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The Curse of Literacy

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At least they didn’t mention blogging – More addictions:

    More and more people are succumbing to so called “technology addictions,” spending hours tapping on mobile phones or surfing the Internet, one of Britain’s best known psychiatric clinics said on Saturday.

    “There has been a huge rise in behavioral addictions,” including excessive texting, said a spokeswoman for the Priory Clinic which treats 6,000 patients a year for a range of addictions including gambling, eating disorders and drugs.

    ….”We have a situation where some people look down on alcoholics and cocaine addicts, but then go and spend five hours in an Internet chat room,” Dr Mark Collins told the paper. [Reuters]

“Excessive texting” – I wonder if Shakespeare was accused of this.

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  • Hal Pawluk

    “Excessive texting”? “Excessive texting”? I say: “Pfui!” to their “excessive texting”!