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The Curtis Granderson Hysteria Alarm

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It doesn’t take much to sound the panic button in a fanbase. Just throw a rumor out there that someone’s fan favorite could be traded. Specifically, Tigers center fielder Curtis Granderson.

There’s a many-month-old unfinished article in my folder that was supposed to detail the one player on each team that any baseball fan could cheer for. For the Tigers, Granderson is that player. Beyond his game-saving defense and leadoff power, he’s a role model, a champion of social media (his Facebook account routinely requests friendship with his fans, not the other way around) and founded a charity that helps fund Detroit area elementary schools.

Curtis GrandersonToday Joel Sherman of the New York Post said that Granderson “could be had for the right package.” There is no better way to stir up shit with a lack of substance. Honestly, the shit-to-substance ratio is up there with the Detroit Lions Super Bowl odds. Anyone “could be had” for the right price:

Yankees GM Brian Cashman: Okay, Dave, I’ll send you Jeter, Cano, A-Rod, and … aw, heck, I’ll throw in the statue of Lou Gehrig.

Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski: Deal! Here’s Granderson’s contract and my aunt’s recipe for apple brown betty.

Is there anything in Sherman’s report that Cashman and Dombro discussed Granderson? Absolutely not. In fact, Sherman only admits that the two met, and “it is not believed the two did any more than discuss needs and available players.” No specifics. No trade offers. And he mentions the fact that the two general managers have been involved in three different trades. I haven’t looked this up, but I doubt there are many sets of veteran GMs that haven’t done business with each other to this extent. And who is his source? “An NL executive.” Secondhand information! It’s like getting stock tips from Goodwill.

Given the way Sherman’s article is constructed, it really sounds like Granderson is available for trades. This is now enough for people to run with this, speculating he could go to the Cubs. The reasoning? He’s from Chicago and … well, did I mention he’s from Chicago?

So let this be a calming directive to Tigers fans: no substance lies in any rumor that Granderson will be involved in a trade. Baseball is a business wherein any player can be dealt at a moment’s notice (see: Victor Martinez), so nothing’s certain. Could Grandy be dealt this offseason? Maybe. Probably not. I actually don’t know. I doubt it. I hope not. Ahh! Curse you, Joel Sherman, for causing me to think about this! Let us merely enjoy the awards reaped by Rick Porcello and Placido Polanco.

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  • Bryan

    Granderson got traded mate!!

  • Tony

    I think Grandy is less of a cash dump and more of an opportunity to replenish the farm system. And unless they get get him to stop pulling a Willie Mayes Hayes and hit the ball on the ground consistently, he won’t be worth much to them anyway and will continue to devalue. If you look at his flyball to groundball ratio and his infield flyball percentage along with his elevated homerun totals its pretty clear he’s going down the wrong path.

  • Tony

    Whatever happens I just hope they stay competitive. The last thing this city needs right now is another run of shitty Tigers team. Especially before they moved to Comerica, no one showed up when they were bad and the economy was good. I can’t even imagine what will happen now.

    But whenever things on the baseball end get tough Mike always goes back to playing with his hockey team and lets the Tigers go to shit. Amazing that the Wings can continually stock their team with Hall of Fame talent but a baseball team in the same market can’t. And I know Illitch is selling enough $5 large pizzas to absorb some of these mistakes. As much as I want to like Dombrowski I really think the Tigers need a new GM.

  • They have almost $60 million invested in Ordonez, Robertson, Bonderman, Willis, and Inge next year. All of their conctracts expire in ’10 (Ordonez’s 2011 option guarantee probably won’t kick in at this rate). Trading Granderson saves $23.75 … over the next three years.

    Jackson’s trade value is high; I’d pull the trigger on that trade, especially if it’s for a middle infielder. Not so sure about Laird; he’s too valuable behind the plate. Defensive catchers like that don’t just fall into people’s laps.

  • Tony

    The rumors that Illitch would clean house have been on Detroit talk radio since the season ended. They have way too much invested in garbage they know they won’t win with like Dontrell. From everything I’ve heard Jackson, Laird, and Grsdy the most likely to move first.

  • Come on over to Boston, Grandy. We’ll take good care of you..