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Karen and I were supposed to go see The Pianist last night, but that just seemed a little bleak for the same day I got fired. My vote was for a mindless, distracting action movie. Oh boy, did I ever get that, and them some!

The Core, while not Armageddon mindless, was certainly mindless enough. There is a scene early one where a description of the microwaves that will fry earth requires a demonstration with an apple on a fork being roasted by flaming air freshener. Was that necessary, or even that cool, really? But the little hat tip to The Birds, also at the beginning, was nice and very well done.

The actors were an appealing bunch. This is the most mainstream movie that I’ve seen Aaron Eckhart in, and I didn’t realize till now that he looks a lot with the actor that played Stiffler. He makes a convincing young professor, and Stanley Tucci works well as his older, more famous colleague. But Hillary Swank as an astronaut? First, astronauts do not have cheekbones like that. Or a jawline like that. Or a nose and lips and eyes and skin like that. But beyond that, Hillary is clearly just a bit too stupid for NASA. By Jebus, this was a woman playing the next karate kid before she made it big with Brandon Teena. But she’s really cute, and managed to read all her lines, so I’ll forgive her.

The only real problem I have with the movie was its lenghth. A lot of the early movie character development crap could have been cut a lot. Speed up the scenes in the Space Shuttle, completely cut out that shit about consulting the professor about the pacemaker people, and just otherwise tighten things up. Hell, this was a crappy action movie, not some movie epic whose artistic vision was gonna get ruined by a couple cuts.

The Core: for those times, like when you just got fired, when going to a Holocaust movie just isn’t the thing to do.

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