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The Dance Party and Terrible Things: Perfect Pop for the Summer

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The Dance Party’s Touch and Terrible Things releases deserve your attention but certainly don’t belong in my normal column. They are both different forms of pop that are perfect for the summer.

The Dance Party produce pop that is firmly stuck in the ’80s with feet on the dance floor. Its infectious and catchy and designed to get you dancing, preferably when you are off your face drunk. It would shock no one to learn these guys have just come off being a house band in a strip club, LA’s Crazy Girls. Touches of Prince abound with the right hint of sleaze to keep you happy. I guarantee a smile on your face after listening to this one… well, a guilty smirk at least.

The Dance Party: “Sasha Don’t Sleep”

Terrible Things, on the other hand, are modern pop rock. They remind you a bit of the dreaded Fallout Boy, but are a cut above the average tweeny-centric band. That is not a surprise as you have members of Coheed & Cambria, Taking Back Sunday, and Hot Rod Circuit making up the trio. The songs are tarted up to make them as catchy and universal as possible. Check out “Revolution” for a good example. Oh yeah, and they are a million-plus hit on MySpace, too.

Neither of these two beauties are at all heavy, but they both warrant your attention.

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  • jack

    yeah, go back to your normal stuff. this dance party crap is not good.