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The Dark Knight‘s Joker Revealed!

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As most of you know, the sequel to Batman Begins is currently in production, with the title The Dark Knight attached to it. Bits of casting news have been coming out, and all of the principals from the first film are back, including Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, and Gary Oldman. Among the newcomers are Eric Roberts as a gangster, Nestor Carbonell as the mayor of Gotham, Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent, and Heath Ledger as the Joker.

Now a website has been set up that reveals the first image of the Joker, and I have that image to share with you. If you care to see the face of evil facing our Dark Knight, read on!

The first website that went up was The Dark Knight. This site features the new bluish bat-logo, which is pretty much the same as from the first film, save the blue tinting. Here is what that looks like:

If you happen to click on that logo, it takes you to a political campaign website called I Believe in Harvey Dent. It's your standard political-style patriotic image:

Now, here is where it gets a little bit interesting. There is one other website out there called I Believe in Harvey Dent Too. This is also that same political poster, but it has been vandalized by what has to be believed is the Joker:

Wait long enough and the pixels will begin to clear away, revealing another image underneath. Beneath the image is a space for you to enter your email and a code to enter. If you do this, the image changes telling you to "Check your email, you have 5 minutes to play." You will receive an email from "tragicpast" with the subject "defacing public servants." You take the contents of the email, return to the site, and you can help reveal the hidden image.

I have gotten my hands on the completely uncovered image, and it is the Joker, Heath Ledger, in full face paint. I have to say it is an intriguing shot, one that definitely strays from the image delivered by Jack Nicholson in Tim Burton's 1989 film, the Cesar Romero version of the "WHAM! BAM" Adam West series, and the Mark Hamill voiced animated version from Batman: The Animated Series.

So, to save you the trouble of searching for the image, here it is:

I don't know about you, but that is a pretty eerie image. It appears, based solely on this image, that this will likely be the cruelest imagining of the Joker yet to reach the moving image. I cannot wait until next summer when this film takes flight and reaches the big screen.

Batman Begins was an eye opener of what a Batman movie could be, and I have a lot of faith in Christopher Nolan to continue this series down the right track. The casting has been interesting, as I was not sure about Ledger. I think he is decent actor, but did not seem right for this role. This image is going a long way towards dissuading that notion. Likewise, the addition of Eric Roberts is a little worrisome as I have never really cared for his performances, though I believe he will be able to pull off a gangster convincingly.

Anyway, there you have it. The word is getting out, be ready for the arrival of The Dark Knight (and I hope that title sticks)!

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About Draven99

  • Very funny! Thanks for the laugh.

  • What was funny?

  • You didn’t find the politician revealed as a horrific joker funny? I did.

    And yes, the joker is disturbing-looking.

  • The Dark Knight would work well. The name goes with the Jeph Loeb/Tim Sale graphic novels.

  • Nik

    Ehh, I dunno, I don’t really see the need for a “Crow”/”Saw”-style Joker. The design is a little too “realistic” looking for my tastes… Goth Joker?

  • This is exactly what I was hoping to see. I can’t wait to see this movie.

  • JC Mosquito

    Yuck….. too disturbing for my old school comic book tastes.

  • It looks like the email piece is missing now, you need only visit the site and click to reveal the full Joker image.

    Which looks great. I’m excited already! July 2008? Sigh.

  • i’m right it’s got ichi the killer inffluence the japanise movie … it’s a very scary joker i love it can’t wait 4 the movie

  • Carl

    Well the “I believe in Harvey Dent Too” site is now down. In it’s place is “Page Not Found”. When selected it says “HA HA HA” all the way through.

  • Now that’s pretty cool. I like this marketing…. Hopefully the movie will pay off on the promise of Begins.

  • Jared

    If you highlight the entire page now, it mostly displays “Ha Ha Ha” over and over again.

    However, if you copy/paste the text and remove all the h’s and a’s, you get “See You In December”

  • Nevar530

    The new Joker image is perfect. Crow/Saw style? I don’t see that what I see is a disfigured Man. It pushes the image of the joker from being a man with clown makup on to the chemically disfigured arch villian that the Dark Knight needs. For anyone who is too scared of a reallistic version of batman go watch Arnie or Jim batman movies, you know the ones with bad acting Glowing rave-style images, not the Dark moody Gothic, like the Art / Architecture, Stylized Batman 1 or Batman Begins. I feel that the direction of the films matches Batman from the comics. The other films looked like old Adam West Batman.

  • n

    i love it! even though it is a rip off of ichi the killer, im gonna let them have this one, cause thats perfect for the joker

  • The ‘I believe in Harvey Dent too’ cracked me up. The Joker image is disturbing. As it is, it is tough to wait for next year to watch ‘The Dark Knight’.

  • Will

    I still believe it’s too early to really say if I like The Joker’s Look or not. I love the way Nolan has taken Batman back to the darkside b/c I feel that’s what Batman’s all about. I said the same about Scarecrow in begins but he turned out friggin awesome. I’m tooo excited about this movie.

  • D

    For those of you who don’t know already, Harvey Dent is Batman’s nemesis Two-face in the comics.

  • JoKeR

    I really like the new realistic approach that Christopher Noland is going with on this Joker. He did a fantastic job on the villans in Batman Begins, and i bet he will do a fantastic job on the Joker in this film as well.

  • Extra on Set

    I’ve been working as an extra on set here in Chicago and a funny story was told to me by one of the casting assistants. It was late (6:30am) and he was going through a revolving door with his head down and as he came out he saw Heath’s (The Jokers) shoes. He looked up and he was right there in his face with full makeup. He said ‘you can imagine the shock of it all if you know what he looks like”. The best movie I’ve ever worked on as an extra hands down so far.

  • sajen

    its great what they are doing with the joker, no offense to nicholson(who also was brilliant), but bi think that heath will open so many doors. with his performance, never doubt chris nolan, THE BEST MOVIE OF 2008!!!!!!

  • Keith The Bandit

    I beleive that Heath Ledger will make a great Joker as nobody has really seen him play an evil chracter before. I had my doubts for some of the cast members but Christopher Nolan knows what he is doing, he won’t just hire anybody to play these type of characters. I beleive The Dark Knight will be the best film of 2008 because I beleive in Chris Nolan.

    Keith The Bandit

  • sajen

    Well like Keith says believe in Chris Nolan, i have my doubts about Eric Roberts but he might just pull it off, it will be extremely facsinating to witness the origin of The Joker, and the dimise of Harvey Dent.

  • RYAN v


  • brad

    this is old news, joker was revealed 2 years ago after the showing of batman begins. Thats not what the joker is going to look like. He looks like a young jack nicholson. I’ve seen the real pictures.

  • Sure you have…. He wasn’t cast until 2006 and the design wasn’t done until this year.

  • lucafon

    The Joker looks just too creepy I’ve also seen a video of you tube witch I thought was just a slide show and then it pops up a video of joker laughing and it really shocked me but I am going to still see the film

  • KatieMBelle

    I really like the promoting for this movie! I just don’t know if Heath was a good choice for Joker….. He better not f— it up because Joker is by far the best Batman villan.
    P.S. the BEST way for this movie to end, is for Batman to catch Joker, put him in Arkum, and have the last shot of a woman (from the neck down) enter Joker’s cell, then pan a shot to Joker looking up and have the woman say something like, “Mr. Joker, I’m Dr. Quinn, I’ll be your Psychiatrist.” Then have Joker grin as the door slowly shuts with a bang.

  • joker

    so you’ve cottoned on to my little games have you?

    Here’s one for you
    Who am I

    see ya soon…

  • damage_incorporateduk

    i dunno what to say about the new joker. initially the first pictures were pretty cool and dark. however on a recent Film Review magazine it appears that the new joker is a revamped version of beetlejuice. does anyone agree?

  • VILLAIN_xx

    yes i agree on the joker lookin like beetle juice…

    beetle juice and brokeback mountain.

  • Kio

    Thanks for the heads up and I’m also a little worried about how the joker will come out to be. I thought the best was Mark Hamill in TAS and was disappointed to see Jack in the Tim Burton one… hope Heath makes me proud. The Trailer on youtube where the joker is just laughing in the dark with his make-up all colourful looks pretty wiked. I think it’s “Trailer II”

  • isaac

    the new era of batman looks serious… not funny like batman in 70’s at all even the face of joker.. looks creepy…

  • Captain Fantastic

    After just seeing the full trailer before I Am Legend…I am very pleased with this version of the joker. While Nicholson did a great job, this seems to call back more to the deranged psychopath that I got to know in the graphic novels. I personally can’t wait. 🙂 Also with the Quinn thing- I hope they go somewhere with it, she is one of my favorite characters from the series.

  • laura

    if you go to the i belive in harvy dent too highlight the screen with the mouse

    sory if this is old news

  • Tones

    the dark knight comes out on my birthday!!!!!!!!!
    it looks like everybody cant wait till MY birthday haha whos birthday is it on july 18…. mine HA!

  • hmmm. do you think Heath Ledger will do a pretty good job? I found a comparison of the 3 top jokers (the TV Series guy, Jack Nicholson, and the dark knight joker). I personally think Ledger will be the best.

  • ryan

    i like the batman made by tim burton in this new call batman movie the joker doesnt even look lyk the joker he looks lyk a jerk.jack nicolson’s grin looked lyked the joker but to b honest this joker looks lyks those clowns in movies

  • The fact I see so many people bringing up brokeback mountain i disdurbing and not inthefunny way. You all need to gointo this film thinking of the Joker and not the actor. The oker has ha more origins than any other comic book character to date. This is unintentionally explained in Arkham Asylum, the ker is a man with a disorder which causes him to reflect all exterior stimuli back as part of his personality, thus litterally reinventing himself on a daily basis. the same reason ne dy he is a playful crook and the next, a derranged lunatic bent on murder. LAUH AND THE WORLD LAUGHS WITH YOU

  • : ) put_a_smile_on ( :

    i think he was REALLY disturbing looking the actor who played the joker was scared of his own charcter…so basically he was afraid of him self…thats SCARRRY!

  • : ) put_a_smile_on ( :

    but the person who played as the joker did a FANTASTIC job!

  • Dark Knight Joker

    What a great movie. Definitely one for the ages. Even if Heath was still around, he should still be considered for an Oscar.

    Want to learn more about Heath Ledger as the Joker? Check out Dark Knight Joker

  • maria


  • catfight,xoxoxo

    joker was awesome-so sad that heta ledger died

  • horocruxgal

    I heard that someone had to replase the joker in the last half, is it true?

  • No, it is not.

  • madelin ticas

    i love the joker!!!!