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The Cultural Right to Wear Pretty Shoes

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For centuries, women have paid a significant amount of attention to the decoration of their feet. From pre-revolutionary China to postmodern America, the adornment of a woman’s foot has been a global priority. Like my predecessors (and contemporaries), I feel the need to adorn my feet in as many different ways as possible, thus my obsession with shoes. However, the graceful adornment of feet is a costly enterprise and, as the budget fashionista, I shy away from anything with the word “costly” attached to it. Drawn to retail establishments where I can participate in the cultural right to adorn my feet in the latest fashions, I am equally as drawn to maintaining my bank account.


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  • The fascination with shoes and women I must admit I’ve never fully understood. That probably sounds really sexist, but it is more about curiosity than sexism. I mean shoes are something, as a man, that I rarely look at on a woman. If a woman was wearing really tacky looking shoes I suppose it would catch my eye.

    Now nails, hair, eyes and er, other parts of a woman’s body, well … 😉

  • Denim Pumps

    7 years later since the last comment and nothing has changed. Although a sexy pair of shoes stands out, most shoes don’t do anything for me.