.”

    It’s mostly a guessing game only to people ignorant of economics. By actions and results over hundreds of years, it’s pretty clear the general things that help and hurt an economy.

    Generally, leave people alone to keep their own money and run their own business, and they’ll figure things out one by one. The more the guvment interferes beyond basically keeping things honest and accountable, the more they F things up.

    And it’s surely not a guessing game to know that the crapola that Obama’s Democrats have done in the last year is pure poison to the economy – as can be seen by the continuing results. But hey, what’s throwing a couple of extra TRILLION dollars down the rathole between friends?

    Now I hate a damned Republican, but they’re absolutely RIGHT to be as obstructionist as possible to these commie moves on health care and everything else. They can’t positively DO much, as they are a badly outnumbered minority at the federal level at this point.

    But that’s not 100% so bad. There are a lot of things that need to be done to clean up the fed’s own act – starting with entitlement reform, but the most important thing is to NOT do stupid things on the government level to make it worse.

    And stupid things to make it worse is exactly what’s been done. Note that economies in much of the world are bouncing back from the disruptions of a couple of years ago, while the US was busy electing the most left wing and arrogantly ignorant president ever.

  • Baronius

    I don’t think I could ever become an independent. Under the laws of many states, an independent cuts himself off from one of the most powerful tools in the political process, the primary election. It’s like a no-confidence vote. It allows you to target an individual who’s not performing up to expectations, without shifting the ideological leaning of the holder of an office.

  • Clavos

    Under the laws of many states, an independent cuts himself off from one of the most powerful tools in the political process, the primary election.

    True in Florida, which is why I am not a registered independent, though I vote that way…

  • BizarroGuy,

    I like your article and your name!

    I have to say, that this bill will put an end to the preexisting existing exclusion.

    So, although it wont be perfect, it’s a start!

    I want single-payer, and, I don’t see that happening. But, we have to do something, and, just saying no is not an option.

    As anyone can see, that little slogan did not end drug abuse!

    Welcome, BizarroGuy, to the independent- life, where we have no party, and, no voice.


  • Clavos,

    Boy, that’s true. This is such a two party system, that, in my state, the only people allowed to work at the polls, have to be registered either, Democrat or Republican.

    All other voters, need not apply.